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									              voluMe 32 | no 4 | JulY/AuG 2010             WIRE                              gi Gif
                                                                                               ve ts
                                                                                             fo aw &
                                                                                               r a ay
                                                                                                  ll! s

Dorothy the Dinosaur’s                   WIN your way to the             The all new Marconi
Travelling Show                          World Cup                       Football School
Saturday 17 July                         See page 8 & 9 for details      It starts with a dream ...
                                                                         See page 37

You’re invited to the wog                Kids eat free at                Stallions stampede
wedding of the year!                     Oscars Trattoria                to the top
Starring Salvatore Coco                  A month of birthday giveaways   Mid season wrap up
See page 17                              See page 22                     See page 24
| maRconI WIRE

volume 32 no. 4

Contents                                                                          Board of Directors
                                      Page 5
                                      Seniors &
                                      Ladies Auxillary
                                      Senior events and programs

                                      Page 7
                                      Debutantes Ball                                PResidenT           vice PResidenT/             vice PResidenT/
                                      Our 2010 debuatantes                         Tony campolongo     FooTball chaiRman            sPoRTs PResidenT
                                                                                         oAM                vince Foti                   mario soligo
                                      and partners

                                      Page 9
                                      Italian Republic Day
                                      Food, fun and Italian flavour!

                                      Page 17                                        diRecToR               diRecToR                     diRecToR
                                                                                      Joe Romeo           Robert carniato            Graziano de bortoli
                                      A huge variety of upcoming and
                                      regular entertainment shows

                                      Page 21
                                      Loads of prizes up for grabs!

                                                                                     diRecToR               diRecToR                     diRecToR
                                                                                  Gabriele Zamprogno        sam noiosi                  morris licata
                                      Page 22
                                      Celebrating our 52nd Birthday!

                                      Page 24
                                      Latest soccer news and updates
                                                                                     diRecToR               diRecToR
                                                                                   delfina Pipitone       Giorgio Favotto

                                      Page 26
                                      Interclub Associations
                                      All our club sporting team
                                      reviews and results                                                                You’ll be rolling down
                                                                                                                         the aisle for Robbo &
                                                                                                                         Rosa’s Wog Wedding!
                                      Page 32                                                                            Friday 6 August.
                                      In & About                                                                         See page 17 for more info
                                      Snaps from the Club Marconi
                                      Photo Gallery

A publication of CluB MARConI of             Magazine editor. Stella Tripodi                                       All information is correct at time of
Bossley Park Social, Recreation and                                                                                printing, however changes may occur from
Sporting Centre limited.                     Designed and produced by Meshmedia                                    time to time.
Marconi Plaza, Bossley Park nSW 2176         T. 02 9725 2255
                                             F. 02 9725 2022                                                       Extracts from this publication can not be
T. 02 9822 3333                                                                                                    re-produced or copied without written
F. 02 9822 3399                              e.
                                                                                                                   permission from Club Marconi.
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                                                      5 | marconi wire

Ladies Auxilary
Mothers Day Lunch
                                    What a huge success with 330
                                    people attending, the Ladies
                                    Auxiliary honoured Vicky Fontana
                                    as the Honorary Mother to the
                                    Ladies Auxiliary Committee. As
                                    we all know Vicky has made some
                                    tremendous contributions to the
                                    club over the many years and
                                    continues to do so. An honour so
                                    truly deserved.

Mothers Night
On Mothers Night, we were
entertained by Ricky Danieli, the
Vadala band and Tony Mazzell.
Lorella Gallo took the honours
of being the youngest mother on
the night and Mary Maglione the
oldest. Congratulations to 2010
Mother of the Year Winner Regina
De Biasi.
6 | marconi wire

Ladies Auxilary
Chestnut Day
Chestnut Day was a fantastic event with a record crowd and glorious
weather. On behalf of the Ladies Auxiliary thank you to all the cutters
and cooks. What a truly family fun day with the Tyrolean Band and
Action on Cue Dancers. Special thanks to dance teacher Melissa from
Action on Cue for your fantastic support.

ChristMas iN JuLy
Tuesday 13 July
Tickets $35 children (u/12yrs) $15 – Doors Open 10.30am – All welcome

Live show with George Vambuca and Francesca Brescia

Bookings & enquiries contact Emma on 9823 6572
or Joan on 9823 5854 or 0417 653 701

     Come along & join in on the fun with our Winter Santa, fabulous meal & entertainment
                                                                            7 | marconi wire

2010 Debutantes Ball

 & Bejamin Funnigan     & Andrian Petro             & Niko Di Maio     & Mathew Salem

  & Adrian Baghous        & Dylan Screpis           & Jordan Attard    & Gregory Deahm

                                saturDay 31 JuLy
                             from 6pm in the auditorium

                         Ticket enquiries please contact the Club

  NiKKi BRADFORD                                                        SOPHiA JACK
  & Stephen Chiciak                                                     & Anthony Luc

   & Anthony Cirillo        Flowergirl                 Pageboy            Flowergirl

 ALESSiO MAzzOTTi        TYRA Di GuiLiO              LuCA SuLLO       JOAN PELLEGRiNO
      Pageboy              Flowergirl                  Pageboy         Matron of Honour
8 | marconi wire

Ladies Auxilary

                                         Ferragosto italiano
                                                          Celebrate in true Italian style

    SuNDAy 1ST AuguST
    – From 12pm                                         All welcome

    Including a 4 course meal,                          TiCkeTS $70 adults and
    dancing & entertainment                             $25 children (u/12yrs)

    Bookings & enquiries contact Bob Santucci 0418 239 185, Nello Pellegrino 0411 868 818 or Joan Pellegrino 0417 653 701

                                                                                  Fathers Night
                                                                                  4 SEPTEMBER

    Fathers Day Lunch                                                             Dance the night away and
                                                                                  celebrate all the great fathers
                                                                                  of our family & community
    TuESDAY 31 AuGuST
                                                                                  Live band & floorshow
    Celebrate Fathers day with family and friends                                 with the Wow Factor Dancers

    Enjoy a great lunch, live music & entertainment with Lucio                    Tickets $8

    From 10.30am                                                                  Doors open 7.30pm

    Tickets $35                                                                   Prizes for the youngest
                                                                                  & oldest father
    Bookings & enquiries contact Emma on 9823 6572 or
    Joan on 9823 5854 or 0417 653 701

    Prizes for the youngest & oldest father

Club Marconi                                                                       CluB MaRCONI FaTHeR OF THe yeaR
                                                                                   NOMINATION FORM
                                                                                   Proposer:                      _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Members are invited to nominate their Father as a candidate for the Father
of the Year award. The nomination form must be completed by 11th August

2010. Nominee MuST be a Club Marconi member.                                       _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                   Badge Number:                                       ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please include with this nomination form a short biography of the nominee          Telephone:                          ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(limit 500 words). A panel of five persons will select the winner of the Father
of the Year Award who will be announced during the Father’s Night held on
                                                                                   Nominee:                         ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Saturday 4th September 2010.
                                                                                   Address:                     _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

POsT TO:     Ladies Auxiliary, Club Marconi                                        _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

             PO Box 6767                                                           Badge Number:                                       ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

             Wetherill Park NSW 2164
                                                                                   Telephone:                          ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                    9 | marconi wire

italian Republic Day
Despite a forecast of cyclonic winds and storms, the sun shone on Sunday 30 May as we
celebrated the Annual italian Republic Day. Big, brash and bountiful are the words we
could use to describe this day on which we celebrated all things italian including food,
wine and cars.

We were graced with the presence of NSW Premier Kristina Keneally and a myriad of
special guests including leader of the Opposition Barry O’Farrell, italian Consul General
Dr Benedetto Latteri and Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Member for Smithfield
Ninos Khoshaba and Member for Fairfield Joe Tripodi.

Our first ever home made wine and crostoli competition was a hit and attracted a lot of
attention. After much taste testing Domenico Di Stilio took out the winner’s trophy for
best home made wine with Quirino Bianco awarded runner up. Loredana Mace was the
inaugural first prize winner for best crostoli, followed by Maria Portolesi as runner up.

