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                                                Program Guide
                                                     September-November 2011
                                                                   Issue 04-11

                                                Tapas, Toasts
                                                  and Tunes!

                                  Paddle &
                                   Stroll!                        FREE
                                                                 For Kids!

Inspiring people and institutions to protect the natural world
                                                               Table of Contents
                                                               Registered Programs (Sept–Nov)..............5-7
                                                               Walk-in Programs......................................9-16

400. S. Badour Rd., Midland, MI 48640                          Youth Walk-In Programs..............................16
989.631.0830                                                   Affiliate Group Meetings..............................17
Visitor Center Hours:
                                                               Nature Center Store & Nature Preschool.......17
8am–5pm Monday through Friday
9am–5pm Saturday • 1–5pm Sunday & holidays                     Directions to CNC.......................................18
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day
                                                               Program Registration Form........................20
Trail Hours:
Open year-round, dawn-to-dark daily!                           Become a CNC Member..............................20
                                                               Tapas,Toasts & Tunes!...................................24

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             Chippewa Nature Center Program Guide • Published Quarterly • Fall 2011 / Issue 04-11

                                                                confluence), with a lunch break at Midland County’s
            Registered Programs                                 Manitou Park and another rest stop at CNC’s Chippewa
                                                                Cabin. The Magruder Road site is not an easy put-in site
If weather conditions are unfavorable, a trip may               – a steep bank with a healthy poison ivy population, but
be canceled (determined at CNC’s discretion) and                once you’re in, it’s a beautiful stretch of river! At Manitou
participants will receive refunds.                              Park, the trail up to the restrooms and picnic area is quite
 Sunset Kayaking                                                steep, so we’ll just tie our boats up at the bank. Participants
 Thurs, 9/22 • Register by 9/16 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult   should dress for changing weather conditions through the
                                                                day, and bring beverages/sack lunch/snacks.
No.         Time                  Fee / CNC Member
F11-28 6-8 pm                     $22/$15                        Tapas,Toasts & Tunes!
Beautiful colors of autumn, migrating birds, and a chill in      Sat, 10/1 • Ages: 21+
the air will be highlights of this trip as we explore the       No.         Time                   Ticket / At the Door
waters of the Chippewa River under the light waning                         6-9 pm                 $30/$35
autumn sun. Using CNC’s kayaks, this trip will begin at         C N C i s e x c i t e d t o p re s e n t t h e f i r s t a n nu a l
Chippewa Nature Center and end on the Tittabawassee             Tapas,Toasts & Tunes: an evening of Michigan-only offerings,
River, near Midland’s Tridge.                                   highlighting Michigan-produced wine, cider and beer, a
                                                                tapas-style menu featuring dishes made using Michigan
 Adventures for Women:
                                                                grown/produced products by local restaurants, and
 All Day Trippin’ Down the Chippewa                             music provided by the Michigan-based Bugs Beddow
 Sat, 9/24 • Register by 9/19 • Ages: 18+                       Band! Guests will also have the opportunity to bid on
No.        Time               Fee / CNC Member                  Michigan-related items in a silent auction, and will receive
F11-29 8 am-5 pm              $22/$15                           a commemorative stemless wine glass to enjoy their
This time out, we’re going to make a whole day of it!           samples in throughout the evening and to keep. Visit
We’ll put in at Magruder Road and paddle all the way   for more details.
to our main canoe launch (just past the Pine/Chippewa

