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									Notice of Intent to Re-let
Date of Notice Gender Apt Size 2 Bed 3 Bed 4 Bed If so, have you Renewed? Reason for Leaving Date you plan on moving out Are you returning in the Fall? Resident Name Unit / Bed # Village Resident Phone # Property Pavilion Oaks

Do you know of somebody interested? If so, Name of Prospect:

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PLEASE READ I understand that my signature on this notice does not relieve me of my obligations under my lease agreement. I understand that I am responsible to pay rent through the day before the replacement resident’s lease begins or through the end of my lease term, whichever is sooner. I understand that once a lease is signed with the replacement resident I cannot change my mind about terminating my lease. I understand that while the management office may choose to assist me in finding a replacement resident, the ultimate responsibility is mine. The management office makes no guarantees whatsoever regarding finding a replacement resident. I understand that the replacement resident must meet the leasing guidelines set forth by the leasing office. The replacement resident must complete an application, pay all applicable application fees, and sign a lease with a lease term date beginning the day after the proposed end of my lease. Once the replacement resident completes and signs a lease, I will pay the leasing office a $200 early termination penalty. I understand that I must vacate my apartment, remove any debris, and clean my bedroom and common area, regardless if my roommates are continuing their residence here. I must turn in any keys, access cards, and parking permits prior to or on my last day of occupancy. I understand that failure to complete the above, as well as any damage charges and unpaid fees, will be deducted from any security deposits I may have on file. Any remaining balances I may have afterwards will be sent to a collections agency if unpaid within 45 days of receiving a notice from the landlord. I understand that the maintenance department requires a 5 business day period starting the day after I vacate my apartment and prior to the replacement resident taking occupancy. I am responsible for the daily rental rate charged during this period.

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