Many thanks once again to all our stall holders and supporters including Fr Anthony
Fregolent and Rose Pangallo who arranged the commemorative mass celebrations, the
italian Made Social Motoring Club and Ducati Owners Club of NSW for showcasing their
beautiful machines and the Association Maria SS Delle Grazie Santuraio Di Tresilico for
once again filling our tummies with fresh home made zeppole. Plus a final thank you
to Ettalong Beach Tourist Resort, Travelscene Horsley Park and the Chiffley Group for
offering a variety of prizes for the major festa promotion.

                                                                                            Fr Anthony conducts
                                                                                            commemorative mass
10 | marconi wire

italian Republic Day

  Member for Smithfield Ninos Khoshaba, NSW       Club Board of Directors with NSW Premier and          The Foti family celebrate with Mrs Foti who
   Premier, Fr Anthony & Tony Campolongo                     Member for Smithfield                       received the prestigious Cavaliere Award

 Cavaliere Marco & Fabio Testa with Mr Bamonte    Best home made wine winner Mr & Mrs Di Stilio

                                                  Special dignitaries (L to R) Dr Benedetto Latteri,
                                                 Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Leader of the
                                                 Opposition Barry O’Farrell MP & Tony Campolongo

                                                                                                       Roaming entertainer Kevin Rudd and members
                                                                                                         of the italian Made Social Motoring Club
                                                                                                                    11 | marconi wire

                                             Best Crostoli Winner Loredana Mace with Club
                                             Vice Presidents Vince Foti & Mario Solgio with   Homemade Wine runner up Mr Quirino Bianco
                                                            MC Tony Di Marti

  Member for Fairfield Joe Tripodi MP with
              NSW Premier

Festa Getaway Giveaway lucky prize winners
12 | marconi wire

Ladies Auxilary
this information is printed for the benefit of the Italian speaking seniors group

Circolo Anziani e Amici Programma
luglIO                                                                                                         AVViSO iMPORTANTE
MARTEDi       13          Christmas in July (natale in Luglio) Prenotate con comitato feminilie entro 6/7/10
                                                                                                               PER i PENSiONATi

MARTEDi       20          Tivoli Lounge ore 10am – Tombola – Bocce – Carte – Pranzo. $13.00 Per Persona        ii patronato ital-uil considerate la
MARTEDi       27          Tivoli Lounge ore 10am – Tombola – Bocce – Carte – Pranzo. $13.00 Per Persona        numerosa comunita italiana residente

                                                                                                               nella zona di Fairfield, Smithfield, Liverpool
                                                                                                               e Bossley Park, ha deciso di effettuare un
MARTEDi       3           Tivoli Lounge ore 10am – Tombola – Bocce – Carte – Pranzo. $13.00 Per Persona        servizio settimanale di assistenza presso
MARTEDi       10          NON Ci SONO ATTiViTA                                                                 il Marconi Club. Gli interessati possono
MARTEDi       17          Tivoli Lounge ore 10am – Tombola – Bocce – Carte – Pranzo. $13.00 Per Persona        mettersi in contatto con i’ital uil chiedere
MARTEDi       24          Tivoli Lounge ore 10am – Tombola – Bocce – Carte – Pranzo. $13.00 Per Persona        di Pino Musso (Tel 9261 1585/77)
MARTEDi       31          Auditorium- Festa del Papa - Prenotate con E.Dalco- Entro 24/8/2010                  iL SERViziO E’ GRATuiTO.

MARTEDi       7           Tivoli Lounge ore 10am – Tombola – Bocce – Carte – Pranzo. $13.00 Per Persona

Per informazioni telefonate V Fontana 9610 3526 - 0418 110 197 or E Dalcol 9823 6578.                          Tutti Benvenuti
                                                                                                                                                      13 | marconi wire

 27th May 2010                                              21st april 2010                                           5th May 2010

 Hi Janet,                                                  Dear Stella,                                              To Stella Tripodi and the Board of Directors,

 Just wanted to pass on a huge thank you for everything     i just wanted to thankyou for the band that you had       i come to the Club every Saturday night. We come in a
 you do to make our event so successful.                    organised on Saturday 17th April at Club Marconi the      group of 10.
 We were so happy with the room, the food, the service      Cappuccino Band.                                          On many occasions we have booked Rick Daniele to sing
 and every aspect of our event at the Marconi Club.         The band played a great variety of music for young and    at functions and i find Rick and the band do a great job
 it was a total pleasure dealing with you, and i look       old, we came with a group of 6 and we had not been to     on Saturday nights.
 forward to working with you again for                      the club for several months. it was refreshing to see a   Also on two occasions i have been when you have had
 future events!                                             7 piece band and new faces who have plenty of Energy.     the other band Cappuccino, that’s all the singers have
                                                            Well Done!                                                been great, new songs and professional and a younger
 Regards,                                                                                                             crowd. This is great for the Club.
                                                            We will be back next month.
 simonne                                                                                                              So thank you for your time thank you for
                                                                                                                      your changes.
 21st May 2010                                                                                                        salvatore Manna
                                                            16th april 2010
 Dear Stella,
                                                            Dear Silvana and Jonathan,                                5th May 2010
 This Short Note is to tell you how impressed i was
 on Saturday night when i went to Club Night. The           Caritas Australia’s Chile Earthquake Appeal
                                                                                                                      To Stella and Staff,
 Room was full of people; the music was fantastic, full     Thank you for your kind donation that we have received
 of romance and energy. i have never seen so many           to the value of $3024 for the rehabilitation to the       i just wanted to say that i have noticed the changes
 people at Club Night. i am looking forward to this band    communities affected by the Chile Earthquake appeal.      lately at the Club and its been great.
 returning. Congratulations on your choice and well done.   Your generosity in holding a fundraising event at the     i came to your 80’s Funk Disco night on the long weekend
 Thankyou,                                                  Marconi Club is enabling Caritas to providing immediate   and also came back last Saturday night the 1st of may for
                                                            relief supplies including tents, clean water, food        the italian night upstairs and i was with a group of 8 and
 Jenna                                                      and income. Your compassion at this time is greatly       we came from Lane Cove.
                                                            appreciated.                                              We had a great night then followed by Pizza and great
                                                            Thank you again for your support and                      coffee downstairs and more music.
                                                            fundraising efforts.                                      We will be back next month and will be joining the Club.
                                                            Kind Regards,                                             Thank you,
                                                            lizzie Birrell                                            luisa arena

                                                                                             PizzA NOW

Authentic italian food
...cooked to order for $10 or less per person
Select from our special menu available Wednesday & Thursday dinner only
14 | marconi wire

                                                                                                                                                    15 | marconi wire

Chinese Good Fortune
Marconi Palace Chinese Restaurant turned heads at this years NSW Club of the Year Awards receiving the Highly Commended Award in the Best Club
Restaurant Category. Up against a myriad of other venues, Marconi Palace was nominated for its impeccable service, quality meals and excellent customer
feedback reports from the many members & guests of our Club who have shared a memorable dining experience in the Palace. Hardly good fortune, Zac &
his team have worked very hard to ensure these great results and as such have been recognised not just in our community but now in the entire NSW Club
Industry. Congratulations.
We were also extremely happy with the clubs
finalist placing’s in the following categories.

    BeSt ClUB eNteRtAINMeNt
    – oscars trattoria
    BeSt ClUB eNCoURAgeMeNt
    of AMAteUR SPoRt
    – laura Brillo

once again congratulations to all staff and members
for their support of our fabulous facilities, helping us
to be recognised amongst our peers and industry.           Marconi Palace operator Zac celebrates   Members of the Management team & staff celebrate at the
                                                           a great win                              Club of the Year Awards

                                                      a SeconD FamiLY To none
                                                                     If we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with, then you can trust that
                                                                     you are in safe hands with the staff team at Club Marconi.