  Paddling Moose Country                                        Rivermouth. Abundant wildlife in this remote area
  Thurs, 9/29-Sun, 10/2 • Register by 9/16 • Ages: 18+          includes moose, black bear, coyote, beaver, muskrat
 No.         Time                 Fee / CNC Member              and many migrating birds. We’ll also visit nearby
 F11-30 8 am-8 pm                 $140/$125                     Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, relax on the Lake
 Join experienced trip leader Kyle Bagnall on an adventure      Superior shore and view Michigan’s largest waterfall at
 through Lake Superior State Forest near Whitefish Point        Tahquamenon Falls State Park.
 and the south shore of Lake Superior. The highlights           Lodging: Our group will camp at the rustic Andrus
 of our journey will be day long paddle trips into the          Lake State Forest Campground for three nights. The
 wilderness on the winding Shelldrake River and down            site features abundant natural beauty, vault toilets and
 the Tahquamenon River from the Lower Falls to the              a water pump. Meals (provided by participants) will be
                                                                a combination of camp cooking, sack lunches on the
                                                                river and restaurants. Further details will be provided
                                                                upon registration.
                                                                Gear: Participants of this trip will be provided CNC
                                                                kayaks, paddles, PFDs, dry bags and other group gear.
                                                                (Personal kayaks or canoes may be used with trip
                                                                leader’s approval.) Tents are also available for loan,
                                                                or you can bring your own. A pre-trip meeting to
                                                                review equipment and logistics will be held on Monday,
                                                                September 19 at 6:30pm.
                                                                If weather or water conditions are not favorable this trip will
                                                                be canceled and participants will be refunded.
                                                                Contact Kyle Bagnall at 631-0830 or
                                                       for more information.
                                                                                                           (continued on pg. 7)
                                                                    If you have backpacking equipment with which you feel
     Registered Programs (cont’d.)                                  unfamiliar, bring it to the class. A sampling of backpacking
                                                                    foods will be your lunch, and is included in the course fee.
Adventures for Women: Sunset Kayak Trip                              Preserving The Apple Harvest
 Fri, 10/7 • Register by 10/3 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult          Tues, 10/18 • Register by 10/14 • Ages: 18+
No.          Time                Fee / CNC Member                   No.          Time                Fee / CNC Member
F11-31 4-7 pm                    $22 / $15                          W11-07 6-9 pm                    $22/$15
Join Senior Naturalist Janea Little for this peaceful float         Apples are easily processed and preserved through
trip from CNC’s Chippewa Cabin (near Meridian Road)                 drying, pressing cider and making and freezing applesauce.
to our main launch area just downstream of the Visitor              The workshop will cover the basics of selecting and
Center.The quiet water of the Chippewa River is perfect             preparing apples for drying, cider pressing and applesauce
for either beginners, or for experts who want to relax.             and give you the information needed to do your own
Along the way, we’ll watch for herons, eagles, map turtles,         apple processing at home from apples you’ve grown or
orioles, flycatchers, muskrat, mink, fish, and other wildlife       purchased. This workshop is designed for people with
who call the river “home”.                                          little or no experience in food preservation.
 Fungi Workshop                                                      Grapevine Wreath Making Workshop
 Fri 10/7-Sun, 10/9 • Register by 9/30 • Ages: 18+                   Sat, 10/22 • Register by 10/17 • Ages: 15+
No.                 Time           Fee / CNC Member                 No.          Time                 Fee / CNC Member
W11-14              9 am-5 pm                 $90/$75               W11-08 1-4 pm                     $22/$15
Join us for this three-day course and learn about identification,   Using nothing more than a knife, a keen eye and your
ecology and the importance of fungi in the ecosystem.               imagination, you can make a wreath to bring autumn
Participants will learn how to identify some edible fungi as        cheer into your home. Kyle Bagnall, Manager of Historical
well as avoid poisonous look-alikes. This course is ideal for       Programs, will lead participants in this simple workshop to
beginners, but challenging enough for advanced students. Part       collect all-natural materials and weave an autumn wreath.
of the day will be spent in the woods, then we will return to       You’ll learn which vines to use (not poison ivy!) and leave
the classroom to identify what we found.                            with an easy fall project you can enjoy for years to come.
 Autumn Leaves by Voyageur Canoe
                                                                     Soapmaking Workshop
  Sat, 10/8 • Register by 10/3 • Ages: 18+
                                                                     Sat, 11/12 • Register by 11/7 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult
No.                Time             Fee / CNC Member
                                                                    No.         Time                  Fee / CNC Member
F11-32             10 am-12 pm              $22/$15
                                                                    W11-10 10 am-2 pm                 $35 / $25
Enjoy a colorful autumn day on the Chippewa River in a 29-
                                                                    Would you like a new hobby for the long, cold winter?
foot voyageur canoe.This canoe is a fiberglass reproduction
                                                                    Create unusual gifts for the holidays? Or just have fun with
of the birchbark canoes used by fur traders to haul loads
                                                                    an old-time craft? Join soapmaker Judy Packard to learn
of goods and valuable animal pelts in the 18th and 19th
                                                                    the basic techniques of soapmaking. We’ll make a batch
centuries. During the trip we’ll explore the natural and
                                                                    of traditional tallow soap and progress to more modern
cultural resources of the area and share stories of the past
                                                                    techniques with vegetable oils and fragrances. Everyone
all while having a truly unique outdoor experience.
                                                                    will take home several bars of soap, plus lots of information
 Backpacking Workshop                                               about books, supplies, resources and techniques.
 Sat, 10/15 • Register by 10/9 • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult
                                                                     Pine Cone Wreath Making Workshop
No.         Time                 Fee / CNC Member                    Sat, 11/19 • Register by 11/4 • Ages: 15+
W11-06 9:30 am-3:30 pm                    $20/$15
                                                                    No.           Time                   Fee / CNC Member
Whether a novice hiker or a seasoned backpacker, you
                                                                    W11-11 1-3:30 pm                     $37 / $30
will pick up some tips in this workshop with veteran
                                                                    What better way to decorate for the holidays and winter
hiker and naturalist, Phil Stephens. Phil has hiked and
                                                                    season that by creating a beautiful pine cone wreath! Using
backpacked thousands of miles, many of them off-trail,
                                                                    cones collected from a variety of native pines, spruces,
and will share tips on equipment and techniques. Get
                                                                    and firs, along with seed pods and nuts, you can design a
hands-on experience tying knots, and reading maps and
                                                                    wreath you’ll enjoy. Natural history information on these
compasses. Phil will also share places to check out in
                                                                    coniferous trees will be presented. Participants will receive a
Michigan, including Isle Royale National Park. Part of this
                                                                    list of simple tools to bring with their workshop confirmation
workshop will be outdoors, so dress for the weather.
                                 Walk-in Programs at Chippewa Nature Center
                                                         September-November 2011
                            FREE unless noted. Full program details at
                                                            Homestead Road turnaround and learn about Monarch
         Walk 100 Miles at CNC!                             Butterflies. Butterfly nets will be available at this drop-in
  Jan. 1–Dec. 31, 2011 Ages: 9 & up                         program. In case of rain, the program will be rescheduled
  Non-member: $10 • CNC Member: $7                          for Sunday, September 4.
                                                            Homestead Sunday
  Register now to walk 100 miles at CNC in 2011 and
                                                            Sun, 9/4 • 1:30-5 pm • All Ages, under 18 w/adult
  explore the outdoors all year long!                       Take a break from your busy schedule and enjoy a peaceful
  Call 989.631.0830 or visit us online for details.         afternoon at the Homestead Farm. Staff and volunteers will
                                                            be on hand at our log cabin and one-room schoolhouse
                                                            to answer your questions, give tours of the farm and teach
                                                            lessons from long ago. Kids of all ages can help with chores,
                                                            play traditional games and visit the farm animals.This will be
                                                            the final Homestead Sunday for 2011!
                                                            Fungi Hike
                                                            Tues, 9/6 • 9:30-11:30 am • All ages, under 18 w/adult
                                                            The River Point property at CNC has one of the best
                                                            displays of Fungi around. Let’s explore this area and
                                                            identify the Boletes, Russelas and Aminitas along the
                                                            way. Find out how mushrooms work and how they affect
                                                            plants. Naturalist Karen Breternitz will lead you through
Fungi Hike                                                  the area - but you will have to help find the fungi! Meet
Sat, 9/3 • 10 am-12 pm • All Ages, under 18 w/adult         at the Visitor Center.
This hike will lead us to wherever the mushrooms are;
at least that is the goal. Join Naturalist Karen Breternitz Bird Walk
on this mission to find as many different kinds of Wed, 9/7 • 8-10 am • Ages: 12+, under 18 w/adult
mushrooms as we can. Learn which ones are poison Join Senior Naturalist Janea Little for part or all of this
and some that are choice edible. CNC does not allow morning bird hike. The fall migration of songbirds is at its
picking or collecting on the property, therefore we will peak, so we should see a great variety of birds. Experienced
not be collecting mushrooms on this hike. Meet at the and beginner birders are all welcome. Loaner binoculars are
Visitor Center.                                             available.
Mingling with the Monarch Butterflies:                        Michigan’s One Room Schoolhouses
Monarch Butterfly Tagging Event                               Wed, 9/7 • 7-8 pm • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult
Sat, 9/3 • 10 am-2 pm • All ages, under 18 w/adult            Thousands of one-room schoolhouses once dotted
The Monarch Butterfly is our only true migratory              Michigan’s country landscape. In these simple buildings,
butterfly. Each year, from August to November, they           generations of children learned the ‘4-Rs’ (reading,
journey from the northern U.S. and southern Canada to         writing, arithmetic and recitation), moral lessons and
their winter roosts in south-central Mexico. We’ll briefly    how to become good citizens. Join Kyle Bagnall, Manager
interrupt the monarch’s migration to put tiny tags on         of Historical Programs, in a visual exploration of these
their wings which will help researchers understand the        days-gone-by but not forgotten. You’ll learn about the
amazing migration of this butterfly.                          typical day in a one-room school, the early history of
                                                              education in Michigan and the current fate of these
Here’s your chance to be involved in a Monarch Butterfly
                                                              historic structures.
Tagging! With the cooperation of the monarchs and the
weather we will net the butterflies, give them a checkup,     This program will be held at Green Point Environmental
apply a tiny tag and then send them on their way to           Learning Center located at 3010 Maple Street in Saginaw. It
Mexico for their winter vacation. If we find a tag on         is co-sponsored by the Friends of Shiawassee National Wildlife
a butterfly we’ll report it to the University of Kansas,      Refuge and Chippewa Nature Center. Admission is $2 per
where they track the Monarch migration and compile            person, and free for members of the Friends of Shiawassee
the data. Join Denny Brooks at the Lanigan Pavilion at the    NWR of CNC (show your membership card).

