APRIL 2005
TO:              Board Members
                 State Associations
                 R.G. National Sport Management Committee
                 R.G. State Management Committees

FROM:            Teresa Evans, RG Technical Director

DATE:            April 2005

           1. National Level 3 Judges Course
           2. Junior RG Rules
           3. NPM Amendments Errata 13 and 14.
           4. RG Judges Course – New Zealand
           5. 2005 RG Skoolgirls Championships
           6. Upcoming Dates
           7. National Championships
           8. Malaysia v Australia Competition

1. National Level 3 Judges Course
The National Level 3 Judges Course will be held on Friday 20th and Saturday
21st May in conjunction with the National Championships. This is for
requalifying Level 3’s and for 2B wishing to accredit at Level 3. Please see
Attachment number 1 for full details and intention to attend information.

2. Junior RG Rules
Please find this information on the GA RG website.             The National
Championships will be following these rules except for the adding together of
the two middle execution marks. They will be averaged as per usual.

3. NPM Amendments Errata 13 and 14.
Please note that you should print off the new amended March 2005 errata’s
for No.13 and 14 found on the GA RG website. There are only minor
alterations but they should be noted as values and additions are both current.

RG Technical Bulletin – April 2005                                           1
4. RG Continental Judges Course, New Zealand
Congratulations the following Australian Judges who travelled to Auckland
New Zealand to renew their Brevet with excellent results. We thank them for
their continued dedication to our sport and wish them well for the coming

Gina Peluso (NSW)                    Robyn Pride (NSW)
Karyn Murray (WA)                    Elisa Duffin (NSW)
Meryl Papas (QLD)                    Margaret Lanz (VIC)
Veronica Sologuren (NSW)             Joan Duquemin (VIC)
Helen Turnbull (NSW)

5. RG Skookgirls Championships – 17th September 2005 Sydney
Information regarding this event will be available soon from Gymnastics
Australia but if you have any pressing questions Nicole Higham our SMC
member who is the convenor of this competition can be reached at
nhigham@gymnastics.org.au. The event will be held in Sydney so please
encourage your school to be part of the fun.

6. Upcoming Dates
Arafura Games: May 12th to 17th in Darwin.
RG National Championships: May 22nd – 27th in Sydney
World Championships Selection Trial: August 2005
National Clubs Championships: 25th –30th September in Melbourne
Commonwealth Games Trials: First trial set for 1st Week in December.

7. 2005 RG National Championships
   • The RG National Championships will be held in the same area within
      the Sydney Sports Centre as last year. Changes have been made to
      try and resolve problems that were noted last year with the venue
      being rearranged slightly, the competition extended one day so that
      sessions do not overlap, the maximum number of gymnasts in each
      session has been set and the official training will be located in Sports
      Hall A at Sydney Olympic Park
   • Music has been a problem in the past and to make sure that there are
      no problems could each State ensure the following measures are
   • All states are encouraged to submit music on CD’s. Please ensure the
      correct information regarding the
                        1. Gymnast(s) name
                        2. State
                        3. Level/Stage
                        4. Apparatus both written and symbol
                        5. Name of Music and Artist
                        6. Music Length
      is in legible form on both the CD (Cassette) and the Cover. If
      handwritten please print. Please do not use white out on CD discs as
      this can damage the player and may distort the CD. Be sure that the
      cover is fixed in place as a lost or loose cover will result in disruption to
      the competition. The CD must be of sufficient weight and quality as
      some cheap CDs do not play in all CD players.

RG Technical Bulletin – April 2005                                               2
        The following meetings will be held at the National Championships and
        the National SMC is calling for agenda items.
           • Sport Program Technical Assembly (SPTA): If your state has
               any agenda items please email them direct to
           • Elite Management Committee (EMC): If any members of this
               committee have agenda items please email them to

    8. Australia and Malaysia Competition
       The Australia V Malaysia RG International Challenge held in Brisbane
       on the 8th-9th April 2005 was a very successful competition for Australia
       with the team of Lena Kotova, Amy Khera, Kimberly Mason, Naazmi
       Johnston and Amelia McVeigh (Reserve) winning the team
       competition. Lena and Amy also won individual apparatus medals.
       Thanks go to GA and QGA for the organisation of the competition and
       our two Coaches, Lisa Bradley and Nicole Higham for their hard work
       with the girls at their training camp and during the competition.

        Results from this competition can be found on the GA RG website
        located at www.gymnastics.org.au

                                                                 Attachment 1
RG Technical Bulletin – April 2005                                             3
                             Level 3 Judging Course
Gymnastics Australia is pleased to invite appropriately qualified level 3 and 2B
rhythmic judges to participate in a level 3 judging course. Please find details
of this course outlined below.

                  Date: Friday 20 May and Saturday 21 May 2005
               Venue: State Sports Centre, Meeting Room …, Sydney
          Presenters: Ellena Papas and Teresa Evans
      Prerequisites: Judges must have held and fulfilled the requirements of maintaining a level
                           2B or 3 judging qualification.
  Course Materials: Candidates are required to bring to the course the FIG Code of Points and
                           Symbol book, downloadable from the FIG website.
  Accommodation: Candidates are responsible for arranging their own accommodation and
            Program:           Friday     Session 1         10am -12pm       Generalities
              (DRAFT)                     Lunch             12pm -1pm
                                          Session 2         1pm - 3pm        Rope and Hoop
                                          Break             3pm - 3:30pm
                                          Session 3         3:30pm - 5pm     Ball and Clubs
                                          Break             5pm - 7pm
                                          Session 4         7pm - 8:30pm     Ribbon and Group
                             Saturday     Session 5         9am -10:30am     Questions and Answers
                                          Break             10:30am -11am
                                          Session 6         11am -1pm        Video analysis
                                          Break             1pm -3pm
                                          Session 7         3pm - 4pm        Practical Examination
                                          Session 8         4pm - 6pm        Written Examination
        Registration: Candidates are required to register their intent to participate by emailing
                           Karon Williams on kwilliams@gymnastics.org.au by the 13th May 2005.
                  Cost: $50

RG Technical Bulletin – April 2005                                                    4

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