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                                               The Newsletter of the                     PHOTO
                                                   Volume 27, Number 4

     Celebrating 25 Years
                                                      February , 2004
                                                    Editor - Larry Easton
                                                        Website:                                 P.O. Box 4501
         1978 - 2003                                     Regina, SK S4P 3W7

                “Become Better Acquainted with the Art of Photography”
    Second In-club                        3rd - Perfectly Posed by Sharlene Stanley
                                          HM - Waiting For Breakfast by Shirley
                                                                                      Donna-Joy Tuplin
                                                                                      3rd - Perth Mill by Dorothy Easton

     Competition                          Gerlock
                                          HM - Rest Stop by Glen Tuplin
                                                                                      HM - Swift and Strong by Glen Tuplin

       Winners                            Adv. Amateur Colour Scapes - 10
                                                                                      Amateur Open Slides - 13 entries
                                                                                      1st - Sunshine by Donna-Joy Tuplin
B&W Print Open - 7 entries                entries                                     2nd - Auburn by Glen Tuplin
1st - Imaging by Jerry Mayo               1st - Rideau Canal by Don Mathieson         3rd - Snowy Grate by Donna-Joy Tuplin
2nd - Early Snow by Jerry Mayo            1st - Fire and Ice by Jerry Mayo            HM - Cracked by Donna-Joy Tuplin
2nd - Grilled by Sharlene Stanley         2nd - Stormy Sky by Cheryl Pady
                                          3rd - Impending Storm by Cheryl Pady        Amateur Fuana Slides - 8 entries
B&W Scapes - 2 entries                    HM - Frosted Feeder by Marlyn Toderan       2nd - Resting by Shirley Gerlock
1st - Majestic by Dave Perry              HM - Hoary Needles by Marlyn Toderan        2nd - Horned Owl by Shirley Gerlock
2nd - The Old Yard by Sharlene Stanley                                                3rd - Lunch Time by Marie Wilson
                                          Adv. Amateur Colour Open - 10 entries
B & W Print Fuana - 1 entries             1st - Rushes and Moon by Don                Adv. Amateur Open Slides - 5 entries
HM - Our Pals by Dave Perry               Mathieson                                   1st - Windows by Larry Easton
                                          2nd - Neon Sax by Cheryl pady               2nd - The Eye by Dave Perry
Amateur Colour Scapes - 6 entries         3rd - Corn Roast by Bryan Bosley            3rd - Door to the Past by Larry Easton
1st - The Old Windmill by Sharlene        HM - Feathers of Frost by Don Mathieson     Hm - Grey Cup House Decorations by
Stanley                                   HM - Her Eyes by Zlatan Fazlagic            Jim Slough
1st - Emerald Lake by Sharlene Stanley
2nd - Frosty Reflections by Sandra        Adv. Amateur Colour Fauna - 11 entries      Advanced Amateur Scapes Slides -12
Schoenroth                                1st - Beauty is Skin Deep by Don            entries
                                          Mathieson                                   1st - Vincent Massey Park by Walter Thiel
Amateur Colour Open - 6 entries           1st - Up in the CHEEP Seats by Don          2nd - End of the Day by Bryan Bosley
1st - Techno Rainbow by Glen Tuplin       Mathieson                                   3rd - Covered Bridge by Walter Thiel
1st - Old Strings by Glen tuplin          2nd - Cedar Waxwing by Bryan Bosley         HM - Looking Back at History by Murray
3rd - A Daisy A Day by Sharlene Stanley   3rd - Horse by Bryan Bosley                 Bryck
HM - Cold Cycle by Bob Gay                3rd - Humming Bird by Bryan Bosley
                                                                                      Adv. Amateur Fuana Slides - 11 entries
Amateur Colour Fuana - 10 entries         Amateur Scapes Slides - 10 entries          1st - Butterfly by Bryan Bosley
1st - The Camp Site Visitor by Sharlene   1st - Church Windows by Sandra              2nd - Once They Roamed in Millions by
Stanley                                   Scheonroth                                  Murray Bryck
2nd - What’s For Dinner by Sandra         2nd - Fresh Snow on Park Bench by           2nd - Geese Trio by Larry Easton
                                                                                      3rd - White Butterfly by Larry Easton