Floods of Midland’s Past                                      Meet Naturalist Karen Breternitz at the Chippewa River
Sat, 9/10 • 2-3:30 pm • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult            Rd. property about ¼ mile west of Meridian Road. For
The rains began the night of September 9, 1986 and            directions, please call 631-0830.
didn’t stop for three days. By the time the waters            Fungi Hike
crested on September 13, Midland was inundated by             Sun, 9/25 • 3-5 pm • All ages, under 18 w/adult
the worst flood in recorded history and communities           There is more to mushrooms than what meets the eye,
across Michigan were underwater. To commemorate               or the fry pan. Join Naturalist Karen Breternitz to learn
the 25th anniversary of the ‘86 flood, Kyle Bagnall,          how fungi rule the world! We will also debunk or confirm
Manager of Historical Programs, will share a history of       some common wives’ tales about eating mushrooms,
floods through Midland’s past. In addition to 1986, major     and try to find some choice edible mushrooms and learn
flooding occurred in 1838, 1893, 1904, 1907, 1912, 1942,      how to identify them. Collecting is not allowed on nature
1997 and 2004 (to name a few!) Time will be left at the       center property but we can try to get other participants
end of the program for participants to share their own        to tell us where they hunt! Meet at the Visitor Center.
photos and stories of Midland’s floods with the group.
                                                              Nature for Youth • Nature Art
Full Moon Stroll                                              Sat, 10/1 • 1-2:30 pm • Ages: 5-9 w/adult
Sun, 9/11 • 7-9 pm • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult               This program is designed to help kids develop a connection
Join Senior Naturalist Janea Little for this guided walk by   to the natural world through fun, hands-on activities
the light of the Harvest Moon! We’ll enjoy the view of        including experiment stations, games, crafts, and more.
the rising moon, then walk in the near-dark to listen for
wildlife such as owls, deer and beaver. Please wear dark      Waterfowl at the Wetlands
clothing so we won’t be as visible to wildlife, and bring a   Sun, 10/9 • 2-4 pm • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult
flashlight just in case we need them.                         Fall migration will be in full swing as we walk this
                                                              afternoon around the Wetlands area. Ducks of many
Fungi Hike                                                    species, geese, and wading birds such as herons or egrets
Wed, 9/14 • 6-7:30 pm • All ages, under 18 w/adult            may be passing through this resting area on their way
The Chippewa River Road property is a great location          south for the winter. Smaller birds usually can be found in
for finding a wide variety of fungi and here’s your chance    the edge habitats between open water and dense forest.
to hike at an area reserved for guided groups. We will        Meet Educator Jeanne Henderson at the Wetlands area
look for and learn how to identify some choice edibles as     parking lot. Loaner binoculars are available.
well as some tips on how to avoid mushroom poisoning.

