The best way to predict the future is to invent it by dfgh4bnmu


									                                             WINTER 2008-2009

                                     Flintridge Preparatory School

                                   The best way
                                   to predict
                                   the future is
                                   to invent it.
                                                      —Alan Kay


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Profiles in Excellence
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New Faculty
Political Strategists Shed Light
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Alumni Profile: Mark Gangi ’84
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Alumni News
Mark your calendars for

Saturday, March 21, 2009
for the upcoming Flintridge Preparatory
School Benefit — Rebel with a Cause.

The festivities will be held at
Universal Studios Hollywood’s Globe
Theatre at 6:30 pm, and will feature a
fun atmosphere, catering by Wolfgang
Puck, music, an amazing auction and

The funds raised this year will help
support our athletic programs for
grades 7 through 12. These funds will
be used to improve the field and other
athletic facilities at Prep, and to pur-
chase equipment for the athletic teams
and programs.

Invitations will be going out in
February to current families. If you
are an alum or a parent of an alum, and
are interested in receiving an invitation,
please contact Connie Campbell
We would love for you all to join us!

Go ReBelS!
CALENdAr                                                                                                                                                 1

JANUARY                       MARCH
Wednesday, January 14         Tuesday, March 10
Dance Concert, Norris         Reception for students
                              admitted to grades 7 & 8
Monday, January 19
School holiday:               Thursday, March 12
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day   Reception for students

                                                                                                                                     by Lenea SiMS ’11
                              admitted to grades 9-12
Wednesday, January 21
Early dismissal:              Thursday, March12 –
end of second quarter         Sunday March 15
                              Spring Musical, Norris
Thursday, January 22 –
Wednesday, January 28         Monday, March 16                 CoNtENtS
Semester final exams          No classes: faculty in-service
                                                               2   From the Headmaster
Thursday, January 29 –        Tuesday, March 17
Friday, January 30            New student contracts due        3   Feature story
No classes: semester break                                         Profiles in excellence
                              Thursday, March 19 –                 As Prep looks ahead and begins the strategic planning
                              Friday, March 20                     process for its next phase of growth, we are guided by the
FEBRUARY                      Prep Science Fair                    principles of excellence, community, and sustainability.
Monday, February 2
                                                                   The first of a three part series, this feature profiles current
Classes resume                Saturday, March 21
                                                                   examples of excellence at Prep.
                              Parents Association Benefit
Tuesday, February 10          Rebel With a Cause
Financial aid application                                      8   Take note
form due                      Thursday, March 26 –                 Students are honored at Fall Awards Ceremony for their
                              Friday, March 27                     academic accomplishments.
Friday, February 13           Senior Horizons
7th Grade Dance, Gym                                           9   on campus
                              Friday, March 27                     Meet the new members of the Board of Trustees; the
Monday, February 16           End of third quarter                 Crawford Family Gymnasium gets a make-over; Leo Club
School holiday:                                                    raises awareness and funds for local program; what teachers
Presidents’ Day               Monday, March 30
                                                                   are up to during the summer; political strategists discuss
                              School closed:
                                                                   profession and ideas with students; Prep’s new faculty.
Friday, February 27           spring break begins
Re-enrollment contracts due
                                                               12 spotlight
                              APRIL                               The fall play, Servant of Two Masters; Junior Parent Dinner
                              Monday, April 6                     (JPD); the Winter Music Concert.
                              Classes resume:
                              fourth quarter begins            13 replay
                                                                  Sports reports of fall’s Rebel teams.

                                                               17 Alumni Profile
                                                                  Architect Mark Gangi ’85: Design Excellence for a
                                                                  Sustainable Future.

                                                               18 Alumni news
                                                                  Including Calendar of Alumni Events.

                                                               Front Cover: photo by students in advanced photography
       it’s easy: Donate online                                (see backstory on page 29).                     Back Cover: (l–r) Illustrated literary quotes by Jordan Manker ’11
                                                               and Sidney Golombeck ’11 from Mr. Bradley’s Digital
   Prep now accepts American Express and Discover,             Design class.
           as well as MasterCard and Visa.
From the Headmaster

              ou r       B rAv e          n e w       w o r ld

              As he was completing law school in the early nineties, Barack Obama began to
              sketch out the book that would become Dreams From My Father, his memoir in-
              spired by William Faulkner’s reminder that the past is never dead or buried…
              it isn’t even the past. More than a decade later, Obama wrote a book called
              Audacity of Hope.

              The integration of past into future and the change of focus from remembering to
              anticipating describes this moment at Flintridge Prep. Last year was rich in recall,
              as we celebrated our 75th Anniversary, and this fall we turn intently to the 21st
              century and beyond to envision a school for our grandchildren and their children.
              Our self-study for our 2010 accreditation visit has combined with our strategic
              planning exercise to produce a series of questions, as we imagine the intellectual,
              interpersonal and internal lives of our students, and the Flintridge community that
              extends beyond our immediate gates.

              What does preparation for this century look like? How do we preserve our liberal
              arts tradition, and expand it to accommodate the new brain research, the increas-
              ing importance of creativity and risk-taking, the necessity of global awareness
              and the opportunities and challenges of a digital world? How should we attend
              even further to the emotional and ethical needs of our students? In what new ways
              can we promote leadership and mentorship? And how deeply can we develop
              further our sense of community on campus, and beyond through the alumni and
              their parents, greater Los Angeles, and the educational world across the nation?
              Ultimately, how do we act to perpetuate the Flintridge Preparatory School experi-
              ence for the children of the 22nd century?

              Last night, as I entered Norris Auditorium for our Holiday Concert, I was feel-
              ing tired and a little daunted by the scope and scale of these questions. I thought
              briefly of ducking out the back door, getting to bed early, and catching the ab-
              breviated concert in Friday’s assembly. As I listened to the music, however, from
              the Flintridge Singers through the Jazz Ensemble, through the orchestra, I found
              myself moved and exhilarated by the quality and sincerity of the performances.
              During a break, Tom Fry pointed to the stage and remarked, “Several of those kids
              were in a soccer game in the mud this afternoon, and will have a test tomorrow
              morning. They’re amazing.” By the finale, with notes of Vivaldi’s “Gloria,” com-
              bining singers and instrumentalists, going to bed was the furthest thing from my
              mind. I felt limitlessly hopeful — and audacious.

              Peter Bachmann, Headmaster

                                              profiles                                                by Anne Wullschlager

                                          in excellence
by Lenea SiMS ’11

                                                            lAsT YeAr, while celebrating the 75th anniversary of
                                                            Flintridge Prep, we looked back at the history and evolu-
                                                            tion of the school. From its beginning in 1933, Flintridge
                                                            has been on a path of re-invention and progress. Having
                                                            acknowledged and celebrated the school’s history, we now
                                                            turn our sights toward the next phase of Prep’s growth. We
               Excellence can be obtained if you
                                                            are at a point where existing goals have been achieved and
               care more than others think is wise;         new one’s must be generated and pursued. A new strategic
                                                            plan will be developed and ideas will find form. It is a year
               risk more than others think is safe;
                                                            of reflection and imagination, as we take inventory of where
               dream more than others think is practical;   we are and consider where we are to go. Three principles
                                                            have been expressly mentioned as guides to both our review
               and expect more than others think
                                                            and trajectory: excellence, community, and sustainability.
               is possible. — anonymous                     This first PrepTalk feature will identify areas in which Prep
                                                            currently achieves excellence, profiling specific teachers
                                                            and programs, which are definitively outstanding in achieve-
                                                            ment and vision. The following two PrepTalks will consider
                                                            the other two principles of community and sustainability.
                                                            Our alumni profile in this issue begins the conversation on

    ways of thinking, ways of seeing

    Tim Bradley
    As a culture, we have long considered the        visual arts department requires students to      “refreshingly fearless and novel in their
    left-brain to be the superior half with its      solve problems. But unlike the sequential        approach to problems.” Embracing that
    voracious organizing, analyzing, and cal-        thought process students use to solve an         fearlessness and “learning to trust a
    culating. Heavy left-brained activity is what    algebraic equation, the way to solve the         thought process that operates below the
    education and industry have valued and           questions asked by Bradley requires a very       level of consciousness, and recognizing
    tested. It is the foundation of the informa-     different cognitive approach.                    when to apply it” is the primary goal of
    tion age that has rocketed us to our present           For example, students were recently        the Prep arts experience.
    condition. But there is new evidence that        asked to visually represent how they have              Collaborating with Mrs. Cooper’s 8th
    society is and will be increasingly desirous     saved the world. Mr. Bradley describes it as     grade English class, 8th graders get their
    of right-brained thinking as we start to         an impossible assignment. “They cannot           first taste of Mr. Bradley’s visual problem
    question and reconsider our understand-          analyze their way out of it,” he says with a     solving with an assignment based on
    ing of progress, as well as outsource the        smile. In this way it is really a process of     Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, and its
    knowledge-work abroad that was once              letting go of how one has been told to do        empathetic theme of putting yourself in
    being done at home. (Read further on this        something, and instead give over to the          someone else’s shoes. Students must visu-
    topic in A Whole New Mind, by Daniel H.          likely unorganized, playful zone of free         ally represent, through a series of photos,
    Pink).                                           association. The fact that our minds are still   how a character in their outside reading
          Preparing our students for a culture       working quite actively and creatively with-      book would perceive an everyday object of
    and economy that increasingly values and         out all the linear left-brain interference is    the student’s choosing. The student must
    depends on right-brained thinking, a type        a valuable realization both personally, and      photograph the object at different times of
    of thinking that is more creative, simultane-    in a world that will be increasingly needing     day, and from different angles and points
    ous, and metaphorical, is a new challenge,       those who can access and apply this way of       of view, and the visual representations
    and Prep is ahead of the curve through           thinking.                                        should communicate their understanding
    its visual arts department. Department                 Mr. Bradley served as chair of the         of the character. Rather than just an intel-
    chair and third year digital design teacher      photography department at Art Center             lectual acknowledgement of how a charac-
    Tim Bradley has brought an advanced              College of Design for nine years prior to        ter is feeling, this assignment requires an
    and future-focused perspective that values       being at Prep, and continues to be in-           empathetic stepping in and seeing through
    creative solutions, setting the analytical ap-   volved in the college’s program. He assigns      another’s eyes; and hopefully an opportu-
    proach aside, and tossing students into the      students at Prep many of the same assign-        nity to interrupt the left-brain treadmill on
    rarely elicited realm of right-brain problem     ments he gives to his college level students,    which we so often find ourselves.
    solving. Like the math department, the           and says that although Prep students don’t
                                                     have the same experience to draw from,
                                                     they are just as thoughtful, and even more

sustaining excellence

Ingrid Herskind
Cross Country doesn’t often receive the                Ms. Herskind identifies cross country           What marks this sport more than
same attention other high school sports do.      as “a thinking man’s sport,” in that you        anything else is that every member of the
True it is not very spectator friendly, and      must “use your mind to overcome some of         team has just endured the same thing —
there is no game involved, but anyone who        your weaknesses.” Positive, active thinking     the same course. There is a mutual respect
has been to a meet and had an investment         becomes part of the process as runners          because it is difficult for everyone. There
in an athlete competing, might argue that        write down their goals and sign them at the     is a natural cohesion. Ms. Herskind knows
it may just be the most adrenaline pump-         beginning of the season. She also notes just    how to develop that cohesive tendency
ing sport of them all. Perhaps it is the         how transformative a sport cross country is.    while acknowledging the individual success
pure, uncensored agony that is occurring         No one is cut, no one is left on the bench,     of each runner. She pedals along side the
all around you. The looks on the runners’        no one is unimportant in the process and        team on her bike during practice and en-
faces as they pass you by, how close they        it builds a type of confidence that pours       courages them on every run. Every practice
are together as they run into the finishing      over into all other areas of one’s life. With   counts, and afterwards, a necessary amount
shute, the nerves, the anticipation — it         this in mind, there is a commitment to the      of laughter and levity break in and fun
is exhilarating, and more than that, it is       sport and one’s performance in part due to      feels better than ever.
inspiring, truly. Running as fast as you can     the transformation it has made elsewhere
for 3.2 miles is, in many ways, a mind over      in their lives.
matter pursuit — the “just do it” of sports.
       Ingrid Herskind has been leading the
Boys cross country team to the CIF finals
for the last 14 years. For the same number
of years, they have placed 1st or 2nd in
their CIF Southern Section Division. And
this year, they took 2nd place at the CIF
Championship in Fresno. With this record,
they have earned the reputation of being
the team to beat, and the consistency of
performance indicates a powerful program
with a winning philosophy, and not just
individual super-stars.
       When asked what strategies sustain this
type of excellence in a sport as physically
and mentally demanding as cross country,
Ms. Herskind points to the ownership that
the athletes have in the process, and the re-
spect the team has for one another, not to
mention the great time they have goofing
off to relieve the intense pressure.
       The team believes that they are “only
as good as [their] last guy,” so the success
of each runner becomes a team effort. The
older runners take an active part in helping
the younger ones develop. Mentorship
is a powerful force that then sets up the
younger runners to become leaders when
it is their turn. This team cohesion lasts
beyond high school, as cross country alums
write letters to runners going to state, en-     Top to bottom: 2003 CIF State Champion-
couraging them with their own stories and        ship; 2008 Boys Cross Country; 2005 CIF
suggestions about the course.                    Southern Division