                                                                     More than just a job, for over 52 years the club has thrived on a variety of quality people who
                                                                     have embraced our club, endorsing it as their second family or home away from home. the bond
                                                                     formed amongst the team is second to none and strengthens the level of quality service that is
                                                                     offered to our members. Currently with over 245 staff, we are humbled by the variety of unique
                                                                     gifts each member brings as we are able to cater for the diverse culture and demographics of
                                                                     our club which houses over 18 different nationalities collectively spoken by the team. Striving
                                                                     to continually develop, the Human Resources team have implemented a strategy to support a
                                                                     number of staff by offering hospitality training in local tAfe organisations. We congratulate all
                                                                     staff and thank them for their continued support of the club.
16 | marconi wire

Back to Back Wins for BODYWORKS
                                                         Once again Club Marconi was major sponsor for
                                                         the Fairfield Local Business Awards for 2010. The
                                                         event took place in the clubs Auditorium paying
                                                         homage to the many local businesses who offer major
                                                         contributions to our community and its sustainability.

                                                         Congratulation to Bodyworks life gym, located at the back of
                                                         Club Marconi, for winning the award for Best Health & fitness
                                                         Centre in fairfield for the second year in a row.

                                                         A gym certainly not to be reckoned with, Bodyworks stands
                                                         out from its competitors being named finalist on six separate
                                                         occasion and taking the winners title a total of four times.

                                                         from the staff to the friendly service and state of the art
                                                         fitness equipment, Bodyworks life has proven to have a great
                                                         impact on the community and its many members.

                                                         Congratulations to tony De Stefano, Nanda and their hard
  The Bodyworks family; Nanda, TJ and Tony De Stefano.
                                                         working team for a job well done.

 UNBEATABLE OFFER                                        ZUMBA UMBA

 FREE                                                                                @ Club Marconi
 WORKOUT @                                                                                Monday & Tuesday
 BODYWORKS LIFE                                                                               7:30pm
 (value $13.50)
                                                                                           (Sign in at 7pm)

 ONE OF                                                                                      only   $10
 SYDNEY’S                                                                        FIRST CLASS FREE
 PREMIER                                                                             For more info visit
                                                                              17 | marconi wire

A hilarious comedy show featuring
Salvatore Coco (Underbelly 3),
Debbie Newsome (Perfect Match)
                                                 FrIDAy 6 AuguST    IN The AuDITOrIuM
& many more.
                                                 DOOrS OpeN 8pM     TICkeTS $40
Robert “Robbo” Smith and Rosa Rossellini are
getting married, and you’re invited to the wog
wedding of the year. Set in 1990, this is one
cross cultural event that you won’t want to
miss, especially when you meet Robbo and
Rosa’s families.

Act one begins with a meet the parents
barbeque, where Robbo’s white trash Mum,
Debbie, and Rosa’s traditionally Italian
parents, Silvio and Maria, meet for the first
time. fireworks are sure to follow when you
add best man Simmo and matron of honour
Sophia to the mix.

Act two begins at the reception. time to
meet our MC, a hot headed guy with marital
issues, and the band, always willing to poke
fun at the MC. But the drama isn’t over.
Matron of honour Sophia wants Simmo, but
we are about to discover in a very public
fashion that Simmo has been hooking up with
Debbie. the cake will be cut, the first dance
will be beautiful and the speeches will be
embarrassing, but all in all Robbo and Rosa’s
Wog Wedding will be memorable.

marconi DiSco
LegeNDS & FrIeNDS.

get out the old black book or jump on facebook now and invite all
your old friends from Club Marconi to join together and reminisce
the good old days of Marconi and the Marconi disco from the
80’s and 90’s. Where are they now? Don’t miss out on the best
opportunity to catch up with mates and have a great night out.

        SATurDAy 21 AuguST
      Doors open 9pm ~ In the Colosseo
                      TICkeTS $25
18 | marconi wire

                                                ITALMANIA ShOW
                                                For the first time ever, live at
                                                Club Marconi Italmania presents
                                                a modern showcase of Italian                   FrIDAy 9 juLy
                                                music and dancing. With some
                                                of Australia’s newest and classic            DooRS oPeN 8PM
                                                Italio-Australian including Paolo           IN tHe AUDItoRIUM
                                                Rajo, Tony Di Marti, Melo Ridolfo
                                                                                                TICkeTS $25
                                                and much more.

  Latin Traditions Legends of the caribbean
  one huge show with a 9 piece band and 5 international
  singers in a unique live tribute to the legends of the
  Caribbean. tributes to Celia Cruz, Ruben Blades, tito
  Puente, Hector lavoe, Willie Colon, eddie Palmieri
  & more.

  Live on stage musicians from

  SATurDAy 10 juLy
  Doors open 7.30pm ~ In the Auditorium
  TICkeTS $20 Purchase tickets now

  rOCk BACk                                                            napoLi DaY
  The CLOCk                                                            The best of live Neapolitan music performed by some
                                                                       of Napoli’s best performers including Claudio Sandrelli,
                                                                       Anthony Vadala and Dancers.
  Free MONThLy rOCk AND
  rOLL NIghT WITh A LIVe                                               enjoy hours of live entertainment and dancing, plus a
  BAND, Dj AND SpeCIAL                                                 hearty dish of Napoli pasta. great for the whole family.
  gueST hOST WAyNe
  COrNeLL AT eACh eVeNT.

  Rock the night away on
  23 juLy with live band
  “tezza & the twistops”
  and 20 AuguST with
  “on the Prowl”

  In the Auditorium
  Doors open 7.30pm
                                                                       SuNDAy 25 juLy
  Free event                                                           Doors open 12pm ~ In the Auditorium
  fAMIlIeS WelCoMe                                                     TICkeTS $13 (show & Napoli pasta dish)
                                                                       Purchase tickets now
                                                                                                                       19 | marconi wire

                                            SATurDAy 17 juLy
                                                 TICkeTS $17
                                               IN The AUDIToRIUM
                                               DooRS oPeN 10AM
                                                                     July school holidays are jam packed with the
                                                                     best of fRee entertainment for kids. from bingo       Free Kids Disco
                                                                     to movies and dancing at the kids disco.             Thursday 15 July
                                                                                                                         In the Auditorium
                                                                              Free                                              from
                                                                          kids movies                                       2pm – 3.30pm
                                                                          Wed 7 July
                                                                         “Shorts” (pg)
                                                                          Wed 14 July
                                                                       “Astro Boy” (g)
You won’t believe your eyes! for the first time ever, Dorothy will     In the Colosseo
                                                                           from 11am
have her own plane to travel around the world in search of the
perfect rose!                                                                 Free
You’ll see the fairies castle live on stage and of course, you’ll          Kids Bingo
                                                                          Friday 9 July
sing and dance along with Fairy Clare, Fairy Larissa, Captain
                                                                         Friday 16 July
Feathersword, Wags the Dog and henry the Octopus with your             In the Auditorium
favourite Wiggly songs and some brand new tunes as well.                   from 11am

SATurDAy                                                             SUnDaY Dance niGHT
CLuB NIghT                                                           Viva la musica every Sunday night in the
                                                                     Colosseo with a live rotating line up of
live bands performing the best of                                    the best classic dance bands in Sydney.
classic cosmopolitan dance music,
including the tango, rock n roll,                                    every SuNDAy Night
classic european hits and more.                                      from 7.30pm
                                                                     In the Colosseo
  every Saturday Night                                               fRee entry. All welcome.
  From 7.30pm                                                        juLy
  In the Colosseo                                                    4th John vadala Duo
  tickets $3 for members,                                            11th Rick & tony Duo
  $5 non members. All welcome                                        18th enzo girabaldi
                                                                     25th Albino & Silvano
  the vadala Band performing on
  3, 17, 24 & 31 july
                                                                     1st gino & Jeff Duo
  7, 14 & 21 August
                                                                     8th John vadala Duo
                                                                     15th Rick & tony Duo
   the Cappuccino Band
                                                                     22nd Albino & Silvano
   10 july & 28 August
                                                                     29th francesca Brescia

