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GSM-Control ver. 3.0



GSM-Control ver. 3.0
2-way wireless systems with standard text messages
GSM-Control is a easy-to-configure package software        be easily used also in OEM applications as wireless
to make a PC as text messages center and to integrate      communication handling part in wider systems.
devices into PC environment via GSM-network's
standard SMS service. As a package software                Communicating devices are connected into the
GSM-Control is fast to implement.                          system with low cost M20T GSM-modems -
                                                           Klinkmann has also developed SMS/modem handling
GSM-Control is based on standard text messages service     PLC-programs for the major PLCs incl. Siemens,
(SMS transfer) - as package sending SMS is easy to         Omron, Allen-Bradley and Schneider. M90
secure, the time responses are well managed and            GSM-Controllers can be connected into the system
sendings are automatically repeated when necessary.        with M90's standard instructions.
GSM-Control configures all the connected devices
and reports the transfers.                                 The application fields of GSM-Control are various:
                                                           - measurings and SCADA type remote controls
GSM-Control has open interface (DDE and OPC) to            - industrial and building automation
integrate the transferred data with other applications     - fleet/vehicle management systems
like Excel and standard databases. The program can         - info/order handling systems etc.

                                                           Klinkmann WAP Tool software is completing GSM-Control
                                                           and handling with WAP connections large data amounts
                                                           and creating 2-way interface into SQL database. In a typical
                                                           application GSM-Control is handling f.ex. fast alarms and
                                                           direct controls; WAP Tool is handling instructions, reports
                                                                                  Mes gues
                                                                                 Con   sag
                                                                                     fig es
                                                                                  Ala uring

                                                                                          PROD 50 PCS
                                                                                          CAP 100 PCS
                                   TE 4.4. T N MAR

                                                                                           RATIO 50%
                                     MP 20 EW Y
                                       ER 01 : _ ME

                                                                                          CHANGE: _ _
                                         SE UM


                                             UR 11: _ U
                                               E + 33
                                                     _ N

! GSM-Control Configuration Tool allows definition
  of read, write and alarm functions incl. Variable
  configuring in clear text and tree format. Variables
                                                         ! Configuration Tool allows to configure operator
  may be linked f.ex. with Excel (or any Windows
                                                           requested items as elements of MS SQL database
  applicatition) or directly by device I/O servers to
                                                           tables. Both reading and writing from/to SQL
  the field controllers.
                                                           database is supported.

                                                                            ! Configuration Tool allows
                                                                              complete emulation of
                                                                              cellular phone display to
                                                                              develop user friendly
                                                                              interface and operation.
                                                                              Major phone types are ready
                                                                              programmed. System users
                                                                              are configured by name,
                                                                              phone number and password.
GSM-Control may operate as a stand alone dialogue               GSM-Control may easily be connected to other
system with GSM phones or it can be connected further           Windows applications and programs. Besides controlling
to controllers and other devices to allow control directly      applications, it may be used for 2-way GSM phone <->
to the field (machines, building control systems, elevators,    PC dialogues in several other fields incl. information
water and energy handling systems etc.).                        systems, electronic commerce and banking.

GSM-Control's Graphical User Interface option includes          GSM-Control is delivered in several licenses - max.
support for more than 700 I/O servers to communicate            3 user phone numbers, 4-50 numbers and over 50
with different controllers (Simatic, Omron, Allen-Bradley,      numbers. Moreover, Klinkmann supplies the software
Profibus, Interbus etc.). Furthermore it allows easy creation   on flexible low-cost OEM license basis.
of graphical displays as well as alarm, recipe and reporting

! GSM-Control reports all events and                                                          ! Klinkmann home page
  communication traffic as well as GSM                                                 offers
  signal and other system information.                                                          downloadable 1-way traditional
                                                                                                modem based GSM-Control for using
                                                                                                and testing free of charge. On
                                                                                                Klinkmann home page you also find
                                                                                                the latest technical information,
                                                                                                continous customer support and you
                                                                                                may give response to Klinkmann
TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION                                                                           for further GSM-Control development.