    Above: Laura Kaufman guides 8th graders in formulating their Science Fair research topics.

    identifying the question, embracing the process

    Laura Kaufman
    One of the highlights of spring at Prep             scientific, in the strictest sense. It is instead   lesson the students receive is confidence
    is seeing the imaginative and thoughtful            about learning how to identify, investigate,        — from the middle school that familiarizes
    work of students at the March Science               and answer a question. Students can ask a           them so completely with the process, to the
    Fair. Row upon row of colorful projects fill        question about anything: football, yawn-            upper school, where expectations are high.
    the gym as parents, teachers, and alums             ing, or waterfalls. The project becomes a           The level of performance at the Prep fair
    ask the middle and upper school students            challenge not only to them cognitively, but         “drives success all-around and creates a self-
    about their findings. Along with the lively         personally as they sort through potential           confidence in what they can do in a larger
    atmosphere there is a considerable level            topics of interest. Some dive right in and          arena.” The Science Fair excels in creating
    of competition occurring as the caliber of          some aren’t sure which way to go. However,          confidence, and confidence underlies the
    projects are noted by judges. Mrs. Laura            once they have decided on a topic, they             excellence pursued at Prep and beyond.
    Kaufman, 7th grade dean, science teacher,           work on finding out more about it, and
    and Science Fair coordinator says that the          deciphering what questions have and have
    Prep Science Fair is equally competitive as         not been asked or answered. Mrs. Kaufman            Some of this year’s Middle School projects in
    the Los Angeles County Science Fair, and            believes that the science fair is a safe place      the making:
    that students who do well at Prep do well           to stretch oneself, and is “also a chance to
                                                                                                            Sean O’Sullivan ’13: The effect of the
    beyond. Prep in fact holds second place for         bring what they are excellent at into sci-
                                                                                                            president’s political party on the stock
    the most wins in the state.                         ence.”
         The middle school program Mrs.                       Furthermore, the way that Prep
    Kaufman directs is a large part of why Prep         students place in county, state, and even           Joanne Jang ’13: The effect of brain
    has such success in the larger arena. A             national competition, reflects not only the         dominance (right vs. left brain) on which
    confidence in the process develops as 7th           caliber of research that Flintridge students        side of a person’s face looks more like
    and 8th graders spend a significant amount          are conducting, but also how adept they             them (she’s taking photos of faces, digitally
    of time in class exploring topics, and work-        are at communicating their research visu-           cutting them in two and compositing to
    ing through the research process step by            ally and orally. Regardless of the level of re-     see what a person looks like when they are
    step with the guidance and support of the           search being done, a student must be able           made of two left sides or two right sides)
    science teacher.                                    to clearly explain the question, the process,
                                                                                                            Casey Cousineau ’13: The effect of talking
         What is surprising and refreshing              and the findings in order to do well.
                                                                                                            on a cell phone on reaction times.
    about the middle school experience is that                Regardless of how much they learn
    the project does not necessarily have to be         about asking and answering a question,              Quinn Schwab ’14: The effect of a base-
                                                        Mrs. Kaufman believes the most important            ball’s density on the distance it can be hit.

excellence at Prep means excellence beyond

Sarah Waliany
Prep senior, Sarah Waliany ’09, is an excep-    the death of her classmate’s father, while        “The Davidson Fellows are success stories—
tional example of a student who received        she was a young student at High Point             they're students who have resourcefully found
a strong research foundation in middle          Academy.                                          ways to nurture their genius by seeking out
school, and has applied it throughout her            With passion and acuity, Sarah contin-       mentors, relying on strong family support and
high school career to produce significant       ues to explain, “cancer challenges sciences       working diligently to achieve their goals.”
findings in the field of cancer treatment.      to their limits.” To her, such challenges are
                                                                                                  Bob Davidson, Co-founder of the Davidson
For her research in Herceptin-sensitive         energizing opportunities, not overwhelm-
                                                                                                  Institute for Talent Development
breast tumors, Sarah recently traveled to       ing burdens. And it is the combination
the Library of Congress in Washington DC        of enthusiasm with relentless hard work,
to accept the prestigious Davidson Fellows      not to mention plenty of talent, which has
Scholarship award. The award acknow-            brought Sarah to such excellence so soon
ledges “extraordinary young people under        in what will be an exciting future to follow.
the age of 18 who have completed a
significant piece of work.”
     Sarah’s receipt of the Davidson Fellows
Scholarship follows a series of outstanding
science fair achievements including con-
secutive first place wins at the Los Angeles
County Science Fair in 2007 and 2008, first
place at the 2008 California State Science
Fair, and first place at the 2008 regional
Seimens Science Fair, which sent Sarah into
national standing. For competition in such
a rarified group of student scientists Sarah
says that, “the Science Fair at Flintridge
helped prepare me, especially in the ability
to clearly explain my project.”
     Her science story begins as a new Prep
7th grader. Her first Science Fair project
was on increasing levels of vitamin C in
lettuces. She conducted the research in her
backyard during the school year, and when
summer came she wanted to continue her
testing in a lab setting. She applied to work
in local labs, but was rejected because of
her age. So Sarah continued her backyard
project and finally was accepted into a
biotechnology boot camp in 9th grade at
Pasadena City College.
     From PCC she applied for intern-
ships at City of Hope Hospital, and began
working the summer between 9th and 10th
grades with breast cancer researcher Dr.
Susan Kane. Sarah says that she has always
been interested in cancer research, which
she connects to the personal experience of

                                                Sarah Waliany with Representative David Dreier in Washington DC.
       Take Note

    Honor Students of the Year Nitya Rajeshuni
    and Sarah Waliany.

                                                    national merit semifinalists
    Fall Awards Assembly                            Back Row (l –r): James Vandeventer, Andrew Osheroff, Michael Cooper, Maguire Haigh, Michelle
    The Upper School Fall Awards Assembly           Bigony, Kyle Wass, Samuel Fishman, Shannon Adelman. Front Row (l to r): Yuko Shimada, Nitya
    was held on September 19. Overall, 232          Rajeshuni, Hannah Edwards, Christina Yu, Michael Wolf, Madison Zeller, Leo Chick, Sarah
    students were recognized by the California      Waliany. Not Pictured: Dylan Yamamoto, Gina Kim
    Scholarship Federation; 18 seniors tested
    in the top 1 percent nationally to become
    National Merit Test semifinalists; the Cum
    Laude Society inducted 10 new mem-
    bers; and Mr. Bachmann presented Nitya
    Rajeshuni ’09 and Sarah Waliany ’09 with
    Honor Students of the Year plaques for
    achieving the highest grade point averages
    in the 2007–08 school year. Congratula-
    tions to each student whose academic
    performance earned them recognition.
         Seniors Kyle Carpenter ’09 and Yasmin
    Saudi ’09 achieved semifinalist status in
    the 2009 National Achievement Scholar-
    ship Program. Of the 120,000 students
    who compete for this award, only 1,600
    become semifinalists. Congratulations go
    out to these two students for their notable
                                                    cum laude inductees
                                                    Back Row (l–r): Nitya Rajehuni, Michelle Bigony, Kyle Wass, Shane Levy, Leo Chick. Front Row (l-r):
                                                    Christine Yu, Michael Wolf, Madison Zeller, Jasleen Singh. Not pictured: Sarah Waliany

    Career day
    On Thursday October 16, students did not spend their mornings going
    from class to class as usual. Instead 14 speakers, including alumni and
    parents, came to share their knowledge about their professional fields.
    Students chose 2 of the 14 options, which included a wide range of
    interests such as law, video game production, film editing, venture capi-
    talism, and sports journalism. Television writer Tom Gammill (see right)
    put student humor to work as he had kids come up with new plotlines
    for a Simpson’s episode. The morning was a successful, inspiring, and at
    times very entertaining introduction to possible future professions.
On&Off Campus                                                                                                                                    9

Janet Braun         Rose Chan           Kristina Leslie      Thomas McHenry     Dr. Robert Skotheim   David Thompson      Paul Vandeventer

New trustees Engage in Strategic Conversations
Seven highly dedicated members of the            of Occidental College and a returning           Animation, skg, and JaneT Braun, parent
Flintridge Prep community recently joined        Prep trustee, and davId K. THompson,            of Kristin Heintz ’07, Kevin Heintz ’10, and
the Board of Trustees and have begun             parent of Katherine ’05, and senior             Brian Heintz ’14, a retired corporate lawyer,
earnestly working on a variety of projects       vice president and general counsel for          are examining issues related to the school’s
including strategic planning.                    The Walt Disney Company are analyzing           financial sustainability, while rose CHan,
     THomas J.p. mcHenry, parent of              the world of the 21st century in which          parent of Nicholas Loui ’08 and Ryan Loui
William ’09 and Jackson ’11, an attorney         our students will live and learn.               ’11, a retired tax attorney, is studying the
and partner with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher              paul vandevenTer, parent of                area of faculty support.
in their Environment and Natural                 James ’09 and Ethan ’14, president and               We are happy to welcome and fortu-
Resources Practice Group, along with             CEO of Community Partners, is working on        nate to have these highly accomplished
dr. roBerT a. sKoTHeIm, former presi-            issues connected with teaching and learn-       individuals with their diverse skills to help
dent of Whitman College, retired president       ing in the future.                              guide Flintridge Prep in the next phase of
of the Huntington Library, Art Collections,           KrIsTIna leslIe, parent of Ryan ’11        our growth and evolution.
and Botanical Gardens, current president         and Michael ’13, retired cfo of DreamWorks

   the Crawford Family Gymnasium
   As a result of the generosity of Anniversary Campaign do-
   nors, we were able to refurbish the newly named Crawford
   Family Gymnasium, which was completed in August, just
   in time for fall sports teams to begin their practices. New
   bleachers and flooring were installed, the walls were painted,
   the ceiling renovated, air-conditioning added, and the girls’
   locker room redone. The changes have given the space new
   life, and have greatly improved the acoustics and the comfort
   for both athletes and spectators.

                                                                        Leo Club: Making it Happen
                                                                        The Leo Club hosted a remarkably successful Walk-a-Thon on
                                                                        Sunday, November 16 to raise funds for the building of Club 21
                                                                        Resource and Learning Center in Pasadena. The non-profit facility
                                                                        is set to open this January, and will advocate and provide support
                                                                        for those with Down syndrome. The Leo Club raised over $35,000
                                                                        to directly support the Center’s construction and its goal of creating
                                                                        a more inclusive environment at home, school, and in the greater
10      on camPus

     WhEn JunE rolls
     around, and studEnts
     arE sEt frEE, somE PrEP

     faculty usE thEir summEr

     months to EnhancE thEir

     knoWlEdgE in a fiEld and

     thEir curriculum in thE


     nancy angEl
     Spanish teacher Nancy Angel participated
     in two conferences this summer, one in
     Denver and one in Minneapolis, about the
     TPRS teaching method, which stands for
     Teaching Proficiency through Reading and
     Storytelling. Ms. Angel was exposed to new
     ways of expanding this method, which is
     already employed in Spanish 1.The method
     is based on Stephen Krashen's concept of
     "Comprehensible Input," meaning that the
     students are exposed to only a few new vo-
     cabulary words at a time (ideally 3 phrases/    Top: Joe Maggio and Manny Nuñez in Nicaragua. Bottom: Steve Oderkirk in Maine.
     day), which they learn by spoken language,
     by gesture, and by action. Then these
                                                     JoE maggio and manny nuñEz                       success for both Mr. Maggio’s biological
     phrases are used to develop a story with the
                                                     Joe Maggio and Manny Nuñez traveled              studies needs and for Senor Nuñez’s scout-
     students’ input. Ms. Angel observes, “my
                                                     together to Nicaragua this summer with           ing for a future Global Studies program.
     students are showing enormous progress in
                                                     the goal of enhancing both language and
     their Spanish due to this method.”
                                                     science programs for students back at Prep.      stEvE odErkirk
                                                     Senor Nuñez scouted locations for his            Photography teacher Steve Oderkirk at-
     stEvE hill
                                                     Global Studies program, while Joe Maggio         tended the Maine Media Workshops in
     Steve Hill, Performing Arts Chair, reports
                                                     photographed and researched native flora         Rockport, Maine, where he participated
     that he “had the honor of working for six
                                                     and fauna for his keynote presentations          in a workshop for Advanced Digital Photo
     weeks on the Ron Howard film produc-
                                                     on tropical ecosystems. The island of            Photoshop. Mr. Oderkirk had an inspir-
     tion of Angels and Demons, starring Tom
                                                     Ometeppe was their first destination.            ing experience and commented that “the
     Hanks and Ewan McGregor,” which will be
                                                     Rising up from the ocean and crowned             instructor, Laurence Gartel, is a pioneer
     released in 2009. Mr. Hill was involved in
                                                     with two volcanoes, the island was abun-         in digital media and computers. When he
     casting over 60 professional singers for two
                                                     dant with wildlife, waterfalls, and dense        started working there was no way to save
     major scenes. He also rehearsed the singers
                                                     vegetation. After visiting, Maggio sug-          your digital image that took days to create.
     and appeared on screen in both scenes of
                                                     gested, “Ometeppe will definitely be a           You had to photograph it. He taught Andy
     the film. Mr. Hill also sang on the sound-
                                                     destination, should we take students to          Warhol how to use the computer — he's
     track for the newest remake of the film,
                                                     Nicaragua in the future.” They then moved        been around for a while.” The class got
     The Day the Earth Stood Still, starring Keanu
                                                     on to explore the pacific side, where they       outside to shoot, and took a quick trip to
     Reeves to be released in December.
                                                     connected with sea turtle conservationists       Mohegan Island. However, “most of the
                                                     and finally got to see the elusive howler        week we spent in a studio in front of a Mac
                                                     monkeys. La Flor was another locale              G5 working on Photoshop CS3. It was really
                                                     that impressed both Senor Nuñez and              a good experience and I got a lot that I can
                                                     Mr. Maggio, and was slated as a valuable         share with my students.”
                                                     student destination. The trip was a great
                                                                         Prep Welcomes Four                         11