                                                                     Saturday nights are heating up, with the hot live Latin
                                                                     bands performing in the MAIN LOuNge FrOM 10pM
tHURSDAY NIgHt DANCe NIgHt                                           TIL LATe. plus once a month enjoy the special guest Dj.
every Thursday night free live classic dance
                                                                     July                                  August
music performed by enzo girabaldi.                                   3     Latin kaos                      7    Frecuencia Quatro
                                                                     10    Mozaike                         14   Sensacion Latina
                                    FrOM 8pM                         17    Latin Company                   21   Latin Addiction
  eVery ThurSDAy NIghT                                               24    Mozaike                         28   Mozaike & Dj Latino
  IN tHe MAIN loUNge                fRee eNtRY. (over 18yrs only)    31    Latin expedition & Dj Latino
20 | marconi wire


                    Funk it Fridaze
                    FREE Live entertainment Every Friday Night
                    DaNcE thE Night away oR simpLy chiLL out
                    iN thE aLFREsco couRtyaRD with thE bEst
                    LiNE up oF aussiE Dj’s iNcLuDiNg Dj matt
                    suLLiVaN aND Dj moRRis bLaxwELL.
                    Or if you prefer to hear the classic hits and party songs of the 80s, 90s
                    and today, enjoy the live band performing in the Main Lounge from
                    9.30pm every Friday.
                    Beat the GFC and enjoy a drink at good old fashion prices.
                    * Great variety of quality imported and local drinks available.
                    Over 18yrs events only. Drink responsibly.
                    *Terms and Conditions Apply, one $3 drink available each Friday       Every
                    from 8pm-9pm. A new drink variety every week.
                                                                                      Friday night
                                                                                       from 9pm
                                                 Plus                                   til late.
                                              $3 drinks*
                                              every Friday
                                               night from
                                               8pm – 9pm

                      Club Marconi
                      is now on

                                                                            me a fan of th
                                                           Be sure to beco               book
                                                                            fficial Face
                                                           Club Marconi O                  h great
                                                                           up to date wit
                                                           page and stay
                                                                            and promotions
                                                            entertainment                     ned
                                                                            ay! Plus stay tu
                                                            coming your w
                                                                              als and special
                                                            for excellent de                 fans!
                                                                             e to Facebook
                                                             offers exclusiv
                                                                                                                   21 | marconi wire

                                                             REGULAR PROMOTIONS &
                                                             ENTERTAINMENT CALENDAR
EVERy thuRsDay FRom 6pm                                      MONDAYS
                                                             Super Bingo 10.30am
A scrumptious raffle with a variety of fresh
deli packs, home made pasta and gourmet                      Mahjong 6.30pm
food to be won.                                              1250 Free Roll Poker 6.30pm
                                                             Learning Links Charity Housie 7.30pm
                                     $10 FREE
buy $10 woRth oF tickEts, gEt
                                                             1250 Free Roller Poker 12.30pm

supER biNgo
                                                             Mahjong 6,30pm

Every monday, wednesday and                                  WEDNESDAYS
Friday from 10am
                                               oNLy $2       Super Bingo 10.30am
wiN wish gift cards, club marconi
Vouchers & grocery packs
                                               FoR 10        Team Trivia 7pm
                                               gamEs         Pro60 Poker 6.30pm
                                                             Pro60 Poker 8.30pm

                                                             Mahjong 1pm

SUPer                                                        Mega Deli Raffle 6pm

                                                             Pro30 Rebuy Poker 6.30pm
                                                             Free live music with Enzo Giribaldi 8pm

raFFLe                                            buy $1     FRIDAYS
EVERy suNDay FRom 2pm                            worth o0    Super Bingo 10.30am
                                                 tickets f
From kitchen wares & homewares,                  get $10,    Pro25 Poker 6.30pm
outdoors, music & entertainment                  FREE!       Funk it Fridaze $3 drink 8pm-9pm
products & hampers.
                                                             Courtyard DJ + Party band 9pm
                                                             Sangria Lounge Nightclub 10pm (every 2nd Friday)

Marconi Team Trivia                                          SATURDAYS
EVERy wEDNEsDay FRom 7pm                  NEw jackpot        Pro60 Poker 12.30pm
get together with your mates for
                                 a        $100 pER wEEk
                                                             Meat Tray Giveaway 1pm, Draw 4pm
challenge of 40 que stions,
                                                             Club Night Dance Night 7.30pm
intermission games with
cash & prizes up for grabs                                   Pro30 Poker 7.30pm
                                                             Free Hot live Latin Band 10pm

 Marconi Poker
                                                             Super Sunday Raffle 2pm
                                                             1250 Free Roll Poker 7pm
   PALACE                                                    Club Night Free Dance Night 7pm

Now pLayiNg 7 Days a wEEk                                    Courtyard DJ 7pm
                                                             Pro25 Poker 8.15pm
Visit our website for FREE and
PRO league schedules                                      All information is correct at the time of print. Information may change
                                                             from time to time so please check with Club reception for any changes.
become a member today for your
chance to win fantastic prizes
22 | marconi wire

                    club m arconi
                       We’re celeBraTIng our 52
                       Wouldn’T Be a parT
                                          y WITh ouT you!! thday promotions.
                        your invited to take par
                                                nd BIrThday and IT

                                                entertainment and bir
                                                 t in some fabulous
                                             ta                 ge of the following great offers ava
                                  Take advan                                                                                                     ilable fo
                                                                                                                                                                 r the
                                                                                                                                                                                            h of

                                               Thursday 19 august

  Members FREE                                     From 11am                               Seniors
  Variety Day
                                               In the main lounge
  Free live entertainment for all to enjoy!
                                                                                           Celebrate Club Marconi’s 52nd Birthday
  Featuring Michael Montgomery, the Viva Duo                                               with a spectacular day of great food
  & Francesca Brescia                                                                      and entertainment. Exclusive offer to
                               Present this coupon on the day                              Club Marconi members only.
                               to receive one complimentary                                Live music and dancing with band and
                               coffee/tea or softdrink                                     fabulous floor show by musical maestro Danny Elliott.

                               From The maIn lounge                                        TIckeTs only $16.50
                                                                                           *Conditions Apply                                          Tuesday 3 augusT
                               Valid from 11am – 3pm on                                                                                                In the auditorium
                                                                                           Tickets on sale from 1 July 2010 at Club Reception.
                               19/8/101 only                                               Limited tickets. See the Club for more details.
                                                                                           Pre sale tickets only available until 31 July 2010, 6pm.
                                                                                                                                                           From 10am

                                                        $2 schooners all day.
                                                        Available all day on Mondays from the Main Bar only.

    Buy one pizza get one Free
    Available all day on Tuesdays only from the Piazza.
    Size of free pizza equal to size of purchased pizza.

                           kids eat free at oscars Trattoria
                           Available only on Wednesdays. Kids under 16yrs only.
                           Limit one meal only from kids menu variety.

                    Terms & conditions apply. All offers valid for Club Marconi members only. Membership card must be presented at the time of purchase to qualify for promotional offer.
                                                                                                                          23 | marconi wire

Aug u
     st to
             all Cl
                   ub Ma
                        rconi me
                                 mbers only.

       members anniversary Dinner
       Come join the party with a fabulous dinner and show on monday 2 augusT
       doors open 7pm
       Live music and dancing with band and fabulous floor show by musical maestro
       Danny Elliott.
       TIckeTs only $16.50
       *Conditions Apply. Tickets on sale from 1 July 2010 at Club Reception Limited tickets.
       See the Club for more details. Pre sale tickets only available until 31 July 2010, 6pm.

       $10 schnitzel & chips
       Available all day Thursdays from the Piazza area only.

