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									"Energy Saving Tips on Lighting Problems"

Three primary considerations when designing and specifying a lighting system are:

   1. Selection of the most efficient light source possible in order to minimize power costs
      and energy consumption.
   2. Matching the proper lamp type to the intended work task or aesthetic application,
      consistent with color, brightness control and other requirements.
   3. Establishing adequate light levels to maintain productivity, improve security and
      increase safety.

In the tables below is a partial listing of recommended minimum foot-candle levels
established by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) for various commercial, industrial,
institutional and recreational tasks.

Note: Outdoor task or applications or noted by bolder type.

            10 footcandles             20 footcandles               30 footcandles
                                    Corridors                    Rough Assembly easy
         Concourses                 Stairways                 seeing
         Freight Cars               Elevators                    Reading good printed
                                                                 Rest rooms
                                   Swimming                      Ship fabricating
         Service Station Ent.    exhibitions
       Drive                       Loading & Freight            Buildings med. dark
         Football Field          Docks                        surfaces, bright
         Baseball Outfield         Active Storage yard        surroundings.
                                                                Tennis Tournament

            50 foot candles           70 foot candles             100 foot candles
          Rough                    Reading , pen or soft        Reading hard pencil
       assembly,diffucult seeing pencil                         Active filing
          Rough                    Intermittent filing          Mail sorting
       bench&machine work          Folding textiles             Medium
          Bank lobbies                                        bench&machine work
          Ordinary Inspection                                   Indoor Tennis
                                                                Car repairing
         Buildings: dark                                        Fine painting
       bright surroundings                                    Store:merchandise,service
                                                       Football - major

     150 footcandles            200 footcandles          500 footcandles
   Bookkeeping               Detailed drafting        Fine bench & machine
   Accounting                Store merchandise,     work
   Bank teller stations   self serve areas            Store feature displays
   Posting and               Sheet metal scribing     Jewelry&watch
keypunching                                         manufacturing
   Reading poor              League Baseball          Fine automatic
reproductions             infield                   machines

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