                                                                         New Faculty Members
                                                                         Flintridge alum mr. peTer CHesney
                                                                         ’04 is teaching 7th and 9th grade
                                                                         history. He attended Vassar College,
                                                                         where he received his BA in History
                                                                         and won the Vassar History Award.
                                                                         According to his Flintridge Press
                                                                         interview, he enjoys the outdoors,
l-r: Paul Vandeventer, John Shallman, and Allan Hoffenblum
                                                                         and if he were a super-hero, he would
                                                                         want his super power to be encyclope-
Political Strategists offer Insight                                      dic knowledge. He also fondly recalls
                                                                         playing broomball with friends on
On October 22, a few days before the close one of the most historic      prom night.
presidential campaigns, Flintridge Prep students were privileged to
hear the views and analysis of two seasoned political experts: repub-    mr. JulIan HayTer, who is teaching
lican strategist Allan Hoffenblum and democratic strategist John         8th and 10th grade history, received
Shallman. Upper school students filled Norris Auditorium to listen       his Masters in U.S. History from the
to the two discuss their experiences in political campaigning and        University of Virginia, and will receive
offer insights and criticisms on its current state. The conversation     his PhD in the same discipline in
was kept focused and lively by moderator Paul Vandeventer, father        2009. Mr. Hayter is originally from
of James ’09 and Ethan ’14.                                              Des Moines, Iowa. Students, in their
     Mr. Hoffenblum served two tours of duty in Vietnam and the          Flintridge Press interview with Mr.
military intelligence training he received gave him skills useful        Hayter, learned that he is an excellent
in political campaigning—gathering information and getting it            chef and spent two weeks driving a
to the right people at the right time. Beyond running a political        bus through parts of Southern Africa
consulting firm, Mr. Hoffenblum has also taught political campaign       with his best friend, and is hoping
management at UCLA and UC Davis.                                         his next big travel destination will be
      Mr. Shallman became politically active as a high school student.   China.
Upon learning extra-curricular activities at his school were being
eliminated due to budget cuts, he advocated for increased property       ms. JIllIan rIeHl, who is teaching
taxes, organized a small army of volunteers, and made appearances        Geometry and Algebra II, received
at City Hall. Since then he has run numerous successful campaigns,       her BA in Mathematics Education
including that of Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan in 1993.             from Keene State College and taught
     When asked what is most important in running a successful           at Monadnock Regional High School
campaign, Mr. Shallman responded that first and foremost the             in New Hampshire. Ms. Riehl enjoys
campaign needs to have a strong message. Mr. Hoffenblum added            traveling. Last summer she worked for
that agility and adjusting quickly to changing conditions is also        Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala,
significant. The introduction of vice presidential running mates         where she hopes to return another
Sarah Palin and Joe Biden were a great example of the need for           summer to learn Spanish. She also
mid-campaign adjustment. Sarah Palin was a particularly dynamic          loves playing soccer and is an assistant
person to discuss and debate. Mr. Hoffenblum characterized her as        coach for the Girls Cross Country
an asset to McCain because of her ability to energize the Christian      team.
conservative base, as well as pick up Hillary Clinton supporters who
were unwilling to transfer support to Obama. On the other hand,          dr. raJeev WaHI has joined the sci-
Mr. Shallman thought Sarah Palin’s affect on McCain disastrous.          ence department teaching chemistry
In particular, he pointed to her lack of experience, which couldn’t      and physics. He received his BA, Mas-
buoy the initial splash of her nomination; the energy she brought        ters, and PhD in Chemistry from Rice
backfired as her insufficiencies surfaced.                               University. Since 2004, he has been
     The students were energized by the level of debate between          teaching AP Chemistry, AP Physics C,
the strategists and continued the dialogue in small group discus-        and Chemistry at Ransom Everglades
sions led by faculty. Seniors remained in Norris Auditorium with         School in Florida. He enjoys running,
the speakers and were able to ask questions. William McHenry, Ga-        and is an avid reader and lover of
briel Brighty, and Steven Leech found the assembly engaging and          music. Two of his favorite musicians
the speakers incredibly knowledgeable with important information         are Tori Amos and R.E.M.
to share. The students were especially interested in views about the
presidential race, revealing the intense interest Prep students had
in the historic political moment. The assembly serves as a model for
future assemblies based on interaction and debate.
     Winter Concert
     The Annual Winter Concert was held on December 17, and
     featured both vocal and instrumental performances. Over 100
     students participated, creating music that inspired Headmaster
     Bachmann’s letter introducing this issue of PrepTalk.

                                                                                  Junior Parent dinner
                                                                                  The Junior class amused and delighted parents with the
                                                                                  annual JPD performance held on Saturday, November 22
                                                                                  at the Masonic Temple in Pasadena. Sketches ranged from
                                                                                  improv comedy, to dance solos, to a quartet arrangement of
                                                                                  John Lennon’s Let it Be. The rest of the Prep community saw
                                                                                  the show on Wednesday, November 26 in Norris Auditorium.
                                                                                  Students were sent off to Thanksgiving break entertained by
                                                                                  the humor and ingenuity of their peers’ performances.

     Fall Play
     Servant of two Masters
     Directed by Mr. Scott Myers, this year’s fall play, Carlo Goldoni’s
     comedy Servant of Two Masters, took the Norris Auditorium stage
     November 13 through 15. The play descends from commedia
     dell’arte, a theatrical tradition featuring a set of stock characters: the
     wily servant, the pompous lawyer, the miserly old man, the hothead-
     ed young man, the ingenue, the saucy maid, and the star-crossed
     lovers. The play begins with the betrothal of Silvio Lombardi to
     Clarice dei Bisognosi, an engagement made possible by the sudden
     death of one Federigo Rasponi. Chaos ensues, but ultimately the
     play concludes with multiple marriages.
           Featuring students grades 7–9, the cast included, Alexander
     Blaine ’14, Maddie Case ’13, Katie Eiler ’12, Samantha Harper ’12,
     Caroline Hedrick ’13, James Hotti ’14, Kimberly Ostiller ’12, Mari
     Paulson ’12, Mary Clare Plaschke ’13, Austin Roy ’13, and William
     Vose ’14. Leading the crew were Katrina Boyd ’12, Andy Davis ’10,
     Chris Davis ’10, and Kieran Mulroy ’11. Director Scott Myers
     was assisted by Christopher Adams-Cohen ’10. Dr. Robert Parker ’78
     designed the set and lighting; Mr. Patrick Ferry led the set
Replay                                                                                                                                             13

Varsity. This year’s win-loss record does not
begin to describe the remarkable character
and teamwork displayed by Prep’s 2008
varsity football team. Their overall record
was a modest 3-7, but the Rebels fought
adversity all season and ended the regular
season playing for the Prep League title
for the second year in a row. They finished
second to Rio Hondo, but again qualified
for the CIF playoffs for the 18th time in the
last 21 years.
      From the start of the season, the
Rebels battled a shallow roster, at times suit-
ing up no more than 20 athletes for games.
                                                       Gavin Thomson ’09 also logged similar      8th Grade Flag Football. After a 40-19 loss
Adding to the challenge, injuries forced
                                                  minutes playing wing back on offense and        against High Point to start their season, the
a number of players to learn second and
                                                  rotating between linebacker and safety on       young Rebels and their coaches decided
third positions on both sides of the ball.
                                                  defense. Other seniors doing double-duty        they needed to improve their defense if
One of the most significant injuries was
                                                  were Arash Jafarnia ’09, Fuad Beshir ’09,       they hoped to be competitive through the
quarterback Gus Herrera ’09, also a
                                                  Kyle Carpenter ’09, Will McHenry ’09, Alec      rest of their season. They modified their
defensive starter, who dislocated his throw-
                                                  Storrie-Lombardi ’09, Adam Ross ’09, and        defensive scheme and provided more pres-
ing arm in the second quarter of Prep’s
                                                  Justin Ogunji ’09. While Herrera was side-      sure on opposing offenses. The changes
opening game. Reflective of the Rebels’
                                                  lined with his shoulder injury, Dan Beldy       succeeded as Prep reduced the points they
spirit and determination, Herrera returned
                                                  ’09 filled in admirably at quarterback, and     allowed by nearly half in their 5 remaining
to action less than 4 weeks later to lead
                                                  Alex Hurrell ’09 provided valuable minutes      games. Unfortunately, Prep had difficulty
Prep on their quest for the league title.
                                                  in the Rebels’ defensive secondary.             getting into the endzone themselves. Be-
      Many Rebel starters rarely came off
                                                       Underclassmen who were crucial to          fore a supportive home crowd, Prep had
the field during games. Assuming the role
                                                  Prep’s success this year were defensive         one of its better games losing a cliffhanger
of ironman, tailback, defensive back, and
                                                  standouts Conor Dubin ’10, Doug Land ’10,       to Mayfield Jr. with a final score of 18-22.
kicker returner Joel Bryant ’09 turned in
                                                  Philip Montoya ’10, Jordan Whaley ’11,          Leading the offense at quarterback was
an exceptional season, with 9 consecutive
                                                  Sam Cook ’11, and David Russell ’11, all of     Chadd Cosse ’13, who provided solid deci-
100+ rushing yardage games. In the final
                                                  whom started during the season.                 sion- and play- making. On defense, Kurt
weeks of the season, Bryant carried the ball
                                                                                                  Kozacik ’13 offered relentless hustle and
over 30 times per game, played every down
                                                  Junior Varsity. The 2008 JV football team       inspiring effort. Playing his first year of
on defense, and returned kickoffs and
                                                  won the league championship on the type         flag football, Manuel Perez ’13 was one of
punts on special teams. Bryant was named
                                                  of play that will be talked about for years.    Prep’s top scorers from his tailback position.
the Prep League’s Offensive MVP by league
                                                  Playing Rio Hondo in the final league
                                                  match, the Rebels lined up on their own 3       7th Grade Flag Football. In their final 5 flag
                                                  yard line to defend against a field goal with   football games of their season, only 10
                                                  the score tied 13-13, and only 5 seconds        total points separated their 2-3 record
                                                  remaining on the clock. A final tie score       from what could have been 5-0. The scores
                                                  would result in a co-championship between       reflected the competitive nature of each
                                                  the JV Rebels and the Rio Hondo Kares. A        game and the team spirit of the 7th grade
                                                  successful field goal from 20 yards would       Rebels. In each contest, the team displayed
                                                  give the Kares the league crown outright.       excellent athletic ability that will result in
                                                       The Rebel defense had other thoughts       more success on the scoreboard in future
                                                  in mind. Bursting through the line at the       years as they gain more experience.
                                                  snap of the ball, Chris Wirthlin ’12 blocked         In addition to their basic skills as
                                                  the field goal sending the ball bouncing at     football players, the 7th graders are also
                                                  the 2 yard line where speedy Tyler Shum         a versatile group of players. In addition
                                                  ’12 scooped it up and raced 98 yards for        to the running, throwing, and catch-
                                                  Prep’s winning touchdown as time expired.       ing critical for flag football, many of the
                                                  The victory gave the JV Rebels the league       players applied themselves as blockers.
                                                  championship and a final season record          Trip Westmoreland ’14 displayed skill as
                                                  of 6-3.                                         a blocker, but also demonstrated good
14      rEPlay

