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									  FR JEFFREY DOBBS                                                                Saint Anthony, Westbrook
    309 W Lake Ave                                                             Immaculate Heart of Mary, Currie
    Fulda MN 56131                                                                   Saint Gabriel, Fulda

Saturday Evening_______________        5:00     Nov 21     Ed Hedrick†_____________________          Saint Gabriel Church
Sunday Morning______________           8:00     Nov 22     Cyril & Jason Gieselman†                  Saint Gabriel Church
Sunday Morning______________           9:45     Nov 22     Barney & Caroline Kremer________          Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sunday Morning______________          11:30     Nov 22     Parishioners                              Saint Anthony Church

Monday ___                                      Nov 23     No Mass
Tuesday Morning                       10:15     Nov 24     Warren Kerr †                             Maple Lawn Nursing Home
Wednesday Morning                      8:00     Nov 25     Ray Kastner †                             Saint Anthony Church
Thursday Morning____________           9:30     Nov 26     Eric Schreier† (Thanksgiving Mass)        Immaculate Heart of Mary
Friday Morning________________         8:00     Nov 27     Bill Neyens † ____________________        Saint Gabriel Church

Saturday Evening_____________          5:00     Nov 28     Vincent Tennessen †______________         Saint Gabriel Church
Sunday Morning______________           8:00     Nov 29     Leo Crowley †                             Saint Gabriel Church
Sunday Morning______________           9:45     Nov 29     Gene Speth †____________________          Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sunday Morning______________          11:30     Nov 29     Parishioners                              Saint Anthony Church

                                         SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION
                                            Saturdays at 4:30 pm – St. Gabriel
                                            Sundays at 7:30 a.m. – St. Gabriel
                                            ADORATION AT ST. GABRIEL
                  First Friday of Every Month at 8:30 am and Benediction at 12:00 pm. All are Welcome!
                                                 9:00-9:30 am Confessions
                                                   9:30-10:00 Daily Mass
                                          10:00-11:00 am Eucharistic Adoration
                                           Advent Communal Penance Services:
                                                  Sunday December 6th:
                                              --2:00pm at St. Anthony’s, Westbrook
                                                      --3:45pm at IHM, Currie
                                                  --7:00pm at St. Gabriel’s, Fulda

                                               A Note from Father Jeff
Greetings to all!
          This weekend I will be at the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) in Kansas City with youth from our parish
cluster. It is sure to be a blessed experience. We have six charter busses full of youth from our Diocese attending the
          Please welcome Fr. Andy Olsem to our parishes this weekend. He is newly retired, but is as active as ever. We
thank him for his generous service to the Church for over 40 years.
          Next weekend Fr. Greg Schaeffer from the San Lucas Mission in Guatemala will be coming to join us for the
weekend Masses. He will be sharing with us some information on the Mission, which is run by the Diocese of New Ulm. We
will be taking up a second collection at the Masses to assist with the work of the Mission.
                          Have a great week!
                                    Fr. Jeff

                            Father Greg Schaffer will be visiting the cluster parishes of St. Gabriel, Fulda, IHM, Currie and St.
                            Anthony, Westbrook the weekend of Nov. 28th-29th. Fr. Greg has been priest at the Mission of San
                              Lucas Toliman in Guatemala for the past 45 years and is well known by those who have visited or
                              been connected with the mission. He will be preaching at all the Masses that weekend ( Sat. 5p.m.
                             and Sun. 8 a.m. in Fulda, 9:45 a.m. in Currie, and 11:30 a.m. in Westbrook). There will also be a
                           reception following the Sat. 5:00 p.m. Mass in Fulda at the St. Gabriel church hall so that individuals
                          will have the opportunity to greet Fr. Schaffer. Free will donations will be accepted for the work of the
                          Mission. In addition, St. Gabriel will be hosting a ―Guatemalan Store‖ with items handmade in San
                          Lucas for purchase following the St. Gabriel Masses the weekend of Nov. 21st-22nd and Nov. 28th-29th.
                          Do some Christmas shopping and contribute to the work of the Mission with the same dime! If you
                   would like to come to shop during the week, contact Lisa Kremer at 425-2369. Please join us as we welcome
        Fr. Greg and celebrate our connection with the Mission in San Lucas!
                                               AREA EVENTS:
ST MARY’S SOUP & PIE: St. Mary's School will be sponsoring a Soup and Pie Dinner TODAY, Sunday,
November 22, serving from 11:00 to 1:00 pm in the St. Mary's Church Basement in Tracy. Serving Chicken
Dumpling, Ham and Potato, Vegetable Beef Soup, Chili, Fresh Baked Bread, Pies/Desserts, and Beverages.
Takeouts available.
ST. ANN’S FRENCH TOAST BREAKFAST: A French Toast Breakfast will be served on Sunday, November 22nd at St.
Ann's Catholic Church in Slayton. Serving will be from 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.
SALVATION ARMY CHRISTMAS KETTLE CAMPAIGN. Bell ringers are needed in Murray County for the
upcoming Christmas Kettle Campaign. Money raised in Murray County stays right here to help people in need throughout
the year. Adults may be bellringers or we ask that students that are interested ring in groups or with an adult. The campaign
starts Nov. 23 and runs until Dec. 24 at Jim’s Market in Slayton. Donations can also be sent to Salvation Army of Murray Co.,
Nikki Cheskie, 1884 66 St., Avoca, MN 56114. Call Nikki at 760-1441 to get more information in being a bell ringer.