                                         $10 dishes from oscars Trattoria,                                         available lunch &
                                         including Tagliatelle alla Francesco                                      dinner Fridays in
                                         (Fettuccine with smoked salmon & zucchini in pink sauce)                  oscars Trattoria.
                                         & spaghetti Tricolori (fresh tomato, mozzarella & rocket)

        saTurdays                                                                 sundays
                      Free morning coffee and                                     Buy $10 worth of raffle tickets get
                      Two gelato scoops for the price of one                      15 free in the super sunday raffle!
                      Coffee available from 9am-12pm from main bar only.          From 2pm every Sunday. Not to be used
                      Saturdays only.
                                                                                   in conjunction with any other offer.
                      Gelato available from 9am- 4pm from Piazza only.
                      Saturdays only.
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                                                                       The remainder of the season will be a very challenging one for the
                                                                       Stallions, with trips to Blacktown City FC (Round 19) and Sydney
                                                                       United (Round 17), the teams currently occupying the two ladder
                                                                       positions directly underneath the Stallions. This will be a testing
                                                                       lead in the 2010 Championship Series, which can be used as a
                                                                       positive, should the Stallions continue to collect points on
                                                                       their travels.

                                                                       The Stallions are still involved in the McDonald’s Cup, by defeating
                                                                       2 fellow Premier League sides (West Sydney Berries and APIA
                                                                       Leichhardt Tigers), to reach the Quarter Finals.

                                                                       All Marconi Stallions’ supporters are encouraged to come along and
                                                                       support your team in the run into the 2010 Championship Series as
                                                                       they aim to maintain their challenge for this season’s Premiership
Team Shot of the Marconi Stallions prior to their 3-1 victory over     and Championship.
Bankstown City at Jensen Park.
Back Row:- Mitchell Mallia, Adel El Jamal, Brenton Rhodes, Jason
Naidovski, Nahuel Arrarte, James Chronopoulos.
                                                                       2010 MARCoNI STALLIoN SPoNSoRS
Front Row:- Erick Anabalon, Domenic Trimboli, Chris Nunes,
Giorgio Speranza, Matthew Gordon (captain).                             MAJoR SPoNSoR                    GoLD SPoNSoRS
Photo Credit: Gordon Tipene                                             Club Marconi                     Balmain Commercial
                                                                                                         Fairfield Advance
The Football NSW Men’s Premier League has advanced past the             PLATINUM SPoNSoR                 Fairfield City Champion
midway point, so for the run into the Championship Series, it is a      John R. Turk                     Total Concept Signs
good point to take stock of the season so far.                                                           Vista Windows
                                                                        TEChNICAL SPoNSoR
As of Round 15, the Marconi Stallions find themselves in equal first                                     SILVER SPoNSoRS
place, with 32 (10 wins and 2 draws) points out of a possible 45.
                                                                        & TEAMWEAR SUPPLIER
                                                                                                         Andrews Meats
                                                                        Errea / Sport Plus Sports
                                                                                                         Atlas Cleaning Services
The Stallions currently share top spot with Bonnyrigg White Eagles.                                      Colourtone Stencil Systems
                                                                                                         Delizie Da Forno
Marconi has an impressive record on the road this year, with 6 wins                                      Mario & Sons Steel Fabrication
from 7 matches.                                                                                          Sartoretto Interior Linings
                                                                                                         The Scundi Family
The basis of the Stallions’ success to date has been their ability                                       Agata Excavations / Soligo
to keep clean sheets, with 7 so far this season, while conceding a                                       Concrete Constructions
miserly 13 goals in 15 matches.
                                                                        Special thanks to the Sole and Official Sports Physio and Sports
The Marconi Stallions have also shared the responsibility of            Medicine Providers to the Marconi Stallions, Sports Focus
goalscoring, with 10 different goalscorers contributing to the 21       Physiotherapy.
goals scored.
                                                                                                                                  25 | marconi wire

The recent success of Australia’s National Women’s Team in winning          heather Garriock, a Matilda with over 100 international caps,
the Asian Cup and the qualification of the Socceroos into the FIFA          and kylie Ledbrook both represented Marconi during their younger
World Cup highlights the success that football is experiencing on the       days, before their progression through to the state excellence
international stage in both men’s and women’s.                              institutes and national teams, culminating in representing the full
                                                                            national team.
Marconi’s footballing heritage in producing international calibre male
players is well known, both in Club Marconi and around Australia.           Along with each and every accolade that these players receive,
you do not win the highest domestic honour of football four times           credit must be given to the various coaches that had a role in the
without possessing and developing players within the squad that are         development of the players at each stage of their career
able to make meaningful contributions at higher levels.                     respective careers.

Less documented has been the production line of Matildas that               Coaching at the elite youth level and having such an important
the Club has produced, since it has been involved in women’s                influence on a young, talented player is certainly not done for the
football. A look at the Asian Cup winning squad sees two players            financial rewards. Many coaches perform the coaching duties as
that spent time at Marconi during their formative football education        volunteers, out of a willingness to pass on their knowledge and
and development.                                                            teach young and impressionable players how to play the game and
                                                                            how to improve individual skill levels.
heather Garriock and kylie Ledbrook were members of the victorious
Matilda’s squad and played pivotal roles in helping Australia defeat        It’s very rewarding and gratifying for coaches to know that they have
North korea in the Asian Cup Final, with the side prevailing in a           had a direct positive impact on a player, such to the extent that they
penalty shoot out. heather played the entire match, including both          are of an international standard. This type of vindication is a reward
periods of extra time and was successful when called upon in the            that money cannot replace or buy.
penalty shootout. kylie came on as a substitute in extra time, and
also displayed nerves of steel in striking the penultimate penalty,         Club Marconi and the Marconi Stallions CoNGRATULATE heather
putting Australia on the brink of the Asian Cup victory.                    and kylie on their historic achievement on winning the first ever
                                                                            senior international honour for Australian Football.

•	 Catering	for	all	players	of	all	levels                                   MARCoNI FooTBALL SChooL PRoGRAMS:
•	 A	range	of	programs	from	3	to	16	years	of	age.	                          •	 Kindy	Football	(gross	motor	and	social	development	(ages	3-5)	
•	 Providing	opportunity	to	enhance	game	intelligence,	skill	&	technique	   •	 Weekly	Football	School	(recreational/all	ability	ages	6-12)
                                                                            •	 School	Holiday	Camp	[April/July/October-all	ability]
For more info & to register online visit               •	 Gifted	&	Talented	(select	ages	6-8)			
or phone 9822 3855                                                          •	 Advanced	Training	Program	(select	ages	9-12)						
                                                                            •	 Senior	Select	(for	representative	players	ages	13-16)
                                                                            •	 Technical	Assistance	Program	(coach	education	for	clubs)
26 | marconi wire

Interclub Associations
Marconi art                                                                                                     carPEt BoWLS
                                                                                                                Hi Bowlers,

                                                                                                                We already have the winners of the Bocciofila
                                                                                                                Competition. They are as follows:

                                                                                                                Winner                 Remo Vella
                                                                                                                Runner up              Silvano Zadro

                                                                                                                Winner                 Silvano Zadro
                                                                                                                                       leo Mastrodomenico
                                                                                                                Runner up              Remo Vella
                                                                                                                                       Vivian Maizen
                                                                                                                Winner                 Joe Ricciradiello
Fairfield city art Society activities                    in addition to regular exhibitions, we hold weekly                            Maria premutico
                                                         & monthly meetings at the Cristina Function                                   Rosa Dalibera
Drawing Games with Lorraine Maggs                        lounge every Monday night from 7.30 onwards. A         Runner up              Steve Herman
Sixteen members and guests of the Fairfield City Art     number of the monthly meetings consist of free                                Julio Martinez
Society gathered in the Cristina Function lounge         art demonstrations, slide presentations and art                               Sam portolesi
last April 12th for a most challenging and creative      workshops. All Club Marconi members are welcome
workshop conducted by our beloved Vice-president,        to attend and participate if they wish.                Congratulations to them all.
lorraine Maggs.
                                                         For information regarding the Art Association please   on Mother’s Day we had a great lunch, followed by
The workshop consisted of a series of drawing            telephone the organiser, Joe Briffa on 9957 8530       cake and presents for all mothers. everyone had a
exercises, where the individual results were then        during business hours, or John Supe on 9644 6426, or   great time and enjoyed the day.
collaged/arranged into composite group artworks,         visit the web-site at
where in almost all the cases the grouped whole was                                                             We play indoor Bowls every Wednesday at 12
unexpectedly greater than the sum of its parts—some      Art classes are held in the Cristina Lounge on         Midday, but you must be there at 11.45am.
ended up being quite humorous while others were          Monday nights.
simply stunning.                                                                                                Don’t forget to wear flat shoes.
                                                         The classes are held on Monday nights from 7.00pm
At various random junctures, lorraine would wax          till 8.30pm during school terms, in the Cristina       Ciao,
lyrical about the quality of some of our drawings and    Function lounge and are conducted by Ms nika
then proceed to reward the artist with a chocolate       norman. For further information contact nika on        nilda
treat!! needless to say the competition for chocolates   0401 171 704.
and lorraine’s seal of approval became intense as the
workshop proceeded.                                      Fairfield city Museum & Gallery Exhibitions