     footwork and pass catching ability. Robert     man ’10, Elise Partos ’11 had a particularly    Middle School. Prep’s 7th and 8th grade boys
     Cartwright ’14 played quarterback and was      strong year finishing 16th at the CIF-SS        and girls performed with true athleticism at
     one of the team’s most valuable players on     finals and 78th at the state meet. Also scor-   the two cross country meets held this fall.
     offense, while Scott Tsangeos ’14 and Cole     ing for Prep at state were Ellen Kim ’09,       The young runners got a taste of the big-
     Rademacher ’14 were top defensive players.     Crystal Bong ’09, and Maya Castellanos ’11.     time with the opportunity to run on the Mt.
                                                                                                    SAC course that is used for the high school
                                                    Boys. Prep’s boys cross country team contin-    CIF finals meet. For middle school compe-
     CrOSS COunTry                                  ued its tradition of excellence in 2008. The    tition the course is reduced to 1.2 miles.
                                                    Rebel runners, coached by Ingrid Herskind       In the girls race Prep runners had a great
     Girls. Prep’s girls cross country team com-    and assisted by Nick Ponticello, turned in      day finishing second among nearly 160
     pleted another successful season by qualify-   their best races when it counted the most.      middle schools. The boys also finished in
     ing for the CIF state cross country meet       Having finished second behind Pasadena          the top 10 with a 9th place finish. At their
     in Fresno for the 9th year in a row. At the    Poly in an earlier league meet, the Rebels      second meet, the High Point Invitational,
     Prep League meet three weeks earlier, the      reversed the result in the Prep League          the Prep girls won the meet finishing ahead
     girls raced well enough to win but finished    Finals meet to win their 17th consecutive       of Mayfield Jr. and High Point, while the
     behind a Chadwick team that eventually         boys Prep League title.                         boys came in second behind High Point.
     won the CIF Division V state title.                  Ranked 4th in the state among Divi-       Prep’s top girl runner was Kate Evans ’14,
           One of the season’s highlights was the   sion V teams prior to the state meet in         who finished first overall at Mt. SAC, and
     performance of Dot Silverman ’10, who          Fresno, the Rebels turned in a spectacular      for the boys, Robert Cartwright ’14 and
     clocked a time of 19:00 on the Mt. SAC         performance to finish second. Four of           Manuel Perez ’13, who both finished in the
     course in the Mt. SAC Invitational held on     Coach Ingrid Herskind’s runners finished        top 20.
     October 24. Dot’s time was the fastest ever    in the top 20 with Kevin Heintz ’10 run-
     by a Prep girl on the course, which is the     ning a personal best 16:14 to finish 7th
     annual location of the CIF-SS Finals meet.     overall. Conner Verreaux ’09 was just 4
     At season’s end, Dot was named team MVP,       seconds behind with a 16:18 to finish 10th
     junior Sarah Randolph was selected as          among all Division V runners in the state.
     Most Improved Runner, and senior Crystal             The Rebels’ 2nd place finish at state
     Bong received the Coaches’ Award. Crystal      put them back on the post-race podium
     joined the team as a senior and became         among the top-three teams for the 11th
     Prep’s #3 runner.                              time in the past 12 years, a span that
           Head coach Mike Roffina, and first-      includes 4 state titles. Besides Heintz and
     year coaches Jill Riehl, Caitlyn Croall and    Verreaux, Prep’s top scoring finishers
     Sylvie Andrews look forward to another         at state were Paul Weitekamp ’09 (16th
     successful season in 2009 with five strong     overall), Jason Bunn ’11 (18th), and James
     runners returning. Along with Dot Silver-      Lyon ’09 (31st).

WATEr POLO                                      driver and wing, Ryan Camastra ’11, Josue         seniors: Ambika Chandramohan ’09 and
                                                Hernandez ’12, Patrick Hickey ’12, and            Gina Kim ’09, Teny Geragos ’09 and Erin
Boys Varsity. Prospects looked bright for       Jack Purvis ’12 at the set position.              McDonnell ’09, and Christina Yu ’09 and
Prep’s varsity boys water polo team after                                                         Annie Zaro ’09. Senior Sona Kazangian ’09
early season victories over large public        Middle School. Prep’s middle school water         was one of Prep’s top three singles players.
schools and a 2nd place finish in the Bell      polo team showed plenty of offensive                   The future of Prep’s girls tennis looks
Gardens Tournament, but a packed Prep           firepower in their two matches this past          just as strong. The squad will return a
League awaited the Rebels. With 4 of the        fall. They scored 16 goals combined in the        number of talented athletes in 2009. Two
league’s 5 teams ranked among the CIF           two matches. Unfortunately, their defense         of Prep’s other top singles players are not
Division’s top 8, league play proved to be      was not as strong and they dropped both           yet juniors — Kira Lee ’12 and Lugene
a challenge. Nevertheless, first-year head      contests to Pasadena Polytechnic, 7-8 and         El-Harazi ’11. Moreover, Kira Lee ’12 was
coach Keean Ferguson, emphasizing skill         9-16. Coached by high school varsity se-          voted one of the league’s MVPs for singles.
development and teaching an understand-         niors Stephen Leech and Brandon Taylor,           Also returning next season are juniors Mi-
ing of game mechanics, guided the Rebels        the young Rebel polo players showed great         chelle Sung ’10, Elaine Park ’10 and Laura
on a rewarding season of team growth and        improvement and enthusiasm in their               Weaver ’10.
camaraderie, and an exciting style of polo.     practices and matches. All the players were
By season’s end, the Rebels had learned the     valuable and demonstrated great promise           Girls Junior Varsity. The JV girls tennis
game well and thoroughly enjoyed their          as they continue their polo development           team also surpassed early expectations to
season, regardless of wins or losses.           and move up to the high school program.           complete one of the JV program’s most
     Stephen Leech ’09 was Prep’s top           The following players showed exceptional          successful seasons. They finished the year
player earning MVP honors from his set          promise — Ethan Vandeventer ’14, Kevin            with a record of 8-7, which included two
position, where he scored nearly 100            Cheng ’14, and Bruce Park ’13.                    wins over Pasadena Poly, Vivian Webb, and
goals. Driver Kevin Matthews ’10 received                                                         Village Christian, and single victories over
the Coach’s Award and Chris Chu ’10 was                                                           Westridge, and Mayfield Senior.
awarded Most Improved Player, alternating       TEnnIS                                                 As the season progressed, the team
from outside and set positions.                                                                   showed significant improvement as the girls
                                                Girls Varsity. Prep's 2008 girls varsity tennis   played the type of “team” tennis stressed
Boys Junior Varsity. The future looks bright    team, under the leadership of 5th year            by coach Ron Catano. The emphasis was
for Rebel water polo. Over half of the boys     head coach Mrs. Katie Hawkins-Canton,             on skills and execution, while playing hard
JV team were freshmen and new to the            exceeded all expectations. The Rebels             and competitively on the team’s behalf,
game. Enthusiasm is high and the opportu-       completed their most successful season in         rather than merely competing individually.
nity for significant skill development great    the program’s history. Having steadily im-        After returning from an early season injury,
under the program’s head coach Keean            proved each of the past 3 seasons, the girls      Christine Zhang ’09 made a big impact
Ferguson.                                       ended the year with 9 wins and 8 losses and       on the team’s success playing #1 doubles
      The JV team was at its best when play-    tied for 3rd place in the league. Unfor-          with Caroline Yu ’10. Isabelle Sohn ’11 was
ing aggressive and spirited defense against     tunately, they did not secure the league’s        Prep’s #1 singles and Alina Okamoto ’11
their opposition, often teams with far more     3rd place playoff position. They finished         was also one of the top players on the JV
experience. The JV Rebels held six of their     second in a 3-team tie-breaker competition        team. Next year, with this talented group
last seven opponents to single digit scoring.   with Westridge and Pasadena Poly for the          joining Prep’s returning varsity players,
Fittingly, goalie Ryan Loui ’11 was named       final spot. Mayfield Senior won the league        Prep should be a strong contender in
team MVP. Prep’s other top players were         championship and Chadwick finished 2nd.           league play and potentially in the CIF
Evan O’Malley ’11, who switched between         Prep’s top doubles teams this year were           playoffs.
16      rEPlay

     Flintridge Prep's IEL team has competed in
     two shows so far this year. The first was held
     on October 26 at Hansen Dam Equestrian
     Center. Lindsay Leisure ’13 placed 11th in
     the JV Jumper Division at the end of the
     day and Hannah Warde ’11 placed 9th
     in Varsity Equitation. At the second show,
     held December 7th, also at Hansen Dam,
     all three Prep riders had strong showings.
     Lindsay Leisure ’13 placed in 4 classes,
     receiving a 9th in JV Handy Hunter, 10th
     in JV Medal, and 11th in both JV Equita-
     tion over Fences and JV Equitation Flat.
     Hannah Warde ’11 placed 7th in Var-
     sity Equitation over Flat and was Reserve
     Champion in Varsity Medal. Christopher
     Adams-Cohen ’10 placed 8th in JV Jumpers         leader in blocks. Charlotte Milinovich             of their season, they won four straight
     Section 2 and 10th in JV Jumpers Section         ’09 provided excellent leadership for the          matches with scores of 2 games to zero.
     2b. Congratulations to all the riders on a       improving Rebels and Casey Meurer ’11,                  Julia Miller ’12 provided Coach Chris
     good showing so far this season.                 as a first year player, made great strides as      Mendoza with excellent play from her set-
                                                      setter. The Prep League should be equally          ter position distributing the ball superbly to
                                                      strong next year, but the Rebels will be sig-      her teammates. Kate Woolley ’12, in addi-
     VOLLEyBALL                                       nificantly improved with the help of young         tion to leading the team in blocks from her
                                                      talent from this year’s 14-3 JV team and a         middle position, offered encouragement
     Girls Varsity. Among small, independent          9-7 freshman team.                                 to her teammates and spirited enthusiasm
     schools in the CIF Southern Section, the                                                            for the entire team. Providing offensive
     Prep League has a well-earned reputation         Girls Junior Varsity. Prep’s JV girls volleyball   firepower, Kimberly Kim ’12 led the team
     as one of the strongest for girls volleyball.    team completed an excellent season finish-         in kills.
     This year was no exception. Joining the          ing 14-3 overall and 10-2 in league play.
     traditionally strong programs of Mayfield        Their success was the product of a deep            Girls Middle School. Prep’s middle school
     Senior, Westridge, Chadwick, Pasadena            roster of talented athletes who developed          girls volleyball team, coached by Julie Jaime
     Poly, and Flintridge Prep, Vivian Webb and       strong volleyball skills as the season pro-        and Joe Maggio, had a record number of
     Rio Hondo also improved noticeably in            gressed. Coach Sean Beattie put a number           32 girls participating. As a result, Prep com-
     2008. After winning their first 3 non-league     of different combinations of players on the        peted with 3 full teams (A, B, C) and each
     matches, the Rebels were challenged in           court, and each group meshed well, per-            girl received maximum amount of partici-
     each league contest with many matches ex-        forming with intensity and teamwork.               pation and experience. The girls showed a
     tending to the full 5 games. Unfortunately,      Many players sacrificed individual interests       tremendous amount of growth and heart.
     Prep ended up on the losing end of their         for the benefit of the team, but four players      All of the teams were competitive in each
     league matches and finished with a season        made exceptional contributions. Meagan             match with nearly every game decided by 6
     record of 4-13.                                  Chow ’10 as setter was a key leader for the        points or less.
           Despite the absence of wins, the           young Rebels. Abbey Deckop ’11 was one                   Bryn McFadden ’13, Ashley Kim ’13,
     Rebels concentrated on improving their           of the team leaders in kills playing opposite      and Katherine Boggard ’13 were a few of
     skills and developing competitive intensity.     and backup setter. Kelly Wang ’11, playing         the 8th graders that led the way for Prep.
     The Rebels struggled on offense, but im-         outside, also was a team leader in kills. On       The girls consistently improved service
     proved their defense with each match. In         defense, Naomi Hatanaka ’11 led the team           skills and overall team play. For the 7th
     their first match against Chadwick, who was      in digs from her libero position.                  grade team, Chelsea Johnson ’14, Brooke
     ranked #2 in the entire CIF division at                Prep’s Freshman team improved their          Stewart ’14, and Maya Okamoto ’14 were
     the time, the Rebels pressed the Dolphins        skills as the season progressed, and their         all solid players. The A team ended their
     to the limit of a 5-game match before            trademark characteristic was a fiery brand         season 2-7, the B team was 0-7, and the C
     succumbing.                                      of volleyball that competed for each and           team was 0-5, but the success of the season
           Prep’s top statistical performers were     every point. In only one match did they            was marked by consistent improvement and
     Marin Seifert ’10 who led the team in kills      lose in straight sets. During the middle           bright hopes for the future.
     and Alex Baptiste ’09 who was the team                                                                                                 — Tom Fry
Alumni Profile                                                                                                                                    17

                   design Excellence for a sustainable future
                                                          Mark Gangi ’85

