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                            SENIOR MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL
            Procurement & Sourcing  Vendor Management  Commercial Operations

           COMPETENCIES                                                  A BRIEF OVERVIEW

              Managerial                       An astute & result oriented leader with proven success of over 19
                                                years in various aspects of Supply Chain Management.
 Strategy Planning                            Expertise in procurement management activities involving planning,
 Best Practices                                techno-commercial         negotiations,   scheduling       and   procurement    of
 Executive Leadership                          components, materials and services from various sources.

              Functional                       Proficient in supervising & controlling the logistics processes & services
                                                at vendors end and providing valuable suggestions for efficiency
   Organizational Growth Initiatives
                                               Managing & leading teams for smooth operations & experience of
   Strategic Relationships
                                                developing service standards for business excellence.
   Material Management
   Sourcing & Procurement                     Adept at ensuring optimum inventory levels to achieve maximum cost

   Vendor Localization                         savings without hampering the operations.

   Negotiation                                Deft   at   initiating    cost   reduction   initiatives    consolidating   tasks,
   Inventory Control                           eliminating non-value-added processes & complete re-engineering of
   Budgetary / Cost Reduction                  processes and systems.
   Commercial Operations                      Demonstrated analytical skills with proven expertise in communication
   Documentation                               and relationship management.
   Coordination
   Team Management                        Personal Traits:

                                               Driven to succeed and excel.
                                               Committed to value for all stakeholders.
                                               Seasoned and effective negotiator.

                                                AREAS OF EXPERTISE

Procurement / Materials Management: Formulating and implementing the procurement strategy by developing /
modifying strategy for purchase and establishing methods to achieve project targets. Planning, organizing and controlling
all requisite activities to perform such as sourcing, techno – commercial evaluation, negotiation, recommendation,
ordering, inspection, expediting & tracking, reporting, logistics, delivery and payment processing.

Vendor Development: Assessing the performance of the vendors based on various criterions such as percentage for
rejections, quality improvement rate, timely delivery, credit terms, etc. Overseeing follow-up with vendors for
deliverables, and quality checks & ensuring timely payments.

Inventory Control: Ensuring quality, delivery and budget objectives are met as per organizational guidelines. Managing
operations ensuring optimum inventory levels to achieve maximum cost savings without hampering the operations.
Designing strategies for indigenizing products thus saving cost and revenue for the company.

Commercial Operations: Liaising with inspection agencies / regulatory authorities for obtaining necessary sanctions /
clearances and ensuring conformance to the quality standards of the materials supplied. Conceptualizing and implementing
competent business strategies to market a wide range of products and achieve pre-set sales and profit targets.

                                                       CAREER SCAN

                          Since Dec’10: Synthite industries Ltd., India as GM – Procurement

Chief Role:
 Revamping the procurement strategies to incorporate SAP.
 Planned all procurement related to Spices , Florals Like Jasmine , Marigold , Tuberose And Mimosa , Green Chilli , Green
    Tea , Gymenema , Boswellia , Paprika , Tomatoes , Spinach , Solvents , raw materials , packaging , and spares.
   Managing the appropriate level of inventory monitoring the slow / non – moving and rejected goods.
   Choosing the vendors and entering into strategic agreements for supply of raw materials at prefixed prices.
   Supervising a trained and efficient team of field executives to manage the contract farming operations in Tamil Nadu
    and Karnataka.
   Devising strategies to procure from the local market and international markets if required.
   Monitoring movement of prices of major raw materials in the global market.
   Preparing weekly reports to the Managing Director and to keep the management well informed of all major prices
    changes, crop shortages and any other information required in the smooth and efficient running of the business.