Finally all finished works were laid out and             The Fairfield Museum and gallery is located on
photographed by the official AAnews photographer.        the corner of oxford Street and the Horsley Drive,
The result is printed below. We would like to thank      Smithfield, and is open to the public free of charge
lorraine for her passion, enthusiasm, persistence        every day, except Mondays.
& patience in planning & running this workshop.
everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed
themselves and appreciated each others creative
efforts. Bravo lorraine & encore!

                                                                                        27 | marconi wire

Marconi BorELLa                                           Marconi nEtBaLL
                                                          Well folks what a start to the season! By the time you
                                                          all read this we will be well and truly into out semi
                                                          finals. our teams are showing terrific form. All have
                                                          had a blistering start to the season with some of our
                                                          teams leading their competitions. Bring on the finals!

                                                          Congratulations to Kate lamb, Dakota Metcalfe,
                                                          Catherine Cutrupi, Ashleigh Bantoft, Adriana elachy,
                                                          isadora Silva, laura Abrahams, Katherine Tjhia, Adriana
                                                          Vaccari, Alessandra Ferandez, Jessica Cutrupi, nicola
                                                          Maruca, Renee livio, naomi Carle, Alana Vaccari,
                                                          Alexis Agathos, Melissa Dickey, Tiana oweis, isabella
                                                          Mansour, Joanne Di leo who have all been selected for
                                                          2010 FCDnA rep squads. good luck girls at State Age.
                                                          We’ll all be rooting for you.

on the 23rd of May, the month was not short of            We also congratulate our girls who have all been
activities, sponsored once again by Brombal and           selected in the 2010 FCDnA Talent Development
laviano Family Hardware. The Borella association          program: Chynna Ah-Him, Carina Cascio, Stefanie
is very appreciative of our sponsors support and          Cascio, Brooke Campbell, Renae De Castro, Daniela
generosity, on behalf of the association, thank you for   Volpe, Brielle Wells
such an enjoyable day. it was also pleasing to see that
the day was well supported. once again we would like      on 24th April 2010, we saw Marconi netball
to thank Brombal, laviano and the cooking staff for a     commence their 3rd season at liverpool. We would
well prepared day and a fabulous meal.                    like to thank Delfina pipitone and Spyros Kehris for
                                                          attending the liverpool march pass. good luck to our
Sunday 2nd May Borella celebrated ‘Albaredo Day’          4 teams.
sponsored by the families of pio Biasucci, Bruno
Bandiera, peter Scapinello and ennio Basso. it was        We are all very proud of our netball club backers and
a very enjoyable day. Thanks to the Captain luigi         as everyone saw and received on presentation Day all
Volpato and vice- captain Renato Moro for their           players and officials were handsomely rewarded. To
efforts in organising it.                                 continue our success we require sponsors for 2010. if
                                                          you are interested to receive a sponsorship package
Thank you to our sponsors                                 please see/contact our president Mary Capasso –
                                                          0404 475 583 or our Secretary Angela portelli – 0400
2/5 Sponsored by albaredo Family                          334 732
23/5 Sponsored by Brombal Laviano & Family                its an opportune time to thank all the people who
                                                          have put their hand up to help out before the season
                                                          started and during the season so far. it’s great to see
                                                          a lot of people getting involved to make the club a
                                                          success, it is very much appreciated, and to everyone
                                                          else good luck for the rest of the competition.

                                                          Till next time and happy netballing
                                                          Mary, Angela, lucy, Tina, Annette, lianne, Veronica,
                                                          lisa, Debbie, Tracy, Ann, Melissa
28 | marconi wire

Interclub Associations
Marconi PHySicaL
cuLturE                                                   Marconi GoLF                                             Marconi FEncinG
                                                          The 2010 season continues to be well supported and
                                                          is providing some great golf results.

                                                          This year’s bus trip, sponsored by parchem (patterned
                                                          Concrete Supplies) was held at Mt Broughton golf
                                                          Club on Sunday 30 May. Forecasts, predicting the
                                                          worst cyclonic weather in decades, were threatening
                                                          the events cancellation. Thankfully, the weather held,
                                                          and a great day was had by all.

                                                          Congratulations to the remaining eight players in the
                                                          Match-play Championship and best of luck in your
                                                          pursuit of a semi final spot.

                                                          Happy golfing!
                                                          phillip Stabile – Captain

Marconi physical Culture is preparing for competitions    Game results:                                            our fencers have achieved some great results
during September- november. The girls and ladies are      11 April 2010 – Camden Lakeside                          over the last few months. State and interstate
working extra hard to polish routines and are all doing   Sponsor: STA-DoM Concrete pumping                        competition have proven to be fierce this year, with
a fantastic job. physical Cultures 50th year dinner was   o/Winner: Angelo Almeida        93/69                    high level athletes trying to grab some last minute
celebrated in June, with a beautiful dinner and tribute   a Grade: peter Cordina          88/75                    points for qualification to the Commonwealth
to the late Miss edith parsons who passed recently.       B Grade: Ray Coombs             95/76                    games Fencing event, held again in Melbourne from
Thanks to all members who attended and made it a          c Grade: Tony Stabile           96/73                    September to october 2010. Congratulations go to
great night.                                              n.t.P – Joe A inzitari, Steve Zounis, george Vasic,      all who have challenged these individuals on their
                                                          Michael Fracassi                                         road to the games.
if you are interested in physical Culture please feel     Drive & Pitch – p.Cordina
free to contact us:                                                                                                in particular, our Cadet and Junior fencers have
anne – 0423 316 563                                       25 April 2010 – Fox Hills Golf Club                      excelled of late including (in order of age) Rebekah
Heather – 0422 188 457 or 9610 4200                       Sponsor: Vista Windows                                   Shiba (1st u/11 School State Foil Champion), Jacob                                   o/Winner: Ralph inzitari         41 (36)                 Dowson (5th u/13 School State Championship), Karl
First lessons free!                                       a Grade: Ross golotta            41 (10)                 Baresic (2nd u/15 State Foil Championship, 6th u/15
                                                          B Grade: patrick Cotronea        39 (17)                 Foil), imogen Brush (1st u/17 epee State Champion,
                                                          c Grade: Domenic Fedele          40 (23)                 5th Senior epee), ossian Deigan (1st u/15 Foil) and
                                                          n.t.P – Ross golotta, Mel Barill, John Spanjol,          Matthew Donald ( 1st u/17 Foil State Champion, 2nd
                                                          Domenic Fedele                                           u/17 Sabre State Championship, 2nd Senior Boys
                                                          Drive & Pitch – p.Cotronea                               School Championship, 3rd open foil).