                    Sat & Sun, 9/17 & 9/18                    wagon barn. Children’s games and crafts, such as rope
                        12-4 pm • All ages                    making and candle dipping will be available throughout
                           Members: Free                      the festival. The Wigwam area will also be alive with
                              Non-Member Adults: $5           traditional skills demonstrations showing ways
                                Join us for CNC’s             Woodland Indians used Autumn’s bounty. You can
                                largest festival of the       also watch woodcarvers, wool spinners and quilters
                               year! During this two-         at work and visit a special CNC store in the wagon
                             day event, the Nature            barn. Food concessions will be also be available. Visit
                                                              our website for details as they become available.
                         Center comes alive with
  demonstrations and programs that focus on the
  autumn traditions of people in the 19th century.
  Programs at the Homestead area will include “Rambling
  Naturalists” Wil and Sarah Reding, portraying early
  Michigan settlers during several shows each day. Also
  join Michigan food historian Susan Odom, as she
  demonstrates traditional apple butter making in a giant
  copper kettle.
  Other demonstrations include blacksmithing, threshing
  grain, cider making, woodworking, beekeeping,
  traditional music and much more. You can watch a
  three-horse team of Belgians plowing behind the
                                                                                                  (continued on pg. 15)
  Nature at Night
  Sat, 10/29 • 6-8:30 pm • All ages, under 18 w/adult
  Come enjoy this event for the whole family where kids of all ages can enjoy the wonders of
  night time.You can visit stations throughout the Visitor Center at your own pace, exploring
  fun night topics such as nocturnal insects and birds. Remember to stop by the wigwam
  before you leave to enjoy a few stories around the fire. Kids, remember to dress up as your
  favorite animal to win a prize. It is sure to be a fun evening for the kids in all of us!