            Oct’08 – Oct’10: Nas Foods Plc , Ethiopia , Addis Ababa , Africa as Head – Commercial

Chief Role:
 Reviewed the working of the department and the staff and suggested the ways of improvements to the Management.
 Managed the controlling activities related to the procurement and supplies of wheat grains, sugar, shortenings,
    chemicals, flavours & packaging for the factory operations.
 Organised activities related the procurement of commodities like ginger, sesame, chillies and sales related to trading
 Planned and initiated backward integration projects for oil seeds, paprika, wheat grains and other joint venture
    related projects.
 Handled ISO related tasks and for other certifications as necessary.
 Fine-tuned the Monthly Procurement Plan generated; avoided out of stock situation for all materials and allocated the
    quantities to be procured between the available suppliers in the most cost effective way to ensure timely delivery.
 Ensured that all the functions in the purchase/procurement department worked efficiently and smoothly
 Introduced new suppliers for new products required by the Sales & Marketing Department and arranged samples etc.
    for approval.
 Monitored slow / non-moving / rejected goods lying in the warehouse and liaise with production / quality /sales /
    suppliers for disposition of the same.
 Assessed the total procurement cost for each category of items on quarterly basis and submitted to the Management
    with comments in order to reduce the overall cost.
 Maintained proper level of inventory for each item in such a manner to avoid over-stocking, under-stocking and
    stoppage of production / sales.

Significant Highlights
 Actively engaged local suppliers manufacturing essential items to supply on par with imported prices and with the
    same quality as imported items thereby reducing dependency on imports and foreign exchange to the tune of USD$
    100 000 + and in a span of two years.
 Successfully sourced cheaper and quality products required for textile and biscuit lines in time.

          Sep’ 00 – Sep’08: Synthite Industrial Chemicals Ltd., as Sr.Manager- Extension / Materials

Chief Role:
 Handled the timely procurement and supply of marigold flowers (25000 – 30000 MT) from both domestic and
    marigold meal from international suppliers.
 Procured pepper and chillies from domestic markets.
 Devised strategies for procurement & headed backward integration projects for Marigold, Chillies, Tomato, Vanilla,
    Turmeric, Spinach, Rosemary, Chamomile, Jasmine, Cissus, etc.
 Involved in internal audits to meet ISO 9001:2000 requirements.
 Improved sales for Oleoresins and Floral extracts by implementing sales & promotional strategies.
 Ensured 100% recovery on credit advanced to suppliers.

Significant Highlights
 Streamlined procurement operations; defined roles for vendors to supply required seasonal raw materials on time
    and for specified quality to meet customer’s commitments.
 Diversified backward integration projects to countries like Sri Lanka and Cambodia, to save on raw material cost and
    was able to realise a savings of USD$ 150 000 + along with my team.

                                             PRECEDING ASSIGNMENTS

                 Dec’91-Aug’00: A.V. Thomas Natural Products Ltd. as Dy.Manager-Commercial

Chief Role:
 Managed the day to day production operations entailing; analysed the purchase of raw materials ( pepper , chilli ,
    ginger , turmeric ) according to schedule, expediting raw materials
 Managed the procurement of marigold flowers through backward integration projects to the tune of about 35000 –
    50000 MT.
 Analysed the cost analysis with domestic and international suppliers; initiated yearly contracts with freight carriers
    worth $1100000 for 120000 MT of raw material and ensured recovery of above 90% on credit advanced to suppliers.
 Ensured maximum capacity utilization of freight carriers through various incentives
 Imparted training to employees in inspection of quality parameters for raw materials.
 Prepared budget and analysed budgeted vs actuals.
 Arranged samples from new suppliers and/or for new requirements/development and ensured timely production trial
    is arranged with production department on the right products & with suppliers suggested mixing ratios.

2001            MBA (Advertising & Sales) from M.K. University.
1991            B.Sc. (Physics) from M.G. University.

                  IT FORTE: Conversant with MS Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint & Internet Applications.

                                               PERSONAL DOSSIER

Date of Birth                      :    4th September, 1970
Languages Known                    :    Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Amharic (Language of Ethiopia)
Address                            :    No. 4, MGR Street, Thondamuthur Road, Coimbatore-641041


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