                                                          16 May 2010 – Antill Park Golf Club                      on the 2nd May, Marconi hosted its third year of
                                                          Sponsor: perfection Fresh                                the Marconi Cup epee. This state epee competition
                                                          o/Winner: george Deruniec 83/62                          draws fencers from around the state and sometimes
                                                          a Grade: Rusty Tolomeo          75/65                    interstate and we are always happy to show what
                                                          B Grade: Branko Alampieski 83/63                         the Club and its members can offer. our president,
                                                          c Grade: Ralph inzitari         92/62                    Joseph Salemi, achieved 2nd place with some tense
                                                          n.t.P – Branko Alampieski, Bruno Roma, Mick              moments felt by all who were watching. Thank
                                                          pannetta, Steve Zounis                                   you to the Academy Committee and members who
                                                          Drive & Pitch – phillip Stabile                          came along to help setup, run the day and clean up
                                                          30 May 2010 – Bus Trip (Mount Broughton Golf Club)
                                                          Sponsor: parchem (patterned Concrete Supplies)
                                                          Winner: Ray Coombs              39 (19)
                                                          runner up: leo Cremona          39 (9)
                                                          Pink Ball Winners: John Misitano, Terry leckie, gaby
                                                          Carniato, Bruno Roma
                                                          n.t.P – phillip Stabile, leo Cremona (2), Frank Tigani
                                                          Drive & Pitch – Tony Turrisi

                                                          Match-play – Round 3 Winners
                                                          J.Misitano, J.Spanjol, g.Hindmarch, M.panetta,
                                                          J.Cannistra, S.Boumelhem, J.Yedalian, D.Balocco

                                                          upcoming Games:
                                                          11 July 2010 – Macquarie links
                                                          Sponsor- golottas Solicitors
                                                          25 July 2010 – Camden lakeside
                                                          Sponsor- galluzzo Andriano Solicitors
                                                          15 August 2010 – Macquarie links
                                                          Sponsor – leo Scundi
                                                          29 August 2010 – penrith
                                                          Sponsor – Cox Concreting

                                                          Proudly supported by:
                                                          Balmain Guarantee Business Finance
                                                                                                                                                  29 | marconi wire

Marconi cHoir                                                                                                       Marconi crickEt
                                                                                                                    Hi all,

                                                                                                                    The season has once again come and gone. We had
                                                                                                                    our annual presentation on 15th May at Club Marconi
                                                                                                                    and was a very successful night as we had over 250
                                                                                                                    people attend and we were pleased to see all the
                                                                                                                    support from family members and would like to thank
                                                                                                                    you all very much for your support throughout the

                                                                                                                    As mentioned our u/10’s were the 2009/2010
                                                                                                                    premiers coached by Joe Violi and all received a
                                                                                                                    Marconi Cricket Club baggy cap for their achievement.

                                                                                                                    We will also recognise our Junior and Senior club
                                                                                                                    champions, Jack Bray (junior) and Ahmandeep Singh
Hi to everybody,                                          Festa of italian Republic Day, what a day, starting
                                                          with mass with padro Antonio. Thank you. Camille -        Marconi Cricket Club would like to thank all players,
Welcome to our newsletter for the Choir.                  our conductor you are a credit to our choir you looked    coaches and managers and family as without their
                                                          beautiful. Albino and Choir members, many thanks,         support we could not have such a well developed
San Marco at the Club, weather was not so great,          it was a great performance with comments coming           cricket club as well as Club Marconi for their ongoing
but that did not stop the choir from giving a great       from every direction. A great day for all.                support. We are always on the lookout for coaches
performance with great comments from everybody.                                                                     and managers to help out with the development of
Thank you to San Marco for having us.                     Thank you to everybody who helped with the choir,         players.
                                                          Janet, Stella and gabriele Zamprongo
The Chensini Club of Marsden park, thank you to                                                                     Registration dates are as follows:
Daniele Veluch for your invitation. The Choir brought     please feel if anyone wants to join the choir to see us   24th & 25th July – 12pm-4pm
a few tears; bring back memories with our folk songs,     on Thursday in the Christina Room at 7.00pm               31st July & 1st august – 12pm-4pm
well done Choir. on the day we took away the prize                                                                  These will be held in Club Marconi
for the oldest mother with Angela Cozzi of 94 years,
a great friend of the choir. Many thanks to members                                                                 For more information please don’t hesitate to call
who gave for the raffle- well done, a great success.                                                                Cricket Club president, Tony Carbone: 0432 987 850
Thank you giuseppina for your beautiful painting as                                                                 Cricket Club Secretary, Rocco pezzano: 0419 609 647
first prize.

   genTS BoCCe                                              CARDS                                                     BoRellA
   JuLy                                                     JuLy                                                      JuLy
   Friday 2nd      Gents Prize Night                        Sunday 11th     1.30pm     Scopa Inter Club               Friday 9th    7.30pm    Association Presentation
                                                                                       Competition:                                           Night – All welcome
   Friday 16th     Ladies & Gents Prize Night
                                                                                       Marconi vs. Club Italia        Sunday 11th   2.00pm    Prize Day – All welcome
   Sunday 18th     Club Marconi
                   Singles Competition                      Sunday 18th     1.30pm     Scopa Prizes                   Sunday 18th   2.00pm    Sponsored by
                                                            Sunday 25th     1.30pm     Tresette Prizes                                        Sauro Marzilli & family
   auGuSt                                                                                                                                     – All welcome
   Friday 6th      Gents Prize Night                        auGuSt                                                    Friday 23rd   7.30pm    Prize Day – All welcome
   Sunday 15th     Club Marconi                             Sunday 1st      1.30pm     Scopa Prizes
                   Doubles Competition                      Sunday 15th     1.30pm     Tresette Prizes
                                                                                                                      Sunday 1st    2.00pm    Singles Club Championship
   Friday 20th     Ladies & Gents Prize Night               Sunday 29th     1.30pm     Scopa Club
                                                                                                                                              – All welcome
   Sunday 29th     Club Marconi                                                        Championship
                                                                                                                      Friday 20th   7.30pm    Prize Night – All welcome
                   Quadretta Competition                    SEPtEMBEr                                                 Sunday 22nd 2.00pm      Musano Day Sponsored
                                                            Sunday 5th      1.30pm     Tresette Prizes                                        by Franco Girotto, Alfonso
   Please check the blackboard for any changes, or call                                                                                       Brunetta & family
   Anthony Saija (Gents Bocce Captain) on 0411 805 257.                                                                                       – All welcome
                                                                                                                      Friday 27th   7.30pm    Prize Night – All welcome

                                                                                                                      Friday 3rd    7.30pm    Prize Night – All welcome
                                                                                                                      Sunday 12th   2.00pm    Doubles Club
30 | marconi wire

Interclub Associations
                                                                                                                   BoccE & tEnniS
Marconi MuStanGS                                                                                                   Fun at tHE cLuB

