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									                                       Newsletter of the Office Professionals
                                             of Central Michigan University
                                                                         August 2010

                          GSU Ratifies First Contract
                          The Graduate Student Union (GSU), representing CMU’s
                          teaching and administrative graduate assistants, ratified their
                          first contract in late July. The contract details increased tuition
                          remission for part-time Master’s level graduate assistants, and
                          an annual health care allowance. The contract also provides
                          language covering grievances, posting of graduate assistant
                          positions, the employment process, workloads, standard per-
                          formance requirements and responsibilities, training and pro-
                          fessional development, personnel records, health and safety,
                          and stipend increases for 2011-12 and 2012-13.

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                                                          You’ve been spammed!
Becky Salter has agreed to fill the vacancy on the
                                                         If you get spam or junk mail on your
Bargaining/Grievance Committee. Becky works in
Recreation Parks and Leisure Services and also           cmu account, you can forward
serves on Local 6888’s Unity Committee.                  those emails to and
                                                         they will be dealt with.
Becky’s appointment to the Bargaining/Grievance
Committee leaves a vacancy in the District VII Rep-
                                                         The emails will be checked by a team
resentative position. This district covers Office Pro-
fessionals in ProfEd, Special Olympics, and Rowe         of people who handle spam filters
Hall. Any Local 6888 members who are interested          for cmu. They will evaluate the mes-
in filling the District Rep position should contact      sages and try to format a course of
Karen Bellingar at 774-3033 or       action. Some emails will be blocked
                                                         and others will be filtered.
Thank you Becky for filling a much needed position!

Postdoctoral Researchers Organize/UAW (PRO/UAW), the union representing 6,500 postdoctoral re-
searchers in the University of California (UC) system, reached a tentative agreement with university
administrators Aug. 1.

The tentative agreement will be put before the PRO/UAW membership for ratification in the coming
week. Details will be forthcoming upon ratification.

"This is a great tentative agreement," said Xiaoqing Cao, a biochemist from UCLA and member of the
PRO/UAW bargaining committee. "We've improved compensation and our rights at UC and have helped
set standards for postdocs across the country."

"Our members conduct the cutting-edge research that makes UC a great university and moves society
forward," said Jim Wells, UAW Region 5 director. "We are pleased to see these newest members getting
more of the respect, compensation and recognition that they deserve for the important work they do."

Postdoctoral researchers provide valuable research on cancer, stem cells, climate change, alternative fuels,
and many other cutting-edge fields in science and engineering. UC's researchers represent about 10
percent of postdocs in the United States.

"This agreement demonstrates that when workers come together to form unions -- no matter where they
work -- they can achieve great things," said UAW President Bob King.

The UAW represents more than 45,000 members in higher education, including postdoctoral researchers,
teaching assistants, researcher assistants, faculty, administrators, clerical workers and other support staff.

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 Personnel Transactions
Aimee Toth, Spec Clerk/PT OP4, Registrar’s,       Angela Burdett, Exec Sec OP6, HSBS, 3/29/10
7/19/10                                           Elizabeth Lawrence, Exec Sec OP6, PES, 7/7/10
Angela Moss, Adm Clerk OP6, Payroll, 8/2/10       Sally Oller, Adm Sec OP5, PES, 7/25/10
Anthony Rhodes, Spec Clerk OP4, Fin Aid, 8/2/10   Anita Gordon, Sr Spec Clerk OP5, Library, 7/1/10
Diana Yarmuth, Sr Spec Clerk OP5, Payables,       Tammy Knott, Sr Spec Clerk OP5, Library,
7/26/10                                           7/1/10
Sulynn Bryson-Sommers, Adm Sec OP5, ProfEd,
Lauren Mungall, Spec Clerk OP4, ProfEd, 8/16/10   Ashley Sian, Sec OP4, Facilities Management,
Melissa Tandel, Spec Clerk OP4, ProfEd, 8/18/10   7/15/10

