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									             Hotels for Trucker Accommodation in Edmonton
Few things look more welcoming than the sight of the bright lights of a hotel and the thought of
a warm room for a trucker at the end of a long and tiring day on the road. In Edmonton trucker’s
accommodation is easily accessible from the highway where truckers enter the city. Truckers
always worry about finding the right lodging that also offers them safe parking for their vehicles.
Their main concern is to find a hotel that offers a clean room and hot food so that they can get
enough rest and tackle the next day, refreshed.

What truckers want

Truckers transport goods between cities and within the city, to warehouses and distribution
outlets. During the day or night, they have to stop for fuel, rest and refreshments. Trucker
accommodation in Edmonton offer specific amenities suited to truckers’ requirements such as
truck parking and often, a wake up service so they can get an early start in their onward journey.
Naturally, in the Edmonton trucker accommodation they choose, comfort is high on their list of
priorities. They also expect the accommodation to be easy to access from the highway or free
way with roads that are fairly easy to navigate. They would rather not enter the city unless it is
absolutely necessary since it is difficult to maneuver large trucks through the city’s roads and
traffic. In the event of a breakdown or if their truck needs maintenance work before moving on,
truckers will need to find a place to stay.

 Truckers often attend events held by the AMTA and other bodies. If the event is in Edmonton,
trucker’s accommodation will be required in the form of a suitable hotel for the duration of their

Most highways are dotted with truck stops that cater exclusively to truckers, particularly the long
haul drivers. These are alright as quick stops on the move, but when the trucker wants a good
night’s rest, he prefers to look for truckers accommodation in Edmonton where he can park his
truck and get a hot meal, a hot shower, a good bed and other facilities like an ATM, high speed
internet access, laundry services, vehicle maintenance, an onsite fueling station and so on, topped
by a wakeup call. This is much more than the basic shower offered at steep prices by truck stops.

Trucker accommodation in Edmonton offer truckers a welcome break when they arrive tired
with their eighteen wheelers. Whether it is just gas, some snacks and a few hours parking or
whether they are looking to stay a few days, there are excellent trucker accommodations
available here, along with interesting entertainment options in the form of casinos, exclusive
night clubs and VLTs. These hotels also offer a choice in smoking and non smoking rooms for
health conscious truckers along with pet friendly accommodation. Best of all truckers get
exclusive special rates.
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