Fall Color on Foot                                            Walking in the Rain
Tues, 10/11 • 9-11 am • All ages, under 18 w/adult            Sat, 10/22 • 2-4 pm • All ages, under 18 w/adult
There is no need to drive very far to find some excellent     If you have never walked in the woods when it’s raining,
fall color. The Beech-Maple woods at CNC is one of the        you are missing out on total sensory overload.The smell
best places to be during the fall color season. So get        is fantastically fresh and the colors pop with the mosses
off the beaten path – slow down – and get out into the        turning the greenest green and the tree trunks appearing
woods to experience the colors as well as the smells of       stark black. Come out and enjoy the rain on this slow
fall. Join us on this slow short hike with Naturalist Karen   easy hike with naturalist Karen Breternitz. If it doesn’t
Breternitz. If we are lucky we will find some fungi to        rain, we will still hike, but we will not enjoy it as much.
investigate too! Meet at the pavilion at the end of the       Meet at the pavilion at the end of the Homestead Road.
Homestead Road.                                               Sixty Minute Migration
Falling Leaves at the River Point                             Sat, 11/5 • 2-3 pm • All ages, under 18 w/adult
Sun, 10/16 • 2-4 pm • All ages, under 18 w/adult              Join CNC Educator Jackie Kelly during this one-hour
Fall colors may be near their peak as we “venture out” to     family program to get a feel for what it’s like to be a
CNC’s River Point trails to look at trees and leaves. Leaf    migrating animal. Participants will become an animal and
edges, vein patterns and shapes all provide interesting       have to overcome the same challenges that animals face
clues to a tree’s identity. Wear comfortable shoes. Meet      during migration.
at the River Point trailhead at the end of Hubert Road.       The Precarious Voyage to John James Audubon’s
Bird Walk                                                     “The Birds of America”
Thurs, 10/20 • 8-10 am • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult           Sat, 11/5 • 7 pm • Ages: 12+, under 18 w/adult
Beginner and experienced birders are all welcome to           Join Dr. Daniel Patterson, Professor of English at Central
join Senior Naturalist Janea Little for this guided bird      Michigan University as he speaks about his recently
walk. Many migrants will have already flown through,          published book John James Audubon’s Journal of 1826:
but ducks, hawks, thrushes and other late migrants will       The Voyage to “The Birds of America.” Following the
still be around, along with resident species and early-       presentation there will be a book signing where you will
returning winter visitors such as juncos and white-           have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the book,
throated sparrows. Loaner binoculars are available.           meet the author and have your book signed.
Kicking Leaves Walk                                           About the Book:
Fri, 10/21 • 5:30-7 pm • All Ages, under 18 w/adult           John James Audubon would eventually succeed in creating his
How long has it been since you kicked or dragged your         truly monumental series of 435 double-elephant folio plates
feet through the crunchy fallen leaves? Well, here is your    entitled The Birds of America (1827-1838), but when he
chance to do it again. Meet Naturalist, Karen Breternitz      set sail from New Orleans for Liverpool on April 26, 1826,
at the Pavilion at the end of the Homestead Road for this     his 41 birthday, he had ample reason to consider himself a
short, fun hike.                                              fool for risking his family’s future on so grandiose a scheme.
                                                              His journal of this voyage and later travels tells the story of
Exotic Plant Pull Work Day                                    the American Woodsman’s rise to success among the seats
Sat, 10/22 • Register by 10/19 •9:30-11:30 am • Ages: 15+     of commerce, learning, and culture in England, Scotland,
One of the most prolific plant invaders at the Nature         and France. This intimate journal also reveals the quality
Center is the shrub called buckthorn.To allow our native      of mind, the intelligent passion, and the chronic playfulness
plants to survive in the more-visited areas, we must          of the creator of “the greatest monument yet erected by
eradicate this pest and we would value your assistance.       Art to Nature.” Daniel Patterson brings this more complex
We’ll help you identify it so you know which one to           and interesting Audubon into sharper focus than has been
hand-pull, and provide gloves and snacks.                     achieved before by producing the first complete and accurate
                                                              edition of this journal.
Full Moon Stroll
Thurs, 11/10 • 5-7 pm • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult
The moon will be rising as we begin our walk this
evening, possibly lighting up a snowy landscape for us
to enjoy. If there is enough snow (4 inches or more),
we’ll use snowshoes -- call ahead to reserve a pair (631-
0830) or bring your own -- otherwise, we’ll “boot” it.
Senior Naturalist Janea Little will lead this walk to look
for animal tracks and other signs of CNC’s wildlife, and
to enjoy the view of the nearly-full moon (technically not
full until the wee hours of tomorrow morning).
Surviving a Road Trip to Alaska and the Yukon
Sun, 11/13 • 2-3:30 pm • Ages: 15+, under 18 w/adult
It’s the 10-year anniversary since naturalist and nature
photographer Phil Stephens camped along the Alaska
Highway, the more rugged Dempster Highway, and other
roads in British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories
and Alaska. He covered ground from north of the arctic         Preschool Story Hour
circle to Denali to central coastal Alaska. Dealing with       Ages: 3-5 years
water purification, rain, insects, bears, tires, slippery      9:30-10:30 am
gravel roads, Phil and his intrepid family braved the trip,
all for the scenery and wildlife.Was it worth it? Whether      The Listening Walk • Thurs, 9/1
out of morbid curiosity or a practical need to plan for        Turtle Splash! • Thurs, 9/15
the trip yourself, come find his answer at this hour-long
slide program.
                                                               All Night Near the Water • Sat, 10/1 &
                                                                                                Thurs, 10/6
Bird Hike
Fri, 11/18 • 8-10 am • Ages: 9+, under 18 w/adult              When Autumn Comes • Thurs, 10/20
Winter birding can be challenging if your binoculars fog       Pumpkin, Pumpkin • Thurs, 11/3
and your fingers freeze, but it is so worth it to get a        Time to Sleep• Thurs, 11/17
view of a Northern Shrike, Rough-legged Hawk or other
winter visitor! Join Senior Naturalist Janea Little for this    Come spend an hour learning about nature! The hour
guided bird walk. If there is a lot of snow, we’ll use CNC’s    will include a story and may include songs, art, rhymes
snowshoes (or bring your own); otherwise we’ll stick to                    and other age-appropriate activities.
boots. Loaner binoculars are available.
Green Gold: Michigan’s White Pine Lumber Era
Sat, 11/19 • 1-2 pm • Ages: 12+, under 18 w/adult                                 Wee Stroll
Join Historian Rob Burg from the Hartwick Pines Logging                   Ages: 6 mos. - 2 yrs. w/adult
Museum for this one hour long informative program                                 9:30-10:30 am
about one of Michigan’s greatest industries of the 19th                      Fri, 9/9, 10/14 & 11/11
Century. Learn how Michigan’s white pine was used                                                   This program
in the development of the United States and how this                                                is designed for
affected the growth and the development of Northern                                                 parents to take
Michigan.                                                                                           a guided walk
Fall Exploration Days                                                                               with their child,
Wed-Sun, 11/23-27 • All ages, under 18 w/adult                                                      learn about
Wed-Fri, 8 am-5 pm, Sat, 9 am-5 pm, Sun & holiday, 1-5 pm                                           the outdoors
Enjoy your break from school while exploring the                                                    and learn ways
wonders of nature in Michigan! This indoor program                                                  to introduce
includes a variety of self-guided, hands-on exploration                                             children to the
stations. Experiments, fun facts, crafts, and scavenger                                             natural world
hunts are just a few of the activities you’ll find. Each day                                        around them.
is the same, but feel free to come back again and again.