marK GanGI graduated from Prep in                                                                       museum’s content and its structure
1985. Now an architect with his family’s                                                                — “The museum’s exhibits are about
Development and Build firm, Mark re-                                                                    local resources, so the building itself
cently co-designed the only LEED Plati-                                                                 is a ‘living’ example of sustainability
num certified museum in the world,                                                                      and conservation.” The museum’s
The Museum of Water and Life, located                                                                   roof is topped with a 540 watt, 3,000
at the eastern entrance of Diamond                                                                      panel solar field that not only gener-
Valley Lake in Riverside County. LEED                                                                   ates half of the complex’s power
certification stands for Leadership in                                                                  needs, but also shades the structure
Energy and Environmental Design.                                                                        from the intense desert heat. Trans-
Developed in the mid-nineties, LEED                                                                     lucent solar panels hang down over
is now the industry standard for rating                                                                 8,000 square feet of windows, add-
sustainable design, and Platinum is the                                                                 ing additional shade and producing
highest rating a building can receive,                                                                   additional energy. Reclaimed water
followed by Gold, Silver, and Certified. “Flintridge was a place where we were a group of individu-      irrigates terraced gardens, radiant
      Headmaster Bachmann remem-           als—encouraged to explore our thoughts, and develop our       flooring controls the internal tem-
bers Mark’s considerable “interest         unique nature.”                                               perature, and natural light pours in
in projects that have a public signifi-                                                                  to illuminate the space.
cance,” and sees the museum project                  Mark worked with CATI (C-Analytical                     The design is so efficient that
as “an extension of who he’s always been.”     Technologies Incorporated), which con-            the structure produces most of the energy
Mark’s broad interest in society revealed      ducted environmental testing for contami-         required for its own functioning. To put
itself as a student in Mr. Bachmann’s his-     nants across the US. Mark traveled weekly         this accomplishment in perspective, build-
tory class. He enjoyed discussing politics     throughout the country, from Arizona to           ings are responsible for 48% of green
and economics, and remembers being a           Alaska, Oregon to Florida, designing labs         house gas emissions, they consume 67%
devoted and outspoken participant on the       in which CATI did their research. He was          of all electricity, and the poor placement
debate team. Mark has remained close           made aware of the level of pollutants in          of buildings adds to the remaining 33%
with the Prep community. A consistent          the environment from the studies, and             of energy consumption. Building design
presence on campus when his brother            when the funding dried up for pollu-              is at the center of our energy usage,
Matt ’02 was attending, Mark reflects a        tion research, there was a shift within the       and this building produces rather than
commitment to the broader well-being           environmental movement from clean-up              consumes energy. Taking this philosophy
and spirit of community.                       to ideas of sustainability — a more future-       home, Mark is now busy designing a new
      Besides enjoying history, Mark had       focused approach. It was a natural transi-        house for his family that will include solar
a strong creative side that found expres-      tion for Mark to architecturally address          power and a green roof, which insulates
sion in Steve Oderkirk’s photography           how buildings could be actively part of           the structure and off-sets carbon emissions
classes. Smiling, Mark admits to the hours     that sustainability. Also, while building the     with oxygen-producing vegetation.
spent developing photos in the dark room       labs Mark put himself in the position of                Even with all his success as an archi-
instead of applying energy toward more         the scientists to improve both the comfort        tect, Mark has not ignored his two-
neglected subjects. But his attention to       and efficiency of the space. Enjoying in-         dimensional photography roots that
composition and aesthetic principles           tegrating design aesthetics with function,        started at Prep. He collaborated with his
found application in USC’s architecture        the job proved to be “great training for          USC professor, Panos Koularmous, on a
program. He received his B.A. in 1990 and electrical and mechanical integration” —               book about 20th century rationalist archi-
started working in his family’s business       something that would come to serve him            tecture, for which Mark did all the photo-
upon graduation.                               in designing the Museum of Water and              graphy. Mark has conjoined the aesthetic
      Mark recalls that while there was no     Life years later.                                 and civic-minded sensibilities Headmaster
direct discussion about sustainable design           The museum, completed in Spring             Bachmann recognized and encouraged
in architecture school at the time, “there     2008, is a bold and linear 72,000 square          in him 19 years ago. And with those dual
was plenty of emphasis on good design”:        ft. campus, rising up out of sparse desert        interests, Mark now addresses perhaps
design about adapting buildings to their       surroundings. The space is designed to            the most significant issue our society faces
environment. But it was a particular client    educate visitors about natural resources.         with all its concomitant social repercus-
that precipitated Mark’s interest in the       Michael B. Lehrer, Mark’s design part-            sions — energy.
Green design movement.                         ner, draws the connection between the                                       — Anne Wullschlager
        Alumni News
     1949                                   some volunteering. alaska and
                                            Hawaii are annual trips with fam-
      60th       SAVE tHE dAtE              ily. after graduating from Menlo
                                            College, i became an army Of-
      reunion    April 25, 2009
                                            ficer, got married, and started a
                                            family. i have a daughter, Sarah,
     1951                                   and two sons, Matthew and Dan-
                                            iel, and two grand children. now
     peTe doW relocated to arizona
     in 1982 and was blessed to have        it's mostly flights to Camarillo and
     retired in 1994. He enjoys fishing     Santa Paula for lunch, and sunsets
     and boating on Lake Powell.            in Laguna with two cats and a
     He tries to take a few trips each      dog.”
     year, and during the cold winters           JoHn Harman is a Se-
     of Flagstaff he rents a home in        nior Staff engineer at beck-
     California for a month or so near      man Coulter, inc. He previously
     the beach, usually in the San Luis     developed safety, air pollution,
     Obispo area. He invites any of the     and process analytical chemistry
     members of the Classes of 50, 51,      instrumentation and won a naSa
     or 52 that remember him from           award for significant inventions.
     football or swimming to email          He was inducted into beckman
     him at            Coulter inventors Hall of Fame for
                                            18 patents. He enjoys part-time
     1954                                   teaching of General Chemistry
                                            and Organic Chemistry, and travel
      55th       SAVE tHE dAtE              related to the international elec-     Here’s the Down and Dirty
      reunion    April 25, 2009             trotechnical Commission. Thanks
                                            to Mr. acosta and Mr. neupauer,        about IRA Rollovers
                                            he was able to read inscriptions
     1957                                   on buildings in Rome in the origi-
                                            nal Latin!
                                                                                   If you are a member of the Prep
     JIm BryanT and FranK ol-
     son ’60 reconnected over the                peTer Jensen and his wife         Class of ’55 — or older — you can
     summer in Kentucky, where Frank        of 32 years, Karen, have three
     currently lives with his wife, ann.    children and three grandchildren.      make a tax-free charitable gift
     Prior to this meeting, they hadn’t     He shares that he retired from
     seen one another since 1971            the U.S. navy in 1994, retired         from your IrA to Prep.
                                            from LaUSD as an elementary

     when Frank and ann participated
     in teacher training at Simon           school teacher in 2005, previously
     Fraser University in Vancouver,        pastored churches back east,
     b.C. and Jim came up to visit          and presently works part time
                                            at his hobby of gardening for a
                                                                                         he Pension Protection Act of 2006 permits
     from Seattle.
                                            church in Sun Valley, Ca, and as       taxpayers age 701 to make direct distributions
     1958                                   an independent distributor for
                                            immunotec Research, inc. He and
                                                                                   from a traditional or Roth IRA to a non-profit
     arTHur Bode shared, “Having                                                   organization, such as Flintridge Prep, while exclud-
     retired from a career in real estate   Karen enjoy cruising alaska, Ha-
     appraising and developing in           waii, and the Mexican Riviera. His     ing the distribution from their gross income. The
     1988, i have entertained myself by     recollections of Prep are vivid and    law was extended this past October and is in effect
     flying my Cessna airplane around       fond, and include several teach-
                                            ers as well as classmate davId
                                                                                   through December 31, 2009. The maximum distri-
     the country, taking motor home
     trips, playing tennis, and doing       BoGen.                                 bution allowed is $100,000 per taxpayer per year.
                                                                                      Please consider making a charitable IRA
      1958                                                                         rollover to Prep. Consult your tax advisor about
                                                                                   how a charitable gift from your IRA will impact
                                                                                   you. Your gift can make a difference to Flintridge
                                                                                   Prep and make a difference in your taxes!
                                                                                      For more information about a charitable
                                                                                   IRA rollover or other ways to help secure Prep’s
                                                                                   future, please contact Yuki Jimbo, Director of
                                                                                   Development, at (818) 949-5524 or by email:
                                                                            1958                                    1958

    BruCe laWrenCe’s most             he started a private school in
enjoyable job was with allied         Ojai. Once it was up and running
Signal, where he designed the         he started working for State Farm
computer controller hardware and      insurance from which he eventu-
wrote all the software for a small    ally retired. He spent a month in
autonomous torpedo designed to        new Zealand and enjoys golf, fly
destroy both moored and bottom        fishing, hiking, and exploring Ca.
mines. He later worked for Cobe       Jay shares this message: “To my
Cardiovascular, where he devel-       classmates who benefited from a
oped and patented the pump            pretty good educational program:
software for a blood profusion        Do whatever you can for this          staff, students, and parents) have      naval Reserve association, naval
machine. He is currently a Senior     exceptional school, which today       flourished under the enlightened        institute, and naval War College
Software engineer for echoStar        lies on the foundation of what we     leadership of Peter bachmann.           Foundation, and he helps the
Technology. He and his wife of 32     had 50 years ago.”                    The future is very bright!”             Phoenix Sister Cities and the local
years live in Colorado where his          alden mossHammer                      KenT sanTelman describes            church member service club.
hobbies are reading, 4-wheeling,      has authored three books: The         his work life as having “way more           after attending yale and
and taking care of his 2.3 acres of   Chronicle of Eusebius and Greek       variety than reasonable but a fun       brown, BIll sTorK held many
land. although he enjoys Hawaii       Chronographic Tradition (Lewis-       ride. Finally became a teacher in       exciting positions from coast to
so much that he has visited 28        burg 1979); Ecloga Chrono-            ’96 and, for the first time, actually   coast, ranging from teaching
times and he is teaching himself      graphica Georgii Syncelli (Leipzig    like what i am doing.” He served        math, developing an east asian
the language, his favorite trip was   1984); and The Easter Computus        as a Captain in the Marine Corps        honors program, becoming dean
taking two boy Scouts to Truk         and the Origins of The Christian      for two Vietnam Tours in 1966           of students at brown, to becom-
Lagoon and living on a dive boat      Era (inpress, Oxford 2008). alden,    and 1967. For 20 years he taught        ing the Director of Studies at
for a week. They dove around          now retired, was a Professor of       mountaineering for the Sierra           Marlborough. He then became
ship-wrecks and sunken planes         History for the University of Ca,     Club and he still enjoys backpack-      head of the math department at
from WWii.                            San Diego from 1972-2003. Prior       ing. With three children and two        Polytechnic, and later moved to
    denny maTTHeW is married          to 1972, he taught Classics and       grandchildren, he and his wife          asia to work on a math program
with two children and two grand-      Latin at various schools.             keep busy, especially with their        for highly gifted local Chinese
sons, and the entire family resides                                         17 year old, who is on two soccer       students. He remains in asia,
in the same zip code in arizona.      1958                                  teams. He recalls that “Daddy           faithfully volunteering for yale,
When taking a break from being                                              Denniston actually got me to like       and in 2001 helped chair their
a principal at Cavan Real estate                                            english” (which he now teaches          300th anniversary for alumni in
investments, Denny and his wife                                             at Carson High School). Denny           asia. His children are even busier
enjoy monthly trips to Rocky                                                Matthew hosting Grad night is           than he, and travel increasingly
Point, Mexico, and annual visits to                                         another fond memory.                    occupies his non-teaching time.
Maui, Hi. He also volunteers at a
civic club promoting folklore and                                           1958                                    1958
legends of the Southwest.


