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By the Numbers. Deep Oil Drilling


									Issue Date: August 02, 2010

By The Numbers

Deepwater Oil Drilling

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The data below are from the Issues and Controversies article Deepwater Oil Drilling (August 02, 2010)

          Deepwater Oil Drilling
          Approximate distance from the Louisiana coast of the Deepwater
                                                                                         40 miles
          Horizon oil rig
          As per a partial ban on drilling new wells imposed in 1981, distance from
          the East and West coasts of the U.S., and from the eastern Gulf of        200 miles
          Mexico and the northern coast of Alaska that new wells must be situated
          Number of workers killed when the Deepwater Horizon exploded on
          April 20, 2010
          When the well first started leaking, amount of oil that BP officials           1,000
          estimated was flowing into the Gulf of Mexico each day                         barrels
          Number of gallons of oil in one barrel                                         42
          By mid-June, amount of oil that BP officials estimated was flowing into
          the gulf each day
          According to estimates by some geophysicists, number of barrels of oil
          pouring into the gulf each day
          As of mid-June 2010, amount of oil BP official Tony Hayward claimed            20,000
          was being contained every day                                                  barrels
          By the end of June, amount of oil Hayward expected BP to be able to
          contain every day
          By mid-July, amount of oil Hayward expected BP to be able to contain
          every day
          As a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, approximate fraction of the
          gulf that was declared off-limits to commercial fishing and shrimping
          Number of feet of water through which the Deepwater Horizon extended 5,000
          Number of feet of seafloor sediment through which the Deepwater
          Horizon drill extended to a natural oil resevoir within the Earth's crust
          Distance below the surface of the water where the Deepwater Horizon
          well entered the oil resevoir
          Number of relief wells being constructed alongside the main well at the
          former Deepwater Horizon site
          Distance from the main well of the relief wells                                2,800 feet
          Number of feet below sea level of the relief wells                             10,000 feet
          Number of specially designed ships sent by BP to the Gulf of Mexico to
          contain and skim oil from the surface of the water
          Amount of money that BP announced it had set aside to address the              $32.2 billion
Deepwater Oil Drilling
effects of the oil spill
Loss for the second quarter of fiscal year 2010 reported by BP               $17 billion
Amount of money put into an escrow account by BP to fund damage
                                                                             $20 billion
claims for victims of the spill
Possible fine BP will have to pay per barrel of oil spilled, as per the
Clean Water Act
As of mid-June 2010, amount of money BP official Tony Hayward said           more than
the company had paid out in damages                                          $95 million
Approximate number of investigations under way into the Deepwater
Horizon explosion
Number of investigations being conducted by House committees                 2
Number of investigations being conducted by BP                               1
Amount of time after the accident that BP commissioned a nonprivileged less than 24
investigation                                                          hours
Number of investigations being conducted by an independent
commission created following an executive order issued by President          1
Obama (D)
Number of months after Obama took office that BP filed an application
with the Minerals Management Service (MMS)
Length of the oil spill response plan that BP submitted to MMS with its
                                                                             582 pages
Number of divisions into which the MMS was broken up after the oil spill     3
Number of feet below sea level that energy companies have been
drilling for oil and natural gas over the last 10 to 20 years
Depth of drilling projects placed under a moratorium in early May 2010
                                                                             500 feet
by Obama
Length of the moratorium on deepwater drilling issued by Obama in late
                                                                             6 months
Number of existing deepwater drilling sites affected by the moratorium       33
Number of major oil companies that engage in deepwater drilling in
which the judge who ruled against the six-month moratorium owned             at least 1
Number of years after the first offshore drilling expedition began in 1896
that oil production began in the Gulf of Mexico
Number of gallons of oil that gushed into the Santa Barbara Channel as
                                                                             4 million
a result of a crack in an oil field in Summerland, California, in 1969
Approximate number of gallons of oil that spilled from the Exxon Valdez
                                                                             11 million
off the coast of Alaska in 1989
Approximate height of a deepwater drilling rig                               300 feet
Approximate width of a deepwater drilling rig                                300 feet
Length of each section of rig assembled at one time                          40 feet
Diameter of a deepwater oil drill                                            18 inches
Approximate maintenance cost per day of a deepwater drilling rig             $1 million
Approximate weight of a deepwater drilling rig                               30,000 tons
             Deepwater Oil Drilling
             Number of employee living quarters that can be found on a deepwater
             drilling rig
             Length of a daily shift on a deepwater drilling rig                       12 hours
             In 2009, percentage of all oil produced in the Gulf of Mexico that came
             from deepwater sites
             Percentage of global oil production that comes from deepwater rigs        10%
             Approximate percentage by which drilling in deep waters is expected to
             increase by 2015

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