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									                                 maheshwari girls public school
                         Holiday Homework – Class XI (Session 2011-12)
     1. You are Mridula, the head girl of Vidya Public School. An air force officer has
        agreed to conduct an orientation camp in your school for those interested in
        joining the air force after school. Put up a notice in forming the students of the
        program and encouraging them to participate. Write the notice in not more than
        50 words & put the notice in a box.
     2. You are Geeta who stays in a hostel and shares a room with Anita, your
        classmate. You have to leave suddenly on receiving news that your grandmother
        is not well in the village. Draft a message in telling your roommate why and
        where you are going & that you will be back in 10 days. Also request her to return
        your library book to the library.
     3. Write a paragraph in not more than 80 words describing your favorite
     4. Prepare a project which reflects the work done by non government organization
        for the physically, visually & mentally challenged people. You can visit the
        organization or their internet site to collect information.

Revise Chapter 1, 2

Students will prepare a file of commerce related documents & they will record their own
transactions into the journal.

                                        Business Studies
Prepare a Project on any one of the given topics:
    1.      Commercial Bank                                         19.   Social responsibility of business
    2.      International Business                                  20.   Warehousing
    3.      Advertising                                             21.   Hotel
    4.      ATM                                                     22.   Manufacturing process of different
    5.      Communication                                                 products
    6.      Pollution control                                       23.   Mutual fund company
    7.      Multiple Shops                                          24.   Business processing outsources
    8.      Cottage industry                                        25.   Problem faced by women entrepreneur
    9.      Departmental store                                      26.   Post office
    10.     Insurance Company                                       27.   Event Management Company
    11.     Environmental and business protection                   28.   Saving habits of people
    12.     Business finance                                        29.   Wastage disposal system
    13.     E-commerce                                              30.   Shopping Mall
    14.     Consumer awareness                                      31.   Special Economic zone
    15.     Career options in commerce                              32.   World Trade Park
    16.     Mode of transportation                                  33.   Hockers and paddlers
    17.     Handicraft industry                                     34.   Import, export process
    18.     Stock exchange

1.       Prepare a questionnaire on any of the topic given below and conduct a survey. Present the
         collected data in the form of tables, graphs and diagrams. After analysis, prepare a survey
         report with a conclusion.
         The Topics are - Different mobile phones, pens, newspapers, Crime, dairy products, detergent
         powder, L.G. products, cosmetics companies, T.V Serials, soft drinks, footwear, lakme products,
         Saras products, health drinks, cold drinks, Ice creams, Chocolates, Cartoon Characters, Perfumes,
         Watches, tooth-pastes, soaps, women magzines, T. V Channels, different products of Hindustan
         Liver, Junk food & Health, products of Ayurvedic companies, Products of Tupperware, different
         Co. of electronic items, Bikes, readymade Garments.
2.       Prepare a model of any one topic given below:
        Different sectors of economy (primary, secondary tertiary)
        Population, Social infrastructure, Economic infrastructure, urbanisation as a problem,
         role of transport in economic development, output structure, structural change in the
         Indian economy since independence.
        World Trade Park, volcano and its effects , 3 sectors of Indian economy, animal
         husbandry,Indian agriculture and agriculture in US.Model of RBI,tragedy of JAPAN,
         economic development in rural areas, import & export
        3.      Prepare a chart of any topic given below:
         Old age problems, gender bias, causes of high birth rate, role of transport in economic
         development, structural changes, rights of a child, Child labour, forms of consumer
         exploitation, rights & duties of a consumer, causes of poverty, types of diagrams,
         methods of collecting primary data, various types of frequency distribution graphs,
         scatter diagram, output structure, sustainable development..
Mathamatical tools applied in Physics
         a) Logarithms
         b) Trigonometric Relations
         c) Integral Calculations
         d) Differential calculations
         e) Binomial Theorem
         f) Vectors & scalers
         To understand the basic concept and practice 5 questions on each.
         To be done in HW register .
Learn the tests for the acid and basic radicals from your Lab Manual. Do the worksheet
given in chapter 1.Practice extra numericals stoichiometry .

Complete the assigned project work.
Revise Chapter 1,2 , 3 & 4

                                          Bio Technology
Revise Chapter 1 & 2
Prepare the charts and project on the assigned topics.

                                      Informatics Practices
1.       An institute offers MCA course of duration 3 years. The interface given below is
         designed to capture the marks secured by student in the semester exam. Your help
         is sought to enhance the interface in the following format:
                             Roll Number

                             Year 1                                     Total
                             Year 2
                             Year 3

   a) When the user clicks the button Total, the total marks and the percentage of marks
      secured by the student should be displayed in text field txtTotal and txtPercent
      respectively. (Assume that marks in each semester are out of 600).
   b) When the user clicks on the button Report the final report should be displayed in
      the label lblResult in the following formant:-
      Total marks = _______ and Percentage =________%.
2.     Given a GUI application’s sample run as shown below:-
                           First Name                                       fname (label)

                           Last Name                                        Lname (label)

                           Full name is
                                    full name                         fname Btn (button)

                                                                           full name ((label)
          Write the code in the actionPerformed ( ) event handler of button fnameBtn, so
          that full name i.e., first name concatenated with Lastname gets displayed in label
          namely Fullname.
3.        Create a GUI application for your Mathematics teacher who has to teach
          rectangle operations to middle class students. The GUI application should
          display a menu regarding menu operations and perform an operation according
          to user’s response.
          It should be able to carry out the chosen operation for all the rectangles having
          length <= the given length and having the same breadth as that of the given
          breadth. (Take slabs of 2.0 mt difference) for e.g. if the user enters 5.5 as length
          and 6 as breadth and opts for area operation then the application should be able to
          calculate area for rectangles with length 1.5, 3.5 ……5.5 mts respectively and
          breadth as 6 mt.
                               Enter the rectangle specification below:-
                      length                         Breadth (mts)

                                  Rectangle operations menu:-
                     Full name is                        Result
                         1.     Area
                         2.     Perimeter       Go
                         3.     Diagonal

                     Enter your choises:

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