In light of the concerns regarding the H1N1 Novel flu virus, Bishop Quinn has issued the following precautions for our diocese:
†     At the sign of peace, a verbal exchange of peace is to be offered rather than a handshake or other contact.
†     (If it is your parish’s custom) Holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer is to be excluded.
†     In accordance with the recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health, Communion will be offered to the faithful only under the form of the
      Host; the common Cup will not be offered until further notice.
†     Good hygiene is recommended for all. Hand sanitizer and tissues are available near the church entrances. Please cover your coughs and sneezes.
† Those who are exhibiting flu-like symptoms (fever over 100 with either cough and/or sore throat) are dispensed from attending the Sunday liturgy and
      asked to stay home. You may participate in liturgy remotely by viewing a televised Mass.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Respect Life:
As we give thanks for the gift of life, consider the words of Pope John Paul II: ―Causing death can never be considered a form of
medical treatment, it runs completely counter to the health-care profession, which is meant to be an impassioned and unflinching
affirmation of life.‖ Gospel of Life

Three chairmen of the bishops’ committees working on health care reform urged the U.S. Congress to improve current health care reform
legislation, expressing their ―disappointment that progress has not been made on the three priority criteria for health care reform‖ cited in
their previous letters. The October 8 letter from Bishop William Murphy, Cardinal Justin Rigali and Bishop John Wester reiterated the
bishops’ main concerns: that no one should be forced to pay for or participate in an abortion, that health care should be affordable and
available to the poor and vulnerable, and that the needs of legal immigrants are met.
--United States Council of Catholic Bishops news release from Oct. 8, 2009.

SCHEDULING OF BAPTISM AND WEDDINGS: Fr. Jeff does all of the scheduling for Baptisms and Weddings. If you would
like to schedule a Baptism or Wedding, please contact Fr. Jeff directly. Please call him at the Rectory phone 507-425-2595. (Just
because the church building is available does not mean Fr. Jeff is available. He may have a commitment at another one of the
                                           IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY
Financial Support November 15, 2009: Adults: $1,565.00 Plate: $161.00 Donations: $45.00
Liturgical Roles for November 29, 2009:
                                    GIFT               SONG                                                          EUCHARISTIC
DATE       SERVERS                BEARERS             LEADER            LECTORS                                         MINISTERS
 11/29 Matt Schmitt           Dick & Nancy         Choir             Jackie Ruppert                           Kathleen Schmitt
         Kelly Beech          Andert

Ushers: Steve Zens (Chairman), Larry Laleman, Bill Olivier, Jon Olivier
*****Note: If you are unable to attend Mass on your assigned date, please find your own replacement*****