Michelle Mazure, Sec OP4, Math, 8/16/10          Rita Doneth, Spec Clerk OP4, Registrar’s,
                                                 Barbara McGuire, Adm Sec OP5, RPLS, 7/31/10
April Roberson, Exec Sec OP6, Biology, 7/12/10 Lorraine Thompson, Exec Sec OP6, Geology,
Kara Beery, Exec Sec OP6, Grad Studies, 7/19/10 7/31/10
Michelle Nestor, Exec Sec OP6, Geology,          Julia Alward, Exec Sec OP6, Risk Mgt, 8/31/10
7/26/10                                          Sally Blubaugh, Spec Clerk OP4, ProfEd, 8/31/10
Mary Szymula, Spec Clerk OP4, Registrar’s,       Margaret Brunette, Adm Clerk OP6, EMC,
7/26/10                                          8/31/10
Melanie Kelley, Adm Sec OP5, Carls Center,       Sherry Burke, Adm Clerk OP6, Payroll, 8/31/10
8/2/10                                           Tracie Clapp, Exec Sec OP6, Fin & Law, 8/31/10
Jamie Fockler, Exec Sec OP6, English, 8/2/10     Sophronia Lashuay, Exec Sec OP6, Art, 8/31/10
Catherine Purtill, Exec Sec OP6, Pol Sci, 8/2/10 Mary Kay Maas, Exec Sec OP6, ProfEd, 8/31/10
Jodie Coleman, Sr Spec Clerk OP5, Registrar’s,   Deb Mathewson, Adm Sec OP5, ProfEd, 8/31/10
7/26/10                                          Joan Maul, Exec Sec OP6, English, 8/31/10
Alexius Weber, Sr Spec Clerk OP5, SASUB,         Robin McQuaid, Exec Sec OP6, Labelle Entr Ctr,
8/2/10                                           8/31/10
Tia Walch, Exec Sec OP6, Fin & Law, 8/16/10      Jacqueline Robert, Exec Sec OP6, Pol Sci, 8/31/10
Brenda Pung, Exec Sec OP6, Labelle Entr Ctr,     Charlet Sanders, Sr Spec Clerk OP5, Payables,
8/16/10                                          8/31/10
Kimberly Greening, Adm Sec OP5, ProfEd,          Nancy Tilmann, Adm Clerk OP6, Registrar’s,
8/16/10                                          8/31/10
Cheryl Bradley, Adm Clerk OP6, Registrar’s,      Connie Wentworth, Sr Spec Clerk OP5, SASUB,
8/16/10                                          8/31/10
Kelli Moeggenborg, Adm Sec/PT OP5,               Christine Williams, Sr Spec Clerk OP5, ProfEd,
Registrar’s, 8/23/10                             8/31/10
Bettie Ricolo, Adm Sec OP5, RPLS                 Linda Kolhoff, Spec Clerk OP4, ProfEd, 8/31/10
Evan Parks Scurry, Adm Sec OP5, Library,
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OP Central - August 2010 - Page 4
                                                                                                      Agency Fee Payers
                                                                                                         Sherry Burke
                                                                                                        Patricia Cotter
                                                                                                        Monica Folske
                                                                                                          Polly Hoyt
                                                                                                         Evelyn Seitz
                                                                                                        Debbra Teeter
                                                                                                        Christina Zalud

                                                              A thirteenth employee at China’s iPhone maker Foxconn has attempted
                                                             suicide, prompting fresh concerns about working conditions at the plant.
                                                                                                                         -News Item

         Morgan Pulcifer-Stump
          Shepherd High School
        Daughter of Allison Stump,         Next Membership Meeting - sept 15
        Faculty Personnel Services

 Kyra Williams                  Tracie Clapp                   Linda Kolhoff                          Deanna Vanbuskirk
  Sherry Yens                 Melinda Stacer                 Christine Williams                       Brenda Henry-Coan
 Rebecca Salter               Sherry Theisen                    Carol Kross                             Nancy Worgess
Barbara McGuire                Lindsay Miles                  Kristine Moore                              Elaine Card
  Caral Turner                 Jennifer Blake                  Jamie Fockler                          Maureen Middleton
                             Deborah Grisdale                  Amy Gehring
                           OP Central is published by UAW Local 6888, 1205 S. Mission Street, Mt. Pleasant,
                           Michigan 48858 (Ph: 989-773-1312).

                           Members are invited to contribute letters to the editor, articles, photos, or cartoons. The
                           editor reserves the right to edit or reject any material. Views expressed herein are
                           strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the UAW, District 1-D,
                           Local 6888’s Executive Board, or Bargaining Committee.

                           This newsletter is “LaborDonated”.

                           Deadline for material submission is the 20th of the month prior to the month of issue.
                           Send all materials to Caral Turner, Warriner 308 or via e-mail to
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