                What’s Inside                                          Page              A total of 122 entries were entered in the
                                                                                      second in-club competition from 20
                                                                                      members, 10 in the amateur level and 10
     Transparency Battle 2004 Competition                                  2          in the advanced level.
     Handcolouring Black and White Prints                                  3          The judges were, RPC members, Deana
     Competition Award System                                              3          Driver, Farris Nagy and Wayne Iverson.
     Advertising and Events Calendar                                       4          Print scanning was done and digital
     What will Happen to Our Photos                                        5          presentation was done by Glen Tuplin.
     For Sale                                                              5            Many of the first place photos are on the
     Annual General Meeting and Elections                                  5          Gallery on pages 7 & 8.
     Merit Point Awards                                                    6
     Digital Photo Contest                                                 6            The RPC Membership is 119
     The Gallery                                                         7,8             as of February 24, 2004
Page 2                                          f-16 - Regina Photo Club                                          February, 2004

                                                                                            award every slide from 3 - 10 points for a
    Regina Photo Club
         Box 4501                                 Transparency                              possible total score of 30 points.
                                                                                            12. All entries will be handled with care.
   Regina, Saskatchewan                      Battle 2004 Competition                        However, the host club will not assume
                                                                                            any responsibility for any loss or damage
         S4P 3W7                               The Rosetown Photography Club will be
                                             hosting the annual Transparency Battle         to entries.
                                             on Sunday, April 25, 2004.                     13. Awards:
   2003 / 2004 EXECUTIVE                          The Transparency Battle slide                 (1) The A. Clare Hume Transparency
President - Donna-Joy Tuplin 949-0889
                                             competition was initiated by the               Battle Trophy will be awarded for one year
  e-mail:                                                            to the club with the highest total score.
                                             Saskatoon Camera Club in 1970 and has
                                             continued to the present. Several years            (2) The Best of Show plaque will be
              Web Masters
                                             later a trophy was created and donated by      awarded to the maker of the slide with the
         Bryan Bosley - 729-3292
        Ben Checkowy - 789-8410              A. Clare Hume fo Saskatoon to be               highest score.
        Parry Johnson - 789-2567             presented annually to the winning club.           (3) First, Second and Third place slide
                                             The Battle is usually hosted by the            makers will be awarded a Certificate of
 Vice President - Reta Radu 949-5873         Saskatoon club, but has been hosted in         Achievement.
                                             past years by other clubs.                     (4) Honourable Mention Certificates will
                                                It is a slide competition, open to any      be awarded to makers of all other slides
          Entertainment - Vacant                                                            earning scores of 22 or more points.
       Display Co-ordinator - Vacant         photography club in Saskatchewan.
                                                                                            Host Club: The Rosetown Photography
 Secretary - Wayne Gilmer 956-5380           Entry Guidelines:                              Club is hosting for the first time.
 e-mail:            1. Each club is entitled to enter eight        Club Entry Deadline: Post marked on or
                                             slides.                                        before Thursday April 1, 2004.
  Treasurer - Laird Wilson 543-0739          2. Clubs with more than 30 paid-up             Mail to: Transparency Battle, c/o Stan
                                             members shall include only one slide           Hingston, Box 1177, Rosetown SK S0L
                                             from any individual member to make up          2V0. For more information, call Stan at
   Photographer - Jim Slough 586-0397                                                       306-882-2263 (evenings) or 306-882-
                                             the club entry.
                                             3. Clubs with thirty or fewer members may      2220 (work).
    Equipment - Walter Thiel - 586-1411
                                             determine how many slides an individual        Date: of Battle: Sunday, April 25, 2004.
          Awards - Laird Wilson              member may contribute to the club’s entry.     Location: Rosetown Elks Hall, Highway 4,
                                             4. Photographers who are members of            north (across from arena).
               Membership                    more than one camera club may have a           Menu: Chili in a Bun bowl, salad & veggies,
      Marie Wilson & Shirley Gerlock
                                             slide or slides included in the entry from     cheesecake.
                                             only one of these clubs.                       Fee: $7.50 for lunch (optional) and $7.50
   Archives - Shirley Gerlock - 757-3328                                                    for the show.
                                             5. The entries maybe on any topic. No
                                             slide may have been entered in a previous      Agenda:
  Program - Parry Johnson 789-2567            Transparency Battle.                              11:00 Registration begins.
                                             6. Every slide must be thumb spotted in          12:00 Lunch.
   Competitions - Shawna Goodman             the lower left corner when the slide is held     1:00 Feature Presentation ”I Am
               546-2936                      in normal viewing position.                    Saskatchewan”.
                                             7. Every slide must have a definite title        1:15 The Battle slide show.
                                             (Untitled #1 is not acceptable), the             2:15 Coffee break.
f /16 Editor - Larry Easton (306) 332-3711                                                     2:30 Winning slides, judges’            photographers name, and the name of
                                             the club printed on the slide.                 comments and award presentations.
    Prairie Region for Photographic Arts     8. Slides must be free of dust and               3:00 Adjournment.
         Shirley Gerlock - 757-3328          smudges.
                                             9. Slides shall be carefully packed to         Rosetown Photography Club web site:
 Canadian Association for Photographic Art   prevent damage in the mail.            
  Director - Larry Easton - (306) 332-3711
                                             10. A representative of each club shall be
   SaskAmateur - Glen Tuplin - 949-0889      responsible for picking up their slides at
                                             the end of the program. Clubs which do          In-club Transparency Battle
  SaskPhoto - Shirley Gerlock - 757-3328     not have a member present at the Battle         Regina Photo Club members may
                                             will have their entry returned by the host      submit two 35mm slides on any subject.
                                             club. Return postage shall be provided          The in-club member deadline is
                                             for this purpose by the club submitting         Tuesday, March 2. Slides may be left at
A member of the                              the entry.                                      The Cutting Crew, 3815 Albert St.,
Canadian                                     11. Judging will be by a panel of three         Monday to Saturday with Shawna
                                             persons appointed by the host club, but         Goodman, Competitions Chairperson,
Association for
                                             not members of the club. It is preferrable      on or before the deadline or at the March
Photographic Art
                                             they be local professional photographers,       2 regular meeting. All entries and the
                                             but if this is not possible, they maybe         eight winning in-club slides will be
                                             individuals known for their interest and        shown at the March 16 meeting,
                                             skills in photography. Each judge will
February, 2004                                  f-16 - Regina Photo Club                                                   Page 3