BULLETIN: Patty LeClaire (763-3873) ( Announcements due by Thursday Noon
PARISH CALENDAR: Romane Dold (763-3207)                    Parish Nurse: Darlene Mechtenberg (763-3185)
ARE YOU A NEW PARISHIONER? If so, please contact Fr. Jeff (507-425-2595) or Romane Dold at (763-3207)
ARE YOU EXPECTING A BABY? To sign up for New Moms Meal Ministry, contact Becky Ruppert at (763-3114). (Volunteers needed too!)
CCW UPDATE: The next CCW guild to chair a funeral will be St. Cecilia’s. To volunteer, contact Nancy Beech –(836-8215)
PRAYER CHAIN: Contact Myrna Surprenant at (629-4344) to add a prayer request or to be a part of the prayer chain.
COMMUNION FOR THE HOMEBOUND: Please contact Marianne Ankrum at 629-3047, if you or someone you know would like to receive.
Immaculate Heart of Mary (con’t.)
TEACHERS NEEDED: A Faith Formation teacher is needed for 8th grade from Jan. through April. Please open your hearts to the
youth of our parish and share your faith.
DO YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR CATHOLIC FAITH? Anyone interested in learning more about the
Catholic faith may contact Father Jeff for more information regarding RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation).
SHARE YOUR CATHOLIC FAITH with RCIA: Anyone interested in joining a team to help share our Catholic faith with
others through the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) program should contact Fr. Jeff.
GENERATIONS OF FAITH ASSISTANCE: Anyone interested in assisting in any way with Generations of Faith planning
would be appreciated. Contact Marcia Schreier, Lisa Sweetman or Linnea Surprenant for more information.
GENERATIONS OF FAITH: FOCUS ON SACRAMENTS OF SERVICE: The first in a three-part series will be on Holy
Orders with Father Jeff and Deacon Vernon from Worthington presenting. The events will be held on Nov. 28 at St. Anthony with
meal at 12:30 (potluck); Nov. 28 at 5:00 pm, starting with a meal at St. Gabriel and on Dec. 2 at 6:30 pm, starting with a meal at
CHRISTMAS CARDS TO SERVICEMEN/WOMEN: The Catholic Daughters are sending Christmas cards to our country’s
servicemen and servicewomen. If you know someone that would like to receive a card, please call Bev Schreier at 335-7882 and
leave a message.
GIFTS FOR NEEDY CHILDREN: The Murray County Christmas Project is again planning a gift distribution for the children of
Murray County, infants through age 11. We are requesting new toys, new clothing, and non-perishable food items by December 1.
The items can be brought to the Slayton Shoe Repair or you can contact 763-3690, leave a message and someone will pick up the
donated items. If anyone would like Christmas gifts for their children due to need, please call the above phone number, also by
December 1, and arrangements will be made to provide gifts. Monetary gifts should be sent to: Christmas Project, Box 111,
Slayton, MN 56172.
BULLETIN BY MAIL: For those of you who will be ―basking in the sun‖ this Winter and want to keep up with what’s happening
@ IHM, call Romane at 763-3207 and he’ll see that you get a weekly bulletin sent to you.
COFFEE AND ROLLS: IHM 8th grade Rel. Ed. Class will be serving Coffee and Rolls on Sun., Nov. 22. We invite everyone to
enjoy fellowship and ask everyone to be generous as all profits will be donated to our the local food shelf to help the poor.
WANTED: If anyone has old mattress pads or quilted bedspreads that they wish to dispose of – the quilting ladies can use them as
filler for quilts. We will resume quilting after the 1st of the year. Please call Lana Olivier (763-3579) or Elaine Schlichte
(763-3379) if you have items to donate. Thanks.
CCW HANDBOOKS: If you have not already done so, please pick up your CCW handbook in the back of church.
CALVARY CEMETERY ASSOCIATION has generously donated $5,000 to the IHM Church. The funds will go towards fuel
costs for the church this Winter season. Appreciation for this very thoughtful donation is extended to the members of the cemetery
board. Thank You !!
TODAY has been designated for the Campaign for Human Development. This charity was mandated by the U.S. bishops to
address the root causes of poverty in America through promotion and support of community-controlled, self-help organizations.
Your generous giving to this charity will be well received. Even though the economy is affecting so many in our country, we still
have much to be thankful for. For your convenience, a special envelope is included in your church support packet. Donations will
be accepted through next Sunday, before being forwarded. May God bless you for your generosity to the poor.
CHOIR PRACTICE will be held on Tuesday, November 24th at 7:30 p.m. New voices are always welcome!!
ST. MARY’S NEWS: Congratulations to Tom Lenertz of Tracy, our $100 weekly calendar raffle winner. Thank you for
supporting our school! Thank you! ~ Thank you for the memorials donated in memory of Omer Eischens. We are blessed by your
thoughtfulness. Soup and Pie ~ Please join us for fun, food, and fellowship today after Mass. St. Mary’s School is holding their
annual Soup and Pie Dinner from 11:30 to 1:00 in the church basement. Take-Outs are available. Candy ~ Candy sales have
started. If you would like to buy candy bars and other chocolates, we are once again selling World’s Finest Chocolate. Please
contact the school office or a St. Mary’s Student for candy. Thanksgiving Blessings ~ Everyone at St. Mary’s School would like
to extend our warm wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving. May God bless you and your families as you celebrate next weekend.
St. Mary’s Happenings ~ 11/24 Mission Tuesday; 11/24 Education Committee Meeting at 7:00; 11/25 All School Mass at 8:30
a.m.; 11/26 & 11/27 No School Thanksgiving Break
                                               SAINT ANTHONY CHURCH
Financial Support November 15, 2009: Envelopes: $535.60       Plate: $8.50
Liturgical Roles for November 29, 2009:
                                 GREETERS/GIFTS                                  EUCHARISTIC
DATE SERVERS                          USHERS                 LECTORS             MINISTERS             CLEANING
 11/29 Sara Schoborg        Jerry Erickson, Mary Fishel,    Gene Olsem          Joyce Vortherms        Dorothy Starner
         Felicia Cohrs      Herb & Marsha Hanson                                                       Mary Sunderman