                                          JoHn romer lives in
                                      Pasadena where he owns Romer                                                      From 1964-1970, davId sTu-
                                      insurance agency, which pro-                                                  erWald served in the army as
                                      vides life insurance and financial                                            Staff Sergeant. He then spent 30
                                      services. John served two terms       With 26 years combined active           years with ibM and always looked
                                      on the board of Trustees at           and reserve service in the navy,        forward to going to work. as the
   Jay mIdGley taught english         Flintridge Prep. His volunteer        marTy sours retired with rank           programming manager for the
as a second language and U.S.         activities also include working       of Captain. He earned his PhD in        first ibM — PC, he had the op-
History in Los angeles before be-     with the boy Scouts, chairing their   international Relations and asian
                 coming a bond        Golf Tournament for five years,       Studies, and pursued a career           1958
                 Underwriter. He      and Harambee Ministries, serving      with Thunderbird School of Glob-
                 and his fam-         youth in northwest Pasadena. His      al Management, which includes
                 ily moved to         reflections on Prep include sports,   overseas teaching and research
                 england for two      student government, and Leroy         in Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, and
                 years to study       Smith who he describes as “one        China. He is married with two
                 a system of          of the finest teachers i’ve ever      grown children; he volunteers as a
                 education; upon      had.” His recent experience with      board Member for the California
                 returning to Ca,     Prep inspired him to declare, “it     alumni association, he is a Life
                                      has been a delight to personally      Member of the navy League,
                                      observe how the school (faculty,
20      alumni nEWs

                                                                                  1965                                   1968
     portunity to work with bill Gates.                                           after his third attempt at retire-     rICHard GIesBreT (pictured
     after retiring, he worked as a                                               ment, BruCe BroWn was of-              below) shares, “i've been keeping
     substitute math teacher and also                                             fered the interim head men's and       busy with family, friends, including
     voluntarily tutored middle school                                            women's swim coach position at         erIC BerG and BoB rIGdon,
     kids with learning challenges. His     in his 3rd year as Performing arts
                                                                                  Pomona College. He will be filling     and work. My parents have been
     volunteerism also included work        Facilitator for the elliott County
                                                                                  in for a year and then will turn the   battling the usual depredations
     for the local baptist mission and      Schools, where he retired in 1998
                                                                                  wheel over to the winner of the        of old age. after a year of chemo
     rebuilding homes in Mississippi        after 24 years of teaching 5th
                                                                                  national search. bruce writes, “i      and surgery, my mother lost
     after Katrina. He and his wife have    Grade and High School. now he
                                                                                  hope all is well at Prep!”             the battle about a year ago;
     camped most of the US and have         is very much enjoying working
                                                                                      Byron CoaTes shares, “it           my father is in slow decline with
     cruised europe, asia, and africa.      with staff who were former stu-
                                                                                  has been 16 years now since            more classical age-related prob-
     He recalls the lesson, “a poor         dents of his. The school has a new
                                                                                  retiring from the military and         lems. both have required a lot of
     workman blames his tools,” which       Performing arts Center that seats
                                                                                  moving to the Pacific northwest.       assistance. not much of a traveler,
     Robert Jardine espoused in wood        318 for a system of 1,200 students
                                                                                  i’m biased of course, but this         but recently visited Vancouver,
     shop and drafting. He uses what        K-12.
                                                                                  really is a beautiful part of the      Toronto, Hawaii, new york, and
     he learned every day as he works           BoB Immler ’62, sent in the
                                                                                  world to live in. My second career,    the usual local trips to SF and
     in his own shop building furniture     photograph of Joel sHapIro
                                                                                  which is more of a hobby, is well      Vegas, for better or worse. i still
     for his family, including a crib       and Joel’s daughter, sHaron
                                                                                  developed and keeping me               find Canada, my home country,
     that his son and three grandkids       ’03, at a car show at the Gene
                                                                                  entertained. i guess as we all get     very appealing and the people,
     have used. He also recalls, James      autry Museum in Griffith Park.
                                                                                  older we wonder what interesting       generally gracious. i’ve been
     Wood “got the best out of every        They are standing in front of
                                                                                  things our classmates have gotten      a very busy officeholder in our
     one of us — he made us believe         Joel’s Stutz.
                                                                                  themselves into, their areas of        West Hollywood neighborhood
     we could win at everything if we                                             expertise, contributions to society    association and remain a regular
     put out a 100% effort.”                                                      and a better world. i thoroughly       concert subscriber with the La
         Jon WeaTHerWax began                                                     enjoy reading in PrepTalk news         Phil [this is my 25th year] and busy
     his advertising career in San                                                of my fellow classmates but also       theater-goer [La has a thriving
     Francisco and became a partner                                               reading about alums in gen-            and remarkable group of "off-
     at TMF, the largest promotion/                                               eral. What a great institution it’s    broadway" type theatrical com-
     advertising agency in the west.                                              proven to be over the years and        panies]. in the past, i envied new
     He opened an ad agency, Lewis                                                what a difference it’s made in so      yorkers for their arts community,
     & Partners, in 1985 and left as                                              many lives… My best to all.”           but now we have some wonderful
     president 13 years later to begin      1960
                                                                                                                         cultural resources. i am consider-
     consulting. now retired from the                                             1965                                   ing a move to the desert in the
     advertising business, he enjoys
     renovating homes in nevada
                                            1962                                                                         not too distant future. We are
                                            BoB Immler and Ken payne                                                     keeping busy at our firm, Hablin-
     and California. He and his wife of                                                                                  ski + Manion architecture. Our
                                            ’63 met up at the bonneville Salt
     40 years have two children and                                                                                      work tends toward a historically
                                            Flats in Utah for the automobile
     grandchildren, all of whom spend                                                                                    broader, traditional style, though
                                            Speed Trials. (Ken on the left, bob
     a lot of time at their get-away                                                                                     we have some modern projects,
                                            on the right)
     cabin at Donner Lake in Truckee,
     Ca, where he enjoys driving his                                              1967                                   including one from the office of
                                                                                                                         Mies Van der Rohe. Representa-
     1942 WW2 Jeep, skiing, and             1962                                  in november 2007, JoHn
                                                                                                                         tive imagery is on our website
     relaxing.                                                                    Covell transferred (after 111/2
                                                                                  years) from the U.S. Postal
                                                                                                                         Despite appearances, our proj-
     1959 & 1960                                                                  Service to the U.S. Department
                                                                                                                         ects are usually quite a challenge
                                                                                  of Transportation/Federal
                                                                                                                         and our clientele, rather unusual,
      50th       dAtE tBd                                                         aviation administration, where
                                                                                  he now has a position as a
                                                                                                                         intriguing people. i have recently
                                                                                                                         been focusing on residential
                                                                                  Labor Relations Specialist in the
                                                                                                                         projects in beverly Hills-Holmby
     FranK olson and JIm Bry-                                                     national LR Policy and Programs
                                                                                                                         Hills, Hawaii and Los altos (Silicon
     anT ’57 reconnected over the                                                 Division at Faa Headquarters.
                                                                                                                         Valley area). best wishes to all.”
     summer in Kentucky, where Frank                                              Personally, he is nearly two years
     currently lives with his wife, ann.                                          into his second marriage, and
     Prior to this meeting, they hadn’t                                           “it is the best thing since sliced     1968
     seen one another since 1971                                                  bread. We own more real prop-
     when Frank and ann participated                                              erty than might be prudent (in
     in teacher training at Simon                                                 hindsight), but at least we have
     Fraser University in Vancouver,                                              excellent tenants in the ones
     b.C., and Jim came up from             1964                                  we are not occupying ourselves.
     Seattle to visit. Frank is currently                                         Life is good!”
                                             45th       SAVE tHE dAtE
                                             reunion    April 25, 2009

                                      doanE m. loWEry sociEty mEmbEr
 40th           SAVE tHE dAtE
 reunion        April 25, 2009
                                      Kerstin Johnson ’96

1972                                  The Doane M. Lowery Society, created in 2005, recognizes
rICHard deToy and his wife,           those in the Prep community who include Prep in their
Mindi, were married on august 8       estate plans. Kerstin Johnson ’96 is a founding member of
at Doheny beach and are happily       the Lowery Society.
settled in San Juan Capistrano.
For the past three years, Richard
                                      Kerstin Johnson is currently our youngest member
has been working as a general
manager of a health care spe-         of the Doane Lowery Society. With two degrees
cialty executive search firm based    from Stanford and others from Santa Clara Univer-
in irvine.
                                      sity and San Jose State University, Kerstin works as        Kerstin Johnson ’96
    TIm porTWood took early
retirement from Stanford after        an Intervention Specialist with students in grades
more than 21 years in the Office      K-5 for the Cupertino Union School District in
of Development. He is now a
                                      Northern California.
Senior Consultant with Marts &                                                                    “There was not a
Lundy, working out of his home
office in San Francisco, (and thus    Kerstin attended Flintridge Prep from 7th grade             pressure to succeed,
reducing his carbon footprint!),
and building a practice that
                                      through 12th grade and feels it is a special and            but there was a
                                      unique place: “It’s about student-teacher relation-
includes colleges and universi-
ties, environmental organizations,
                                                                                                  pressure to be my
                                      ships. They inspire you.” In seventh grade, English
independent schools, and
                                      teacher Irwin Russo, "challenged me to think                best. I was not
                                      outside the box, and refused to tell me what the            expected to get
1974                                  'right answers' were. Mr. Russo challenged me to            an A on every paper
 35th           SAVE tHE dAtE         be someone I did not know I could be.” Kerstin
                                                                                                  or on every exam,
 reunion        April 25, 2009        also says teachers at Flintridge Prep respect stu-
                                      dents enough to openly debate them: “they let               but I was expected
1975                                  you in to their approach—and admit when they are            to be a good moral
                                      wrong. You know your teacher’s passions—and not
attorney marK GeraGos
participated in the Flintridge Prep
                                                                                                  person, and a hard-
                                      just about the subjects they teach." This openness
Career Day assembly on October
                                      influenced her approach to teaching.                        working, intellectual
1979                                  The Johnson family has always practiced charitable
                                      giving and supporting education. Kerstin says, “It’s
 30th           SAVE tHE dAtE
                                      what we do!” She feels she was fortunate to have
 reunion        April 25, 2009
                                      the opportunity to attend Flintridge Prep—an out-
                                      standing institution—and wanted to give back, so
CHrIs sloman moved from               she included the school in her estate plan. “Prep
Ca to Hendersonville, nC (20          is an important part of who I am; it’s important to
miles south of asheville) in June
                                      remember where I came from.”
’08. He shares, “it is a much
slower, family-oriented small town
lifestyle. We are in the blue Ridge   Individuals who take the step to include Flintridge Prep
mountains with hundreds of wa-        in their estate plans and notify the school by June 30,
terfalls and rivers.”                 2009, will be honored as founding members of the Lowery
                                      Society. For more information, please contact Yuki Jimbo,
                                      Director of Development at (818) 949-5524 or yjimbo@
                                                                                                                        doane m. lowery
22      alumni nEWs

     1981                                   My husband, Jim, continues to
                                            practice gastroenterology. We are
                                                                                                                        20 hours a week was an interest-
                                                                                                                        ing juggling act (i tip my hat to
     KIp FreyTaG and her spouse
                                            doing well and love to hear about                                           those who did it with a family).
     went on a five week family trip to
                                            all of you!”                                                                Several years ago i received my
     europe to visit friends and family.
                                                                                                                        state contractors license in electri-
     “Some of our friends we hadn't
     seen for 14 years, and one of
                                            1984                                                                        cal. This has been my bread and
                                                                                                                        butter for the last ten years, but
     our relatives we had last seen 16
     years ago. Time passes quickly          25th       SAVE tHE dAtE                                                   i'm looking into something a little
                                             reunion    April 25, 2009                                                  different. i have planned sev-
     so we will try to do another visit
                                                                                                                        eral events up here on the north
     sooner than this one ended up
     being. We went to five different       eIleen Curren Wallo said,                                                   Coast and have an interest in lo-
                                            “i’ve never been a runner. i used                                           gistics. My 3-5 year plan is to work
     countries as our friends and fam-
                                            to cry when coach Logi would try       i also got to be on the sand to      for a disaster relief organization
     ily are spread out quite a bit. We
                                            to get me to run around the foot-      watch the medal ceremonies for       both domestically and internation-
     have two different sets of british
                                            ball field without stopping. So,       our beach volleyball team.”          ally. TrenT "lInGuInI" valvo
     friends, met in other countries,
                                            when the youngest of my friends            CHrIs HuGHes reports:            says hi, but is way too busy for
     not their own, family and friends
                                            announced that for her 40th            “My family and i moved to St.        idle chit-chat (don't ask).”
     in Germany and italy, and friends
     in Denmark and Switzerland.            birthday we were all going to run      Paul, Minnesota this past sum-
     Our German visits allowed us to        a half-marathon, i laughed out         mer. after 16 years in semi-rural    1987
     practice our rusty German, and by      loud. However, this particular race    Maryland and very rural Virginia,    donna sCaramasTra
     the end, we were just getting into     was in Santa barbara and far be it     we love being back in a city! i      Gorman and her family (see
     the swing of it.”                      for me to skip anything that ends      am now the high school principal     below) just finished up their first
                                            in wine tasting. Well, we trained      at St. Paul academy and Sum-         year of their three-year tour in
     1983                                   for a couple of months and i
                                            learned how to run (more like a
                                                                                   mit School (SPa), which is a K-12
                                                                                   school of about 900 students.
                                                                                                                        beijing, China — “my husband
                                                                                                                        is assigned to the embassy here.
     paula mCCullouGH BoWn
                                            shuffle if we’re being honest), and    My wife, Farida, is an artist with   in May, we welcomed our fourth
     shares, “We still live in St.
                                            four of my friends and i finished      a studio in Minneapolis. Our         baby, ainsley, into the world. ain-
     George, UT where we would wel-
                                            13.1 miles in our goal time of two     children (Jordan, 11 and Leah, 10)   sley joins two year old sister Kyra,
     come visits from classmates trav-
                                            and a half hours! if Locke and         are both enrolled at SPa, so they    five year old brother aidan, and
     eling through. Our oldest daugh-
                                            Logi could see me now…”                have to put up with their dad, the   eight year old brother Shay. in
     ter, Sarah, started her first year
                                                                                   principal, all the time!”            my spare time, i’ve been working
     of college this year at byU. She
     is having the time of her life and     1986                                       erIC mCdonald (pictured          rather sporadically as a freelance
     is enjoying everything about it.       B.J. HoepTner evans shares,            below) graduated this summer         writer and studying Chinese.
                                            “i worked my third Olympic             from Humboldt State University       needless to say, i’m a bit busy
     elizabeth is a junior at Dixie High
                                            Games in august in beijing and         with a business degree. “back in     over here in beijing.”
     and has a challenging schedule.
     She and Peter, who is a freshman,      found myself caught in one of          2004, i was ten grand in debt and
     are both doing exceptionally well.     the biggest stories of the Games       decided it was time to face the      1987
     Caroline is in 6th grade, Grace is     when the in-laws of our U.S. Men’s     music. by the summer of 2005, i
     in 4th grade, and my baby, Mar-        indoor volleyball team’s coach         was completely out of debt and
     tha, is five and started kindergar-    were attacked at the bell Tower.       found myself pondering HSU
     ten this year. it has been a huge      it was a stressful time but a learn-   across the street: ‘Was it time to
     change for me but i somehow            ing experience as well and i was       go back to school?’ i applied in
     remain very busy. all the kids take    overjoyed to be able to be on the      2006 and began a five semester
     piano and have been selected to        floor when our U.S. Men’s Team         assault up the mountain. Four
     play in the State Recital this year.   won the Olympic gold medal.            classes a semester and working
                                                                                                                        HeaTHer sWIFT nordell
                                                                                                                        started a new business, Cohabi-
     1983                                                                                                      1986
                                                                                                                        tats, after finishing two years of in-
                                                                                                                        tensive wilderness, naturalist, and
                                                                                                                        animal tracking training at the
                                                                                                                        Wilderness awareness School.
                                                                                                                        The mission of her company is “to
                                                                                                                        foster a healthy balance between
                                                                                                                        human and wild habitats. We
                                                                                                                        integrate sustainable design and
                                                                                                                        conservation principles within
                                                                                                                        land changing projects, as well
                                                                                                                        as offer education programs that
                                                                                                                        promote long-term land steward-
                                                                                                                        ship.” She and her husband, ben
                                                                                                                        Kaufman, live and work in Seattle,
                                                                                                                        where they have a fabulous
                                                                                                                        community and are very active in