                                     CNC Affiliate Group Meetings
Homestead Quilters                                         Mid-Michigan Rock Club (MMRC)
Wed, 9/28 • 9 am-2 pm • All ages                           Tues, 9/6 • 7 pm • All ages
Wed, 10/26 • 9 am-2 pm • All ages                          Tues, 10/4 • 7 pm • All ages
November (call for date) • 9 am-2 pm • All ages            Tues, 11/1 • 7 pm • All ages
Pick up a needle and learn this beautiful craft with the   Sat & Sun, 11/5 & 11/6 • Rock & Mineral Show at
Quilters at their regular monthly meeting.                 Midland Resort
Jolly Hammers and Strings Dulcimer Club                    Visitors are welcome to bring along any rock, mineral,
Sat & Sun, 9/17 & 9/18 • 12-4 pm • All ages                gem, fossil, earth science or lapidary arts items which
Sat, 10/22 • 1-4 pm • All ages                             they might like to show to the group. To learn more
Sat, 11/26 • 1-4 pm • All ages                             about this group and their upcoming programs, visit
Stop in to enjoy the toe-tapping music of the Jolly
Hammers & Strings Dulcimer Club. Or, if you play a         Valley Herb Society
folk instrument (guitar, banjo, fiddle, dulcimer, etc.),   Thurs, 9/1 • 7 pm • All ages • Butterflies & Plants
bring it along and join in!                                Thurs, 10/6 • 7 pm • All ages • Herbal Mixes
Midland Hiking Club                                        Thurs, 11/3 • 7 pm • All ages • Harvesting Horseradish
Thurs, 10/6 • 7 pm • All ages                              For program information, please contact Cathy
Canoeing the Montreal River in Ontario                     Devendorf at 989-631-0830.