GSM-CONTROL is a Microsoft Windows software used                started. The data prepared by GSMCFG is saved in
for 2- way remote control in automation applications            GSM-Control configuration file - binary file used as an
or any other dialogue based applications using standard         input file for GSMCTRL program. As many GSM-Control
GSM cellular phones and GSM network. Based on the               configuration files as necessary can be created.
very standard GSM cellular phones (Nokia, Ericsson,
Motorola, Siemens etc.) and devices, GSM-Control offers         The data exchange through GSM-Control can be
a low-cost and easy alternative to create remote dialogue       initiated in two main ways:
based applications. Implementation of GSM network's
SMS (Short-Message-Sending) technology secures reliable         1. When phone operator sends Short Message (SM) to
transmission even in the most error-sensitive applications.     GSM-Control to initiate the reading or writing of some
                                                                alues from/to PC operator interface application (e.g.
GSM-Control runs on a PC and accesses operator                  InTouch MMI software) or directly from/to field device
interface applications or directly field devices by using       (through appropriate controller device I/O Server).
DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) or OPC (OLE for Process
Control). The reading and writing from/to SQL databases         2. When alarm or event occurs in the PC operator
also is supported. The remote control is based on               interface application or in the field device and the
GSM-to-GSM Short Messages (SM) two direction                    corresponding alarm or event condition is specified
communication, where the M20T GSM modem (M20                    in GSM-Control; in this case the SM conversation is
Terminal) is connected to the computer's standard               initiated by GSM-Control.
(RS-232) serial port and GSM cellular phone (remote
GSM phone) is used by remote operator(s).                       The GSM-Control also supports the possibility to send
                                                                text messages directly (one direction communication)
GSM-Control software includes two MS Windows 32-bit             from GSM-Control Communication Program to remote
(NT, 2000 or 95) application programs: GSM-Control              GSM phone, message sending is possible also via
Configuration Tool (GSMCFG) and GSM-Control                     standard modem using wire phone line. GSM-Control
Communication Program (GSMCTRL). The GSMCFG is                  may be accessed by any Microsoft Windows (NT, 2000
used to prepare the source information and GSMCTRL              or 95) program working as a DDE or OPC server.
is used to perform the GSM communications and DDE,              GSM-Control has extended functions and support to
OPC or SQL data exchange on the basis of information            Wonderware InTouch (for MMI), I/O Servers (for field
prepared by GSMCFG. These two application programs              interfacing) developed with Wonderware I/O Servers
are completely independent, i.e. both can work                  Development Toolkit and MS SQL databases.
separately and doesn't need another program to be
! The communication between computer and M20T GSM                ! Within the GSM-Control Configuration Tool the
modem (M20 Terminal) is based on the standard V.24               configuration data is easy to create, edit and examine -
interface and AT Hayes + AT Cellular (GSM 07.05 and              all information can be monitored and printed at any time.
07.07) command set.
                                                                 ! Configurable settings of computer serial port and
! The possible scenarios of conversation between                 baud rate used to communicate with M20T GSM modem.
GSM-Control and GSM remote operator directly
corresponds to the information (source data) made by             ! The run-time monitoring of information exchanged
the GSM-Control Configuration Tool.                              through GSM-Control and logging of this information to
                                                                 text file available.
! The GSM-Control Configuration Tool allows to create
and examine the following main data: users, phone                ! The GSM-Control Communication Program uses the
numbers, passwords, DDE or OPC addresses, SQL                    CF_TEXT clipboard format for DDE data transfer when
information, read messages, write messages,                      running as a DDE client or DDE server.
alarm/event messages, default messages unique for
each user, text messages for one direction                       ! GSM-Control has built-in both OPC Server and
communication.                                                   OPC Client functionality to interface with other MS
                                                                 Windows OPC-compliant applications.
! All GSM-Control data is linked with each other, the
hierarchy of the system is generally the following: at           ! The Klinkmann's developed PLCs SMS software
the highest level there are all configured users, each           supplements GSM-Control with possibility to send/receive
user can have several phone numbers and passwords.               Short Messages between GSM-Control and several PLCs
For each password there are pointers to corresponding            types, incl. Siemens Simatic S7-200 and S7-300,
read, write, alarm/event or text messages. These                 Omron CQM1, Telemecanique TSX Nano, Allen-Bradley
messages are linked with appropriate DDE, OPC or SQL             MicroLogix 1500 and SLC500, Unitronics M90 etc.

Hardware, PC         IBM or compatible 486/Pentium               SMS transfer       SMS Text mode standard text
                     equipped with a minimum of 8 MB             mode used          messages.
                     RAM (16 MB RAM for Windows NT).
                     May require more memory to run              Length of          Maximum 160 characters (7-bit coding)
                     other Windows programs                      messages           long standard Short Messages can be
                     simultaneously.                                                sent and received.

Hardware, modem      Siemens M20T GSM modem                      DDE Support        Supports DDE connection to any MS
                                                                                    Windows (NT,2000 and 95) application
Software             Microsoft Windows NT, 2000                                     including DDE server or DDE client
                     and 95.                                                        capability.
Connections          Several instances (applications)            OPC support        The OPC support for GSM-Control built-in
                     of GSM-Control Communication                                   OPC Server and OPC Client functionality
                     Program (GSMCTRL) can run                                      conforms to OPC Data Access Custom
                     concurrently. If there are several                             Interface Specification 2.03.
                     instances of GSMCTRL running,
                     then each of them should use                SQL support        Both reading and writing from/to MS SQL
                     unique serial port with M20T GSM                               databases is supported. To access MS SQL
                     modem connected. Any remote                                    database from GSM-Control, the MS Data
                     Operator can access to any                                     Access Components 2.5 must be installed
                     GSMCTRL Instance running if                                    on computer where GSM-Control is running.
                     corresponding GSM-Control
                     configuration contains this remote
                     operator data.

Description                                Order Number

GSM-CONTROL Manual & Disk Set
3 users, sw only, DDE                       DR 000 653
50 users, sw only, DDE                      DR 000 6550
unlimited, sw only, DDE                     DR 000 65
3 users, sw only, OPC                       DR 000 663
50 users, sw only, OPC                      DR 000 6650
unlimited, sw only, OPC                     DR 000 66

M20 GSM modem (M20 Terminal)                M20T
                                                                                                   M20 Terminal
M20T+ one Klinkmann SMS software            M20TS
license for PLC, f.ex. Simatic

                                               POB 38 FIN-00371 Helsinki, Finland    Ordering information and product contents:
                                               ph. int. +358-9-540 4940
                                               fax int. +358-9-541 3541              

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