green and sustainability issues.
“We are currently working on
                                        1991                                   Jason maCneIl and his
                                        noelle dorman would like
converting our garage into my art                                              wife, Jennifer, just had their first
                                        to get classmates together for a
studio. i can’t wait!”                                                         daughter, Kirra, on July 2. Jason
                                        viewing of the class of ’91 Junior
                                                                               is the Director of audio Visuals       Cara develops products for
                                        Parent Dinner video. if interested,
1989                                    email her at proudnoelle@yahoo.
                                                                               at the Four Seasons Wailea, and        Trader Joe’s, which is where she
                                                                               enjoys spending time surfing and       met andy.
 20th        SAVE tHE dAtE                                                     hanging at the beach with family           KImBerly Krell
 reunion     April 25, 2009
                                        1992                                   and friends. He can be reached at
                                                                                                                      o’Connell wrote, “On July
                                        danIelle Barr perrIGue and                                                    28, 2008, my husband, Colin
evan WIneT just moved from                                                                                            O’Connell, and i celebrated the
                                        Matthew Perrigue were married
Saint Paul, Minnesota, where he
                                        last summer in Santa Monica.
                                                                               1993                                   birth of our first child, Catherine
was teaching at Macalester Col-                                                dIana JoHnsTone CHIlders               ann O’Connell. We currently
                                        Classmates amy sKIFF massIno
lege, to a new position teaching                                               and her husband, Richard, wel-         live in Marin,
                                        and roByn asHFord medIna
theatre history at the University of                                           comed daughter Kiley nicole,           Ca and
                                        were bridesmaids in the wedding.
Pittsburgh.                                                                    who was born on October 8.             love being
                                        Danielle is currently working in
                                                                               big brother Luke (almost three         parents.”
                                        the Department of european art                                                                               1996
1990                                    at The Huntington Library and
                                                                               years old) is excited but disap-
damon aldrICH shares: “Hav-             is expecting her first child at the
                                                                               pointed because she sleeps all             KaTy TuCKer sTeInKraus
ing fun with life. Our little girl,                                            of the time! Diana is still working    and her husband, Jeff, are “proud
                                        end of October.
autumn, will be two years old on                                               at UCSD’s Medical Center as a          to announce the birth of our
September 21. We spend lots of                                                 Hospitalist.                           daughter, Kara Lynn Steinkraus!
time at California adventure’s “a                                                                                     She was born healthy and strong
bug’s Life,” and at home in Palos                                              1993                                   on October 6. She joins her cous-
Verdes, Ca. Shelley and i both                                                                                        ins (sons of roBerT TuCKer
work for Toyota’s national Head-                                                                                      ’93) as part of the next genera-
quarters in Torrance. We keep in                                                                                      tion from proud Prep alums!
                  touch with roB
                  BaumGarTen                                                                                          1996
                  and his family,
                  but if any other
                  alums are in the
                  area, we’d love to
                  reunite (especially                                          1994
 1990             those with kids!).”
                                                                                15th       SAVE tHE dAtE
                                                                                reunion    April 25, 2009
maTT BoGaard participated
in the Flintridge Career Day as-
sembly on October 16. Matt is                                                  CasKey dICKson and his wife,
a detective with the San Marino                                                Leslie, celebrated the birth of
Police Department.                      GIannI CHeCa and his wife,             their fourth child, alexander Fran-
    KrIs roBerTs is a Senior            ashley, are proud to welcome           cis, in august. alexander joins        1997
Game Designer with Rockstar             Finley alessandra into their family.   big brothers, William and Connor,      CorInne TanG Taylor and
Games. He recently returned             Finley was born on July 17, 2008.      and big sister, Lainy ann.             her husband, Daniel, welcomed
to campus to participate in the         They are currently living in Den-                                             their first baby, Chloe Kimiko
Flintridge Prep Career Day as-          ver, CO where Gianni is working        1994                                   Tang Taylor, on June 4, 2008.
sembly (see below).                     as an anesthesiologist.

                                                                               Cara lee Gardner married
                                                                               andrew William bates on august
                                                                               16, 2008 at bella Victorian Vine-
                                                                               yard in Camarillo. The bridal party
                                                                               included classmates perrIn
                                                                               sTITICK BIorKman, JaneT
                                                                               KIm, emIly Wada, JoHn
                                                                               Gardner ’95, andrea man-
                                                                               della ’97, and JaCquelIne
                                                                               epley ’97.

     alumni sports day

     On December 19, alumni ath-
     letes came out in full force to
     take on the current Varsity teams
     in Boys Basketball, Girls Bas-
     ketball, Coed Water Polo, and
     Coed Soccer. A special celebra-
     tion was held during the boys’
     basketball halftime to acknowl-
     edge Alex Rivera’s 30 year com-
     mitment to Prep Athletics.

                                                  alumni scoreboard
                                                                                     Alumni     Varsity
      a                                           Coed Water Polo                         15        12
                                                  Coed Soccer                              3         2
                                                  Girls Basketball aided by some          44        29
                                                     current varsity players
                                                  Boys Basketball                         58        76

                                                                          B                               C

     Thanksgiving open House
     Many alumni who are in college
     returned to campus the Wednesday
                                                               A. Kate Tucci ’07, Kirstie Jeffries ’07, and
     before Thanksgiving. An enjoyable        d
                                                                  Amber Stover ’07
     morning was spent catching up with
                                                               B. Mark Baker, Xander Berry ’08, Trey
     classmates and former teachers. After
                                                                  Kozacik ’08, Peter Bachmann, and
     the reception alums joined the rest of
                                                                  Hayden Wheatley ’08
     the campus in Norris Auditorium to
                                                               C. Jasmin Varjavand ’07 and Daniel Hurley ’06
     watch the annual JPD assembly.
                                                               D. Lexi Ryan ’08, Sean Kim ’08, and Leanne
                                                                  Free ’08

1998                                                                                                                  a feat that surprised her as much
                                                                                                                      as her family and friends—she
BrIan GeorGe graduated from
                                                                                                                      decided she was up for a change
USC Law in 2005 and began work
                                                                                                                      from life in the big city, and she
as a real estate attorney in Los
                                                                                                                      has followed that feeling all the
angeles. The next year he left
                                                                                                                      way to Hawai'i, where she is
the practice of law to be his own
                                                                                                                      currently pursuing a masters in
boss. He now does real estate
                                                                                                                      english with a concentration in
investment and development. in
                                                                                                                      creative writing from UH Manoa,
august of 2005, he married his
                                                                                                                      which awarded her a quarter-time
college sweetheart, Trish. They
                                                                                                                      faculty appointment with a teach-
had a small wedding at the Ritz
                                                                                                                      ing assistantship. She is enjoying
Carlton Laguna niguel at which
                                                                                                                      being in this beautiful, politically
roBerT CHan was the best
                                                                                                                      charged place as much as she
man. Trish and brian bought their
                                         Top (L-R): Molly Meador, Chris Meador '98, eun Hee Han '99, John             is shocked by the adjustment of
first house in Manhattan beach
                                         Reardon (Former Prep Trustee), Jann Reardon, andrew bogaard '04,             going from living in, arguably, the
                     late in 2007,
                                         David Hudson '02. bottom (L-R): brian Reardon '04, Peter bachmann,           center of the universe (at least
                     and in May
                                         Chris Speetzen, Katie Speetzen '99, neil Reardon '02, Kristen Keen '99       nyphiles believe this), to living on
                     of 2008 they
                                                                                                                      the most isolated land mass on
                     their first-born,
                     Hunter Mason        KrIsTen Keen, davId                    2001                                      BenJamIn WaTT was
                                                                                                                      promoted to the rank of Captain
                     George.             Hudson '02 and andreW                  sTepHen deFazIo emailed to
                                         BoGaard '04. Katie and Chris           say, “On February 22, 2008, i was     on July 5, 2008 while stationed
    roB Henry owns his own
                                         were especially honored that Mr.       commissioned as an ensign in          in iraq. Captain Watt, US army,
video production company,
                                         and Mrs. Peter bachmann were           the United States navy after          graduated from USMa West Point
Carriage House Media, in South
                                         able to attend. in "real" life,        completing twelve long weeks          in 2005. He is with the 3rd battal-
Pasadena. He is currently working
                                         Katie daily channels irwin Russo       of Officer Candidate School           ion, 4th aviation Regiment, Com-
on videos for Hobie, inc and film-
                                         by teaching 7th grade Language         in newport, Ri. after receiving       bat aviation brigade stationed at
ing in north Carolina, Louisiana,
                                         arts/Social Studies/Writing for        my commission, i reported to          Camp Taji, just north of baghdad
australia, and France.
                                         the Chicago Public Schools. Chris      naval aviation School’s Com-          iRaQ. ben is in the midst of a 15
    CHrIs meador served as a
                                         is Portfolio acquisitions Manager      mand in Pensacola, FL to begin        month deployment, and is flying
ceremony reader at the wedding
                                         for arrow Financial Services. Katie    flight training as a naval aviator.   missions several times a week
of KaTIe reardon speeTzen
                                         can be reached at krspeetzen@          Currently, i am in the middle of      while in charge of his blackhawk
’99. (See center column picture.)
                                                            a six-week program, in which we       helicopter company.
1999                                                                            study everything from aerody-
allIson lyzenGa married                  2000                                   namics and aviation meteorology       2001
Jacob Loshin on august 31, 2008.         Guy Henry is a helicopter pilot        to land/water survival and human
Other Prep alums in attendance           with the navy and is deploying         flight physiology. Upon comple-
at the wedding were mICHelle             at the end of this month to patrol     tion of aPi, i will be heading to
BlanCHoT sTeFFens and                    the west coasts of South america       Vance air Force base in Okla-
HeIdI HeCKendorF ’00.                    in search of drug runners and          homa for primary flight training.
                                         pirates. He is assigned to the frig-   Other than that, i am enjoying life
                1999                     ate, USS Rodney M. Davis. They         on the Gulf Coast and bumming
                                         are not going out with a fleet but     around the beach. it’s definitely
                                         are going it "bold and alone."         a good time. i can be reached at
                                         He will be out of the country for”
                                         at least six months.                       Having graduated from nyU         2002
                                             dreW prICKeTT graduated            in fall 2004, anJolI roy worked       neIl reardon was a brides-
                                         from Davidson College in north         as an editor for a small nonprofit    man in his sister, KaTIe rear-
                                         Carolina in 2004 and worked            book publisher, The Feminist          don speeTzen’s ’99, wedding.
                                         for four years in Washington           Press at CUny, for three-and-         davId Hudson was also in
                                         DC at the Corporate executive          a-half years. after successfully      attendance at the event. (See
                                         board. He recently moved back          completing the nyC marathon—          center column picture above.)
                                         to Southern California where
   KaTIe reardon speeTzen                he is living in Santa Monica and
married Chris Speetzen on                attending USC’s Marshall School
august 10, 2008 with a full Prep         of business.
reunion in Chicago. The wed-                 JaneT yavrouIan gradu-                       it’s easy: Donate online
ding party included bridesmen            ated from law school in May of
neIl reardon '02 and BrIan               2007. She is now working in Los          
reardon '04. CHrIs meador                angeles as an associate attorney
'98 served as a ceremony reader          for Gleason & Favarote LLP, which          Prep now accepts American Express and Discover,
and eun Hee Han as a bride's             specializes in labor and employ-                   as well as MasterCard and Visa.
attendant. Guests included               ment law.

