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                                                                           15th June 2010

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 Assessor’s Information : Submission #1             Assessor’s Information : Submission
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Sally Kay-Smith runs a small Kitchen design company at present she a two
computers, she asked your advice about the desktop PC, which is now several years
old and runs very slowly.

The company want to install some complex new design software on the system, but
the software packaging says that it requires a minimum 1 GHz speed processor, 256
MB of RAM, a 64MB graphics card and Windows XP operating system.

Sally would like to be able to work on the move so she will require a system that will
accommodates her. She has plans to take on a designer and will need a system for
them to use her plan is for the designer to be able to communicate with the office
when on the road. She has no idea what the specification means so is very concern
about what she is buying does.

Grading criteria covered by this assessment: P1, P2, P3, P4, M1, M2, M3, D1

Task 1 — (P1, P2)
You decide to prepare put together a user guide that will provide company with all the
information they require.
Write a introduction to PC guide which will include the following.
a) The meaning of the term hardware.
b) The main hardware components of a PC, including:
    the processor
    main memory
    storage devices
    input devices
    output devices.
c) The difference between the operating system and applications software, giving her
d) Factors that can affect the performance of the PC.
Using the comparison chart, provide information on three PC systems suitable for the
end user.
Task 2 P3 M1 M3 P4 D2
From the information you have gathered in task 1 write an article discuss why you
would recommend the systems. Give details on upgrade and add one which could
benefit the end user. Provide advice on the most commonly used operating system
and the most popular software packages
Write an article on four different storage devices your reader will need to know about
types, storage size cost advantages and disadvantages.

Task 3 D1
Write a troubleshoot guide which will provide basic information on what to do should
the system go wrong.

Task 4 M2
Create a user diagram which will help the user set up the new PC systems and get
                         What you need to hand in
                                 Task 1

   Word process introduction
   Caparison table
Task 2
   Article on recommended PC
Task 3
   Trouble-shooter guide
   User guide diagram

     To obtain a particular criterion you must produce the evidence as stated within the
     Complete this page by indicating which criteria have been attempted and the page
      number within your report where the evidence can be found.

         To achieve a PASS you must show that you are able                         Page
         to:                                                                        #
         Identify and explain the function of the main components of
    P1   a PC system
         Identify and collect information about different PC system

         From the research on PC systems select a suitable PC
    P3   system (including peripherals) for a specified end user,
         listing three components features the support your choice
         Describe four different storage devices and what they might
    P4   be used for
       To achieve a MERIT grade you must have achieved all
       of the Pass criteria and also show that you are able
       Describe why the selected PC system gives good value for
    M1 money to the specified end user

       Create guidance note for an inexperienced end-user that
    M2 enables them to set up and use a PC system

       Explain the main features of three commonly available
    M3 application packages

         To achieve a DISTINCTION grade you must have
         achieved all of the Pass and Merit criteria and also
         show that you are able to:
         Create a troubleshooting guide to support the guidance
    D1   notes for inexperienced users (identifying common problems
         and how to resolve them)
         Identify possible hardware of peripheral upgrades to the
    D2   system that you have chosen, explaining their benefits

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