                                            steam for about ten seconds. The steam       every few minutes. (Otherwise the
Handcoloring Black                          causes the dye to penetrate the surface      acrylics will dry on the brush and you
                                            of the print. The dye is now permanent.      will have a conversation piece in you
 and White Prints                           If you applied too much dye the excess       hand that is quite incapable of applying
            By Jim Britton                  is removable. Make sure you let the          paint). The message is that acrylics dry
                                            excess water evaporate from the              rapidly! They will also hide whatever you
Question: Can I handcolor a print that      surface of the print before you apply        paint them over. But when the acrylic is
is made on glossy paper?                    more dye. This works very well with RC       dry, you can apply other media on top
Answer: Yes, but I am limited as to what    glossy papers.                               of them, like oil paint! I apply acrylic
media I can use.                              Acrylics can also be used on a paper       inks with a pen and nib. The inks can
  The best media for adding a touch of      that has a glossy finish. Acrylics are       be watered down with tap water. When
color is Kodak’s Dry Dyes. They are sold    available in tubes (like oil paints), in     they dry, they are permanent!
in a box containing bricks (like            medium viscosity (pours like molasses),           Note: Handcoloring can be a
watercolor bricks in your child’s           and as an ink (the tiny bottle comes         dangerous exercise. The materials are
watercolor set). The dye is applied with    with an eyedropper for a lid, that means     not to be ingested and, with some of
a cotton swab. Step one is to hold the      you use the eyedropper to force ink          them, even the fumes are dangerous.
brick close to your mouth and breathe       through the mixture to mix the ink –           If you need help with handcoloring, e-
on it. Then remove some of the dry dye      because the heavy parts settle to the        mail       your        problems        to:
with the cotton swab and spread it on       bottom – (don’t shake the bottle!) 
the photograph. When all the dyes are       Regular acrylics and medium viscosity        Editors note: Jim Britton is a Member of CAPA
applied, or when just a bit of the dye is                                                and contributing writer to the Pacific Zone
                                            acrylics are applied with a stiff bristled
applied, turn on the kettle. When steam     brush. During the painting process the
starts to rise hold the print over the      brush must be kept wet and cleaned