***Note: If you are unable to attend Mass on your assigned date, please find you own replacement.***
BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS: Suellen Dusek (274-5102)
St. Anthony (con’t.)
SPAGHETTI SUPPER: The NCYC pilgrims will be sharing their experience with those interested on Sunday, December 6th.
We will begin with a Spaghetti Supper at 6pm (cost $5) with a program to follow at 7pm. We encourage all students to come to
hear first hand how much fun a pilgrimage can be. Contact any pilgrim for tickets. (Joshua Benson, Shane and Sara Schoborg,
Joyce Vortherms)
CATECHIST NEEDED: We will need a catechist for our 7th graders starting in January. Contact Joyce if you would like to help.
TUITION FEES for the year are $15 per child or $40 max a family. Please pay as early as possible and installment payments are
SACRAMENTS: Holy Orders is the theme for the Generations of Faith festival to be held on Sunday, November 29th, after that
day's Mass. There will be a POTLUCK dinner followed by a presentation by Father Jeff Dobbs and a mystery guest. We can tend
to think we know all there is to know about teachings of the church BUT there can be surprises in the probing of the Sacraments.
Join us on November 29th.
NO CLASSES will be held the morning of Sunday, November 29th, BUT ALL students are required to attend the Generations
festival after Mass that Sunday and hopefully the parents will also attend.
BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARY dates are needed for publishing in our church newsletter--St. Anthony's Bread.
These special days are a common touchpoint of celebration within our church community. Please write down your birthday and
anniversary dates on the slips of paper provided on the table in the church entry, and place your submissions in the red-and-white
collection box available. (Listing the month and day are fine; the actual year is not necessary).
QUILT RAFFLE TICKETS and money are due at the end of the month! If you have not paid your CCW dues yet, also consider
doing so at the same time, if possible.
SALVATION ARMY CHRISTMAS KETTLE CAMPAIGN: A possible Confirmation volunteer opportunity? Perhaps. Think
it over. And then... (as Father Evers would have said) volunteering isn't just for confirmation candidates. Consider helping out
with this very worthwhile effort. Bell ringers are needed in Murray County for the upcoming Campaign. Money raised in Murray
County stays in Murray County. Other opportunities are also available in Cottonwood and various counties throughout MN. For
Murray County, call Nikkie Cheskie at 760-1441. The Campaign begins on November 23rd and runs through December 24th at
Jim's Market in Slayton.
THEOLOGY OF THE BODY FOR ADULTS: A new adult study program, Theology of the Body, will be offered to interested
adults in our parish. Are you interested? If so, call Pat or Shelly Merrick at 274-6760 to let them know.
FOOD DRIVE: We will be collecting non-perishable food items throughout the month of November. Please remember those who
are struggling at this time and help out as you are able. You may place your food items in the basket in the church entry. Thankful
hearts are generous ones—please share!

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