No-No Boy by DocDoyle


									John Doyle English 127w One of the most impactful times in American History was the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This changed the face of history. The Americans were staying out of the war for the time. However, after this huge event America quickly joined the fight to show Japan what America was about. The Americans believed that the Japanese were crazy and had to be stopped by any means necessary. They used komakazi pilots to bomb targets with their planes. This eventually led to the destruction of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by an atom bomb. This was a destruction that had a magnitude that was totally unheard of before that time. There were probably many Japanese who just did not believe that that was possible. They would have thought that it was just a made up story since it was portrayed to be so big. There would be no way that they would believe that two bombs could destroy two entire cities. It meant denial to many American Japanese. America has a habit of destroying entire cultures and then assimilating them into the American way of life. Japan is now the technology capitol of the world. There are not many things that you would not be able to find in Japan. It is as if the American government wiped the entire country of Japan off the map, and then rebuilt it. Rebuilt it with American ideas in order to penetrate the Asian world. This was one main way that Euro-Americans got their foot into the door of that part of the world. After World War II America did have a huge piece in rebuilding Japan, so had the opportunity to shape it.

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