                                                            Eco-friendly toys, gifts, books and more available!
  Nature                                Regis
                                       NOW er
                                       2011- or                               Nature Center
  Preschool                                 12!

•	Classes for 3- & 4- year olds
•	2,3 or 4 half-day classes
•	A ‘green’ building with two classrooms
•	Full and partial scholarships available
   Registration packets available online!

   Directions to Chippewa Nature Center

Chippewa Nature
Center is just three short
miles from downtown
Midland.This haven
of fields, woodlands,
wetlands and rivers is
easy to get to and well
worth the trip. See you

From Mt. Pleasant: Take M-20 east.Turn right on         From Midland: Take Poseyville Road south.Turn right
Homer Road, left on Prairie Road and left into CNC      on St. Charles.Take an immediate left onto Whitman,
entrance at Badour Road.                                following sign for CNC. Turn right into the CNC
                                                        entrance at Badour Road.
From Bay City: Take US-10 to Business 10
exit. Follow Business 10 to Cronkright. Turn left       From Saginaw: Take M-47 through Freeland to
on Cronkright and go over bridge (road becomes          Midland Road (follow sign for Tittabawassee Township
Poseyville). Continue with directions From Midland.     Park).Turn left at stoplight at Gordonville Road, right on
                                                        Poseyville Road, left at stoplight on Ashby Road (at Ted’s
From Clare: Take US-10 to Eastman Ave. exit.Travel      Lawn Equipment), right on Badour Road and follow to
south on Eastman (becomes Buttles St.).Turn right on    the CNC entrance straight ahead.
Cronkright. Go over bridge (road becomes Poseyville).
Continue with directions From Midland.