Regina Photo Club                           1. Regina Photo Club Competitions            which is available from the treasurer to
                                            (restricted to members).                     make your claim.
     COMPETITION                                                      Points
    AWARD SYSTEM                            First Place                     8            Advanced Awards
                                            Second Place                    5
                                            Third Place                     3               The advanced awards are the
The purpose of the Regina Photo Club
                                            Honourable Mention              2            Craftsman, Master-Craftsman and
Competition Award System is to
                                            Each Additional Entry           1            Prestige. They are only obtainable by
recognize and honor individual effort and
                                                                                         contributing to the advancement of
services rendered at all levels of
                                            2. SaskAmateur and SaskPhoto                 photography.           While superior
achievement. The system is based on
                                            Competitions.                                photographic skill and ability are a
Competition Points which can be earned
                                                                   Points                prerequisite, service to others in the form
by taking part in photographic activity.
                                            First Place                 9                of writing, teaching, lecturing, and
Every member of the Regina Photo Club
                                            Second Place                6                judging is also of great value to all, and
can win the highest award offered, and
                                            Third Place                 4                credits for the accomplishments will be
the beginner as well as the top member
                                            Honourable Mention          2                recognized in the form of elective
of the club will be recognized.
                                            Each Additional Entry       1                requirements.
                                                                                            Since the advanced titles carry the
The Competition Awards
                                            3. Prairie Region of Photographic Arts       degree of distinction in the Regina Photo
                                            and Canadian Association of                  Club, it is vital to the success of the
Competition Award points that can be
                                            Photographic Arts (club entries &            Competition Award Program that they
earned by members in good standing
                                            individual, if a member).                    all be earned the hard way by
with the Regina Photo Club are:
                                                                           Points        contributing the advancement of
Award                 Points Required
                                            First Place                        10        photography.
Bronze                            100
                                            Second Place                         7
Silver                            300
                                            Third Place                          5       Requirements for Craftsman:
Gold                              500
                                            Honourable Mention                   2             2000 Competition Award Points
Master’s Award                  1,000
                                            Each Additional Entry                1       Requirements for Master Craftsman:
Grand Master’s Award            2,000
                                                                                               3000 Competition Award Points
Craftsman                       3,000
                                            Points for in-club activities are awarded    Requirements for Prestige Award Points
Master Craftsman                4,000
                                            automatically. You must apply for points           4000 Competition Award Points
Prestige                        5,000
                                            on out-of-club activities. Use the form
Page 4                                          f-16 - Regina Photo Club                                         February, 2004

               2004 RPC Events Calendar                                                   Obituary Notices
Regular meetings are at 7:30 p.m. on the first & third Tuesdays from September
until June. Meetings are held at the Telephone Pioneer Activity Centre, 320 Pasqua
Street North, Regina, Saskatchewan S4R 8R7

March 2 - Sharlene Stanley , RPC Member Presentation
 (1) Photo craft ideas, unique ways to display photos.                                   Jess Deby - 1923/2004
 (2) Members image show.                                                                 Jess Deby, a former RPC member
 (3) Transparency Battle In-club deadline.                                               passed a way recently in British
March 16 - Cheryl Pady, RPC member Presentation                                          Columbia. Jess Deby along with Bill
 (1) England and Italy image show.                                                       Inglis, Lynn McCaslyn, Don Chatwin
 (2) “The 12 Day Experiment” film pickup.                                                (Regina Exhibition), Jim Paskaruk
 (3) Results of the In-club Transparency Battle                                          (Nagels Audio), Shirley Gerlock, plus
Saturday, March 20 - SaskAmateur Deadline                                                many others was one of the builders
 The Terrace Building, 10 Research Dr., University of Regina.                            of The Regina Photo Club. He joined
Friday, March 26 - SaskAmateur Awards Night                                              the Club in 1978 and continued as a
 Program starts at 7:30 pm, The Terrace Building, 10 Research Dr., U. of R.              member and an executive member,
Sunday, April 4 - Easter Flowers Photo Shoot                                             including chairing the Exhibition
 1 - 4 pm Regina Floral Conservatory, 4th Avenue, Regina.                                Committee in 1978-80, and then he
April 6 - Glen McMaster, Watershed Authority                                             retired to BC in 1983. Jess was a
 (1) Saskatchewan Birds presentation.                                                    quiet, dedicated photographer who
 (2) “The 12 Day Experiment” film due back.                                              won many awards for his colour prints
April 20 - “The 12 day Experiment”                                                       in club and Waskimo competitions,
 (1) Results and selection of winners.                                                   a fore runner to SaskAmateur.
 (2) Deadline for 3rd in-club competition.                                               By - Shirley J Gerlock, Archivist.
     Categories are: Scapes, Open & People.