     Alumni Receptions                                    PreP                                              melanIe lum currently lives in
                                                                                                            beijing's infamous 798 art district
                                                                                                            and works as the sales director

     chicago                                              reuNioN Day                                       and art fund manager at China
                                                                                                            Visual arts Center. in addition,
                                                          sATurdAY, APril 25, 2009                          she travels around China visiting
     ThursdAY, feBruArY 26, 2009
                                                                                                            and interviewing artists at their
     6:30–8:30 p.m.                                       Classes of ’49, ’54, 64, ’69, ’74,
                                                                                                            studios and attends several
     Location: TBD                                        ’79, ’84, ’89, and ’94                            international art fairs a year. art
     Host: Headmaster Peter Bachmann                      Prep Campus: Time TBD                             Stetson, Director of admissions
                                                                                                            visited Melanie this past summer.

     orange county & san Diego
                                                          Reunion volunteers are wanted!
                                                                                                            See photo below.
                                                          To sign up, contact the Alumni Relations
                                                          Office at 818-949-5526
     sundAY, MArch 15, 2009                                                                                 2003
     4:00–6:00 p.m.
     Location: Balboa Bay Club and Resort

                                                          pRep Golf touRnAment
     Host: Headmaster Peter Bachmann

     Flintridge Preparatory                               MondAY, MAY 4, 2009
     School Benefit                                       La Canada Country Club and Golf Course
                                                          11:00 a.m.–1:15 p.m. Registration
     Rebel with a Cause                                   11:45 a.m. Lunch
                                                          12:30 p.m. Putting Contest                           sHarI quan is, “living the
     sATurdAY, MArch 21, 2009                             1:15 p.m. Shotgun Start                           high life, learning the local lan-
     Universal Studios Hollywood, Globe Theatre           6:00 p.m. Reception/Dinner                        guage, teaching health classes,
     Proceeds to benefit Prep Athletics.                                                                    and eating the tropical fruit in                                  Sponsored by the Fathers Club. Proceeds           Uganda as a Peace Corps Vol-
                                                                                                            unteer in the Community Health
                                                          to benefit the John Plumb ’64 Endowment
                                                                                                            and economic Development
                                                          Fund in support of faculty enrichment
     CLASS OF 1959 & 1960                                                                                   program.”
                                                          programs. For more information, or to

     50-year Reunion
                                                                                                               See Class of 1960 entry for a
                                                          request an invitation if you live outside of      picture of sHaron sHapIro,
                                                          the Southern California Area, contact             and her father, Joel sHapIro
                                                          Barbara Ealy (,          ’60.
                                                          Director of Special Events.
     Location and time: TBD                                                                                 2004
                                                                                                            peTer CHesney graduated
                                                                                                            from Vassar College Phi beta Kap-
                                                                                                            pa with an award for achievement
     Visit Prep at                                                                                          in european history. He spent the
                                                                                                            summer working for the Obama

     Alumni Homepage                                                                                           2004
     Check out the alumni webpages for alumni news and profiles, photographs, and a calendar
     of events. Pictures from past events can be viewed on our Alumni Gallery page (click Alumni >
     Photo Gallery), or on our facebook page,

     Class Notes Wanted
     Submit Class Notes any time to or by phone, 818.949.5526. You may
     also use the online Alumni Information Update form or mail to Jacqueline Epley, Director of Alumni
     Relations, Flintridge Preparatory School, 4543 Crown Avenue, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011, fax
     818.790.7406. Email digital images (JPEG or TIF file format, 300 dpi resolution, size 5x7 inches) or
     send photo prints to Prep’s Office of Alumni Relations. News and photos may be reprinted in Prep-
     Talk and/or our alumni web pages, depending on image quality and space availability.

Campaign raising money by go-
ing door-to-door in the Pasadena
                                      reardon speeTzen’s ’99,
                                      wedding. also in attendance was
                                                                           In Memoriam
area and is currently working as a    classmate andreW BoGaard.
                                                                           Jess Corral, father of Michelle        peTer F. o’BrIen ’80, passed
7th and 9th grade History teacher     (See picture page 25.)
                                                                           Corral ’06, and husband of Dora,       away March 25, 2008 in Redwood
at Prep.                                  JessICa lInden sWIenCK-
                                                                           passed away October 28 from            City from broncho-pnemonia.
    marIKa pIday attended             oWsKI graduated from Vassar
                                                                           pancreatic cancer. Michelle was        after Prep, Peter attended
USC as an undergrad, receiving        College this year with a major in
                                                                           able to spend time away from           Stanford University, where he
her b.a. in british Literature. now   neuroscience and behavior and
                                                                           nyU to be with him at home. His        received his degree in political
she is getting her masters at USC,    a minor in Molecular biology.
                                                                           memorial service was held on           science. He is survived by his
where she is an annenberg Fel-        She received both General Hon-
                                                                           Friday, October 31 at San Marino       father, Frank, mother, Gwyn,
low in Critical Studies at the USC    ors and Departmental Honors,
                                                                           Community Church.                      brothers, Ron and arthur, sisters,
School of Cinematic arts.             and was selected to be a mem-
                                                                                                                  Carolyn and Rosemary, and
    BrIan reardon was a               ber of Phi beta Kappa as well as
                                                                           douG erBes ’63, passed away            nephews, Hayden, Max, ethan,
bridesman in his sister, KaTIe        Sigma Xi. She was the recipient
                                                                           May 24th, 2008 in Pacifica, Ca.        and alexander.
                                      of the 2008 Phi beta Kappa prize
                                                                           Doug raised Charlois cattle in
                                      for Vassar College as well as
                                                                           Whitefish, MT until his family         WInIFred WalKer, mother
                                      the neuroscience and behavior
                                                                           moved the ranch to California,         of Card Walker ‘77, and grand-
                                      Departmental Prize. She will be
                                                                           where Doug met his wife, Rusty         mother of Dylan Walker ’08 and
                                      spending the next year assisting
                                                                           Stansberry. He spent the last 35       Miles ’98 and Marcus ’01 Gaede
                                      in the administration of the
                                                                           years raising a family, quarter        passed away on September 29.
                                      Writing Center at Swarthmore
                                                                           horses, and cattle in Windsor, as      She was the wife of former Disney
                                      College before going on to
                                                                           well as operating a small fence        chairman and CeO Card Walker,
                                      pursue a degree in Medicine.
                                                                           business. He is survived by his        and was a philanthropist and a
                                          KaTIe vane graduated Phi
                                                                           children, Jason and Jolene, and        community organizer. She served
                                      beta Kappa from Vassar College
                                                                           sisters, Wendy erbes and Denise        as Mother’s Club president, and
                                      and won an award for achieve-
                                                                           Chandler.                              also avidly supported Descanso
                                      ment in creative writing. She
                                                                                                                  Gardens, Verdugo Hills Hospital,
                                      wrote a post-apocalyptic novella
                                                                           JoHn ClayTon FaHs ’58,                 and Hillside Learning Center.
                                      about children as her senior
                                                                           passed away July 12, 2008. John        Winnie is survived by sisters,
                                                                           attended Stanford University,          Caoline Pierce and Joyce bates,
                                                                           and became the President of Cali-      three children, and five grand-
   a FamIlIar                         2005                                 fornia Panel & Veneer Company.         children.
                                      it’s official! Jordan sHarpe
   reTurn                             and HeaTHer CHeTIan
                                                                           He enjoyed fishing and spending
                                                                           time on his boat Sonrisas. He is       Taylor WalKer ’03, passed
                                      enthusiastically announce their      survived by his wife, ella, daugh-
   Anne Wullschlager ’97                                                                                          away august 25, 2008 in Pasa-
                                      engagement. They will marry          ter, Leslie, and sister, Kathleen.     dena. a memorial was held at
   returns to Prep as the             June 27, 2009 at the Sharpe
                                                                                                                  Flintridge Prep, which allowed
   Director of Publications,          Family Ranch. included in the        Ben davIs massey Jr. ’49,              former classmates, friends, and
                                      bridal party are alI WolTer,
   replacing Mel Malmberg,                                                 passed away on august 10, 2008         teachers to share their warm
                                      saraH WolFe, and Jenny               at his home in San Marino. He
   who remains busy with                                                                                          memories and mourn Taylor’s
                                      sInClaIr ’04.                        attended Occidental College and        passing together. He is survived
   her writing career. Anne
                                                                           then went on the get his MD from       by his father, Gary, and mother,
   attended Colby College             2005                                 USC. Specializing in Urology, he       Suzanne.
   where she received her                                                  eventually opened up a practice            Taylor was an accomplished
   B.A. in English, and is                                                 with his father in Pasadena, where     student with a deep passion for
                                                                           he remained for many years. He         history. in light of this, a Taylor
   currently finishing an MA
                                                                           enjoyed taking trips to Catalina       Walker Memorial Fund has been
   in literary cultural studies                                            and rowing in his wherry. He is sur-   established, which will be used to
   from UC San Diego. After                                                vived by his wife, Linda, daughter,    support financial aid for a student
                                                                           Sarah, son, ben Massey, iii, and       who excels in history. To make
   teaching for five years in
                                      2006                                 granddaughters, Marie, Camille,        a contribution, you may contact
   San Diego and Pasadena,            JoHn mIlInovICH was one              eleanor, Clara, and Madeleine,         yuki Jimbo, Director of Develop-
   Anne is happy to recon-            of 30 students accepted into         and brother, John.                     ment, at 818.949.5524 or yjimbo@
   nect with Flintridge, as           UCLa’s new architecture Pro-
                                      gram. “Mr. Oderkirk played a big
   well as fill a new role in
                                      role in helping me get into the
   a school community.                program by giving me invaluable
   She can be reached at              critiques and suggestions that
   awullschlager@                     led me in the right direction.” in
                                      addition, John is also pursuing a
                                      minor in accounting.

     include prep i n your es tat e p l a n

     Become a founding member
     of the Lowery Society!

     Flintridge Preparatory School established the
     Doane M. Lowery Society in 2005 to recognize
     individuals who remember the school in their estate
     plans or through other deferred giving arrangements.

     Named for Flintridge Prep’s founder and first
     president, the Society perpetuates Lowery’s legacy and
     commitment to excellence and student development.
     Individuals who take the step to include Flintridge Prep
     in their estate plans, and notify the school by June 30,
     2009, will be honored as founding members of the
     Lowery Society.

     To make a lasting contribution to Flintridge Prep,
     please contact Yuki Jimbo, Director of Development,
     at 818.949.5524 or
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                                                         Art Stetson, Director of Admissions
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                                                         Jacqueline Epley ’97, Director of Alumni Relations
                                                         Anne Wullschlager ’97, Director of Publications
                                                         Tom Fry, Web Manager

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                                                         college experience, a lifelong embrace of
Cover pHoTo                                              education, a devotion to community, and a full
The cover photo for this issue of PrepTalk was           and responsible life.
created as a group project in Mr. Bradley’s advanced
photography class. After receiving the quotation
and general publication guidelines, students began              PrepTalk is printed on paper which
brainstorming in search of conceptual and visual                includes post consumer fiber.
solutions. After consensus was reached, the elements
were brought together for a “shoot” that took place
during a single class period. The background photo
(projected on a screen behind the students) was
chosen from Prep’s archives to illustrate the link
between inventions (and students) of the past and
present. The viewer is left to imagine the future that
is being created on the computer screen.

Participating students: Joel Bryant ’09, Maguire
Haigh ’09, Gus Herrera ’09, Michael Stanton ’09,
JT Treadwell ’09, James Vandeventer ’09, Hannah
Warde ’11, Madison Zeller ’09

Students pictured, from left to right: Madison Zeller
’09, Joel Bryant ’09, James Vandeventer ’09
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                                                   WINTER 2009

                                     Flintridge Preparatory School

                                   The best way
                                   to predict
                                   the future is
                                   to invent it.
                                                      —Alan Kay


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