                                                                            We Have a
                                                                          Web Cam!
                                                             Visit our website to pan,
                                                           tilt and zoom a customized
                                                               view of the Pine River!

 CNC Membership
                                                                                o Life Membership - $1,000+ (payable in 4 annual installments)
 All CNC members receive in-home delivery of the
                                                                               All of the above benefits plus ...
 bi-monthly newsletter and quarterly program guide,
                                                                                    • 20% Nature Center Store discount
 program discounts, members-only events, a 10%
                                                                                    • Confidence in knowing that your gift supports
 store discount and more!
                                                                                      CNC’s mission to inspire future generations of
                                                                                      people and institutions to protect the natural world
                                                                                      through our endowment fund.
   o Individual – $28
   o Senior Individual (60+) – $23
   o Family/Grandparent – $45
     (Children/grandchildren under 18)                                                                        Payment Information
   o Senior Family (60+) – $31
                                                                                                      CNC Membership (optional): $_________
 SOCIETY MEMBERSHIPS:                                                                                        Total Registration Fees: $_________
   o     Meadow Society – $100-249
                                                                                                           Additional Contribution: $_________
       • Recognition in Annual Report and newsletter
       • Eligible for Grandparent benefits                                                                             Total Payment: $_________

   o Woodland Society – $250-499                                                              (Please make checks payable to Chippewa Nature
   All of the above benefits plus ...                                                          Center or include credit card information below.)
       • Exclusive program presented by a CNC naturalist                              Name on credit card:__________________________________

  o River Society – $500+                                                              Credit card number: _________________________________
  All of the above benefits plus ...
      • Exclusive program with meal presented by a CNC                               Signature: __________________________________________

        naturalist                                                                                                       Expiration Date: ___________

                   Memberships and gifts to CNC are tax deductible as allowed by law. Charitable Solicitation License MICS 2710

                                                            Registration Form
Name_____________________________________________________ Day Phone_______________________
Address_________________________________________ City ______________________ Zip_____________
E-mail (optional) _____________________________________________________________________________
Would you like to receive CNC’s weekly e-mail update? Yes____ No____
Are you a CNC Member? Yes____ No____
If yes, would you prefer to receive your CNC member newsletter via e-mail, instead of hard copy? Yes____ No____
Program #              Course/Trip Name                                                                       Date(s)                       Fee
__________             _____________________________________________                                          ___________                  _______
__________             _____________________________________________                                          ___________                  _______
__________             _____________________________________________                                          ___________                  _______
Notes (Equipment loan, food allergies, etc.): _________________________________________________________

 REGISTRATION: Send payment & completed form to: Chippewa Nature Center, 400 S. Badour Rd., Midland, MI 48640. Phone registrations
 by credit card only (989.631.0830). Become a member at the time of registration to receive the member discount.

 CANCELLED PROGRAMS:While Chippewa Nature Center makes every effort to carry out programs, it reserves the right to cancel
 programs at its discretion, based on conditions beyond its control. In the event of a cancellation, participants will be notified prior to the program
 and have the option of receiving a refund or registering for a rescheduled program, if available.

                                                        FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
 Received from: _______________________________________________________________
 Received by :____________________ Reg. _________ Conf. _________ Val. _________

                                                                                                Non Profit Org.
                                                                                                 U.S. Postage
   Program Guide                                                                                     PAID
   400 S. Badour Rd.                                                                            Permit No. 285
                                                                                                  Midland, MI
   Midland, MI 48640-8661

                                                ’s nest in foo
Presenting the 1st Annual Mi            ch i gan               d   •d

                                                                        in k

                                                                             • mu

  An evening of
  Michigan–only              Tapas, Toasts & Tunes
    offerings! Silent
        Beer                              Proceeds benefit
                                                                     October 1
                                      Chippewa Nature Center
     Wine • Cider
     Live Music bugs                                                  6-9 pm
        Food Beddow                                        available     21+
                      band!                                 online!
                                                                       CNC’s                                 Note: Artwork
                                                                                                             has white around

                                                                                                             the edges

Signature Sponsor:

                                                            Lambert,                MitchArt, Inc.
                                                         Lesser, Isackson,            Servinski
                                                        Cook & Giunta, PC                Sod

      Visit our website for sponsor updates, ticket information and more!
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