*Non-Meeting Dates. Seminars are for RPC members only. Registration is limited, costs
vary. RPC also conducts field trips, special workshops and competitions throughout the
year. Please read later issues of the f-16 Newsletter for further information.

   Announcements                                  Quote of the Day
                                                                                         Members of the Regina photo Club
                                              "The nice thing about the promise
                                                                                         wish to express their sympathy to club
                                              of Spring is that sooner or later
         Trevor Owen                          she will have to keep it."
                                                                                         member, Mary Aird on the passing of
                                                                                         her Aunt, Anne Joslyn on January 19,
                                                Quote provided by Jean Gilmer
         Photography                                                                     2004. She was 96 years old.
 Regina Photo Club member
 attendees at the Trevor Owen                        Saskatchewan
 Photography workshop where; Bryan                    Professional
 Bosley, Krista Fowler, Lavonne
 Gorrill, Nora Marpole, Cheryl Pady,
                                                     Photographers                              Presidents
 Karen Rogers, GlenTuplin. The                        Association                         Theme Shoot: What is it?
 Photography Workshop: Creating                        Convention                                  Suggestions:
 Images with Impact was held on
 Sunday, February 1.                                                                     1. Nature 2. Plants 3. Animals
                                                   Date: March 6, 2004                   4. Health 5. Science 6. Food
                                                     Time: 7:00 p.m.                     7. Automobile          8. Building
                                                   Location: Regina Inn                  9. Colour             10. Texture
  Hand Painting Workshop                        Speaker: Mike Grandmaison                 Entries maybe prints, slides or
                                                “The In’s & Out’s of Stock                  digital - due at the June 1
 The Hand Painting Workshop has
                                                       Photography”                                   meeting.
 been cancelled and will be re-
                                                Tickets: Don’s Photo - $10
 scheduled in the 2004/2005 program.
                                             at the door: $15 (open to public)
February, 2004                                     f-16 - Regina Photo Club                                                     Page 5

             For Sale                                        What Will Happen To Our Photos?
         Black & White                          By Parry Johnson
                                                                                                than full resolution to conserve memory
      Darkroom Equipment                                I’m writing this letter to our Editor
                                                                                                or disk space. Often, inexpensive CDs
Beseler 4 x 5 Enlarger                          because I’ve been doing some
                                                                                                are used to store the images, on which
Zone VI Cold Light                              contemplation after my presentation to
                                                                                                files deteriorate (digitally) after only a
Zone VI Cold Light Stabilizer                   our members about photo preservation
                                                                                                few years, rendering them unusable or
Nikkor 35 mm lense                              on Feb. 17th, 2004. When I was first
                                                                                                very difficult to reassemble. The long-
Rodenstock Rodegan 80 mm lense for              preparing for the talk, I wasn’t sure if I’d
                                                                                                term usability of digital images is
120                                             have enough to say about the topic, but
                                                                                                questionable at best — to be safe, it’s
Nikkor 150 mm lense for 4 x 5                   the questions that kept ringing in my
                                                                                                a good idea to make copies of important
Enlarger Timer                                  head sounded like this: “Will people in
                                                                                                digital images every few years. If that
Teal Grain Finder                               the future want to look at my photos?
                                                                                                photographer uses film, were the
Seal Dry Mount Press / paper                    What’s the point in going to all the effort
                                                                                                negatives properly stored in archival
Filters for Multigrade paper                    if nobody will appreciate my photos? Am
                                                                                                sleeves? Did proper methods of printing
Negative carriers - 35mm, 120, & 4x5            I wasting time and money? How long
                                                                                                take place, or did the photographer cut
Developing Trays                                will my photos last?”
Variety of Multigrade papers                            The fact is that I believe most
                                                                                                        What about the photos hanging
          Contact: John Nugent                  photographers today only shoot for the
                                                                                                on my wall? How long will they last
             Lumsden, Sask.                     moment. It’s sad, but true. People
                                                                                                before they reach the point that they
              (306) 731-2204                    (including me at times) don’t even take
                                                                                                either have to be taken to the dump or
     Email:               the time to properly store their photos,
                                                                                                be replaced? Will they discolour or
                                                and they’ve forgotten what or who was
                                                                                                deteriorate over time? If they were taken
                                                in the photos. In a number of years, the
                                                                                                by a professional photographer, will I be
 YEAR END FILM SPECIALS                         next generation will consider the shoe
                                                                                                able to get a copy made from the original
                                                boxes of negatives and snapshots to be
                                                                                                negatives at a reasonable cost in terms
       REG. PRICE      SALE                     “junk” and the photos are tossed.
                                                                                                of money and effort?
                                                Somebody might even buy a box full of
    $12.00             $4.50                                                                            I’ve changed my philosophy
                                                your slides from a second-hand store
KODAK PORTRA 400 BW-120                                                                         since this past Tuesday, and I’ll try hard
                                                and re-sell the images, as that party is
   $5.70                $2.75                                                                   to practice what I preach! I’m going to
                                                now the legal owner. (Don’t laugh — it
KODAK PORTRA 400 BW-220                                                                         quit using cheap CDs for digital photos.
   $11.43               $4.50                   happens!)
                                                                                                I’m going to shoot more film and less
FUJI REALA 220                                          Just think about it: A professional
                                                                                                digital. I’m going to take better care of
    $12.64             $7.50                    photographer is hired to take a photo of
                                                                                                my negatives and prints. I’m going to
  LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE -                your family. He uses a digital camera
                                                                                                ask my mother who the people are in
CONTACT DEVONA OR DON AT DON'S                  so that you can see the results instantly
           PHOTO, REGINA
                                                                                                old photos. I’m going to make sure that
                                                and change the outcome if it isn’t
 347-7887 FOR FURTHER DETAILS.                                                                  my photographs are made, washed,
                                                “perfect.” The resolution is mediocre
                                                                                                stored and framed correctly. I’m going
                                                compared to most film cameras. Many
                                                                                                to take more pictures of my family, my
                                                (if not most) shots are deleted or not
  Annual General                                transferred to disk, or are taken at less
                                                                                                students, my friends and others I love.
                                                                                                        How about you?
   Meeting and
                                                                                                Your points are well taken! I have old
Election of Officers                                                                            wedding photographs of my mother’s
                                                                                                parents taken in a studio. I also have
        The Annual General Meeting and          Radu. She will not be seeking re-election.      two other photos taken in the same
Election of Officers is set for June 1, 2004.   d) President - presently held by Donna-         studio of a young lady in each photo
The Executive terms are for two years. The      Joy Tuplin. She will run for re-election.       that I am unable to positively identify,
following positions whose term will end         e) Secretary - presently held by Wayne          but believe them to be sisters of my
at the end of the 2003 - 04 year are:           Gilmer. He will resign and seek election
a) Program - presently held by Parry
                                                                                                mother’s father. There are no identifying
                                                in another executive portfolio. The
Johnson. He will not be seeking re-             Secretary position will be for a one year       names and of course I never asked my
election.                                       term.                                           mother, and now it is too late. Further
b) Competitions - presently held by                     Members interested in any of these      more, the B&W Sepia toned photos are
Shawna Goodman. She will not be                 positions should contact Laird Wilson -         still in good condition,but were stored
seeking re-election.                            Treasurer for information on duties and if      in a non acid free cardboard box.
c) Vice -President - presently held by Reta     interested in running for these positions.       - Editor
Page 6                                          f-16 - Regina Photo Club                                            February, 2004

                                    Merit Point Awards
Mary Aird                             34     Bob Gay                               48     Dave Perry                                 304
Cheryl Behrns                        377     Shirley Gerlock                   2,423      Jamie Radu                               216
Bryan Bosley                         103     Jean Gilmer                          138     Reta Radu                                1,556
Shelley Brenner                      189     Wayne Gilmer                          36     Kelly Reid Ward                             60
Bob Brownridge                        35     Shawna Goodman                       385     Karen Rodgers                               60
Murray Bryck                      1057       Terry Graham                        382      Sandra Schoenroth                           27
Susan Cadieu                         130     Gayle Hipperson                       15     Jennifer Semsock                             2
Ben Checkowy                         465     Wayne Iverson                       396      Jim Slough                               3,571
Blair Dobson                         706     Parry Johnson                        631     Sharlene Stanley                            82
Abe Doerksen                         777     Don Jurick                            58     Walter Thiel                             2,511
Craig Douglas                         88     Kornaga Kendall                        1     Marlyn Toderan                           1,301
Glenn Downton                       1622     Janice Krietemeyer                     6     Donna - Joy Tuplin                          92
DanielleDriver                         8     Maureen Kupiec                         2     Glen Tuplin                                189
Deana Driver                         252     Albert Lavallee                       26     Brenda Valiaho                              15
Dorothy Easton                        75     Don Mathieson                       719      Renee Wilkinson                             11
Larry Easton                       4,471     Jerry Mayo                            26     Dale Williams                               27
Zlatan Fazlagic                       22     Lynn McCaslin                        235     Laird Wilson                               315
Rob Fisher                            92     Wayne McLean                          17     Marie Wilson                             2,069
Arnold Foster                      609       Cheryl Pady                        2,534
Keith Foster                         728     Jeremy Pady                           88     Points up to and include 2nd In-Club Competition.
                                                                                          Report errors or omissions to Laird Wilson.

                                             Greenlight will also turn the spotlight on     Submissions will be accepted through
   DIGITAL PHOTO                             an undiscovered photographer through         March 31, 2004. Judging will be
                                                                                          completed and the top five finalists
                                             the YOU Take Five contest.
      CONTEST                                  To enter, simply shoot and submit 5        notified the week of April 19th. The grand
   The Digital Photo Amateur contest is      digital photographs on this site. Your       prizewinner will be announced in June
sponsored by Hewlett Packard.                entry will be judged on originality,         2004.
   HP and Project Greenlight producers       technical execution and your ability to          Visit for more
Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Chris            tell a story using photographs. Good         information on how to enter, conditions
Moore are encouraging Canadians to           luck!                                        of entry and prize details.
enter a worldwide contest, titled “YOU
Take Five”. They are asking for              How to Enter                                                 For Sale:
submissions of five digital photographs       If you’ve ever submitted photos to this            Large 4x5 Format Camera
that tell a story. The reward is a chance    site before, you already know the drill.     OMEGA VIEW 4"x5" with 18" mono rail,
to become an on-set photographer for                                                      revolving back w/screened ground glass.
                                                 •   Grab your digital camera and
the third Project Greenlight independent
                                                     start shooting. Remember, your
film, a walk-on role in the movie, red-                                                   1- Komura 155mm lens mounted on
                                                     entry will be judged on
carpet access to the film’s premiere and                                                  board 1- Komura 80mm lens mounted
                                                     originality, technical execution,
a large Hewlett Packard digital                                                           on board. 12 - Double sided film holders.
                                                     and your ability to tell a story
photography          prize     package.                                                   1- Polaroid 545 Land file holder
                                                     using photographs.
   Your fifteen minutes of fame are only                                                  1- Extra lens holder, with carrying box.
a few snapshots away. Enter the YOU              •   Once you’ve shot your photos         Camera - a real steal at $350.00
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February, 2004                     f-16 - Regina Photo Club                            Page 7

                                   The Gallery
                                   First Place Winners
                                        2nd Inclub

                             Amateur Colour - Scapes
                               “The Old Windmill”        B & W Open
                                Sharlene Stanley          “Imaging”
                                                         Jerry Mayo

     Amateur Colour - Open
       “Techno Rainbow”              Adv. Amateur Colour - Scapes
          Glen Tuplin                       “Fire and Ice”
                                             Jerry Mayo

                                                                      Amateur Colour - Scapes
                                                                          “Emerald lake”
                                                                         Sharlene Stanley

                                          Amateur Colour
     Amateur Colour - Open             “The Campsite Visitor”
         “Old Strings”                   Sharlene Stanley
          Glen Tuplin
Page 8                              f-16 - Regina Photo Club                 February, 2004

                                     The Gallery
                                     First Place Winners
                                          2nd Inclub

      Amateur Slide Open                                         Advanced Slide Open
          “The Eye”                                                  “Windows”
         Dave Perry                                                 Larry Easton

                               Advanced Amateur Slide - Open
                                   “Vincent Massey Park”          B & W - Scapes
                                        Walter Thiel                  “Canal”
                                                                  Don Mathiewson

      B & W - Open                                                   Amateur Slide - Open
         “Rushes”                                                         “Sunshine”
      Don Mathieson                                                    Donna-Joy Tuplin

                                                 B & W - Fauna
                                                 “Cheap Seats”
                                                 Don Mathieson
  Advanced Amateur Slide - Fauna
           Bryan Bosley

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