The Marconi Mustangs kicked off with their first ever     The season is well under way and our teams are           Special olympics in partnership with Club Marconi
Season launch at Club Marconi on Wednesday 14             represented from ages u6 to u16, C and A grade.          hosted an exciting “Come and Try” Bocce and Tennis
April, 2010. our Master of Ceremonies, Spyros kept        The players are well into their training sessions and    Day at Club Marconi on Friday 14th May for people
all amused, following on from Club Marconi Sports         preparations as each weekend approaches. up to           with an intellectual disability. local schools and
president Mario Soligo who opened proceedings for         week five our draw has been issued week to week but      Disability services were invited to the day and the
the night. The Mustangs president, Reno Santaguida,       the season draw should be available at the time this     response was fantastic.
extended a warm welcome to our 2010 Sponsors,             goes to print and we’d love to have you join us. game
Marando Solicitors, lJ Hooker liverpool, DFR’s Air        dates, times and venues can be found at                  With the support of the club, coaches from the nSW
Conditioning and insulation Service, Crompton                                  Bocce Federation and coaches from Marconi tennis,
lighting, Trims Fresh, Sportspower Wetherill park,                                                                 70 participants were given the opportunity to come
lamanna Fruit, Fruit Wheels, Merilux paint, Australian    Mr Mark Hurst, a Starlight Foundation representative,    and have a go at the sports and get some coaching
national Builders, Salmat, JR Turk, Arena plumbing,       also joined the group. He warmed our hearts and          tips. Borella and carpet bowls were also set up to
evergreen and 2 Fresh Carpet Cleaning. We were            opened our minds regarding the challenges faced by       give people a chance to have a go at these sports.
also joined by special guests, phil Sigsworth – former    the children and families who are in need of their
origin great , parramatta Junior District Rugby league    support. He acknowledged and expressed his sincere       it was a fantastic opportunity to use the great
executive officer Terry Rose and executive Assistant      gratitude to the Mustangs for their commitment and       facilities at the club, showcasing some of the
lisa Henshaw. phil kept us all entertained with whilst    support to their cause this year. our activities on      sports on offer through the regular Special olympics
recalling his Rugby league Career highlights and many     the night raised a total of $3,000 for the Starlight     program in the local area.
a fond memory with this team-mates.                       Foundation – a huge thanks to Bills Classic painting
                                                          Services for matching the initial $1500 amount raised    Special olympics Australia is a not-for-profit
in keeping with our year of firsts, we also welcomed      during the night.                                        organisation that transforms the lives of people
the introduction of the Mick pezzano Scholarship                                                                   with an intellectual disability through the provision
Award. As the 2010 Marconi Mustangs winning               To further assist our fundraising efforts for the        of sports training and competition opportunities.
recipient u13’s Koki Wu was away (at the easter           Starlight Foundation and the Marconi Mustangs            Bocce and Tennis are two sports on offer through
Blues Camp which formed part of his scholarship           players, we will be holding our annual gala Dinner at    our Sydney West region. Sydney West athlete Joshua
package) his proud parents glady accepted the Award       Club Marconi on Friday 25 June, 2010. our “legends       Frost also attended the event and provided coaching
on his behalf. This was presented to them by former       of league” Dinner will be a fun night including, food,   and assistance. Joshua recently represented new
Mustangs president Mick pezzano.                          drinks, entertainment and dancing whilst raising much    South Wales in Bocce at the Special olympics
                                                          needed funds for a great cause. We welcome all to        national games held in Adelaide in April.
The night provided a great forum for the Marconi          join us and for all ticket enquiries, please contact
Mustangs Committee, Coaches and Managers to      or visit our            Special olympics and Club Marconi, together
show their appreciation and gratitude to the 2010         website                       with Marconi Tennis are working to continue this
Sponsors for their support and celebrate the five year                                                             partnership and offer the opportunity to come and
milestone achieved this year! The official start to the   Reno Santaguida                                          get involved in the sports at the club.
season took place on Saturday 17 April and we proudly     president
announced the introduction of the A grade team this       0400 640 401                                             Board and Sports committee executive gaby
year. We are eagerly looking forward to their first       Marconi Mustangs Junior Rugby league Club                Zamprogno was present to lend a hand and said ‘it
game in Marconi Stadium on 20 June, 2010 and hope                               was great to host the Special olympic participants
you can join us to watch what promises to be a great                                                               and hopes to have them visit the club again’
game of rugby league.
                                                                                                                   For more information about Special olympics, how to
                                                                                                                   volunteer or get involved in the local program please
                                                                                                                   contact: Denise Frost Special olympics nSW Sydney
                                                                                                                   West Region ph- 0411 130 681

Marconi SnookEr
Dear members, thanks to all associated members for        Club championship, as stated with many players           my committee for giving their time and effort for this
supporting all our tournaments. We have many new          participating in it. The White elephant Tournament       beautiful game of ours. That’s all from me.
members from other clubs joining our association,         is in its13th week with seven weeks to go. We would
which is very good for the club. in May, we had the       like to thank the Sanna family for their continuous      Yours in snooker.
integrated Snooker Tournament and two of our boys         support throughout the many years of sponsoring this     captain – Jim Ruisi
played in the finals. The players were Jaden Thompson     great tournament. Thankyou from all our associated
and Woldo Brito both very good players. it was an         members, to Mario and his wife Suryati Sanna. in July    Vice captain – Angelo Ruisi
exciting final; the winner was Jaden Thompson,            we have the nSW SnooKeR open CHAMpionSHip,               treasurer – Vic Sacco
congratulations to you both.                              please support this wonderful tournament. Thanks to      committee – Dennis Triganza, eddy lasar, Bryan Tran
                                                                                                                                                    31 | marconi wire

Marconi GEntS BoccE

Firstly i take this opportunity to congratulate our       his co-operation and hard work.                        Congratulations to Club Marconi winners who took
Singles Association Championship winners, 1st Felice                                                             1st and 3rd positions. 1st: Connie Saija, Frank Direse,
notte, 2nd giovanni perencin.                             Many thanks also to his committee and all Veneto       Franca Stratti and Tony notte. 3rd: Carmen nadalin,
                                                          Club players who extended us a worm welcome and        luigi nadalin, Antonietta Ruscio and Angelo Zadro A
i would also like to congratulate our Veneto Cup          made our stay very enjoyable and pleasant.             big thank you to all
winners who secured 2nd and 4th positions.
                                                          on Sunday May 23rd we held our raffa competition       i would also like to thank all the participants who took
Congratulations to the Veneto Club who won 1st &          with liverpool Catholic Club.                          part in this friendly competition for their support and
3rd positions.                                                                                                   their company.
                                                          i would like to thank Mario Brancato and his
on behalf of myself and my committee i would like to      committee for their help and also all partecipants.
thank emilio Colla president Bocce, Veneto Club for

2010 SpoRTS gRoupS
   For further information on membership and sports activities please contact the following:

   SpoRTS pReSiDenT                                        cycLinG                                               nEtBaLL
   Mario Soligo                                            president               g. Deale       0414 694 141   president               M. Capasso      0404 475 583
   CoMMiTTee                                               Secretary               A. grant       9610 1891      Secretary               A. portelli     0400 334 732
   Gabriele Zamprogno                      0411 701 061
   CoMMiTTee                                                                                                     PHySicaL cuLturE
   Sam Noiosi                              0414 606 876    FairFiELD coLtS SoccEr
                                                                                                                 Teachers                A. Fenech       0423 316 563
   CoMMiTTee                                                                       R. Carniato    0418 297 161
   Delfina Pipitone                        0407 947 102    StaLLion aDMin                                        ruGBy LEaGuE
   eXeCuTiVe oFFiCeR                                                               p. Saliba      9822 3333      president               R. Santaguida   0400 640 401
   Spyros Kehris JP                        0416 099 871    Website:                   Secretary               C. leombruni    0402 427 363
   e-mail:              FEncinG                                               SoFtBaLL
                                                           president               J. Salemi      0418 635 402   president               g. Rowan        0419 589 189
   art aSSociation                                         Secretary               o. gentile     0407 076 349   Vice president          J. Smith        0405 682 980
                           J. Briffa       9957 8530
                                                           Website:          SnookEr
   Website:    0430 478 570
                                                           GEntS BoccE                                           Captain                 J. Ruisi        0407 229 678
                                                           Captain                 A. Saija       0411 805 257   Vice Captain            V. Sacco        0408 606 648
   Captain                 l. Volpato      9826 2206
                                                           Vice Captain            F. Direse      0420 211 963   Treasurer               A. Ruisi        0422 330 365
   Vice Captain            R. Moro         9604 0908
                                                           GoLF                                                  tEnniS
                                                           Captain                 p. Stabile     0431 303 705                           S. Whicker      9822 3336
   Captain                 p. Brisot       9639 2659
                                                           Vice Captain            M. Fracassel   0418 407 922
   Vice Captain            T. Sartoretto   9610 6760
                                                           golf Booking line                      0419 121 913
   carPEt BoWLS
   Captain                 n. Martinez     9636 8089
                                                           Junior BoccE
   Vice Captain            M. permutico    9623 3846
                                                                                   A. Messina     0430 379 765
   crickEt                                                                                        0412 526 804
   president               T. Carbone      0432 987 850    LaDiES BoccE
   Senior Vice president   l. pezzano      0438 066 056    Captain                 n. legovich    9604 9492
   Junior Vice president   J. Bray         0411 134 345    Vice Captain            A. Brunetta    9609 2459
   Secretary               R. pezzano      0419 609 647
32 | marconi wire

In & About
   Another great festa at Club Marconi. Festa San Marco held on 25 April attracted a great crowd who celebrated all afternoon in the clubs
   picnic grounds.

                                                                 Fire fighters from Bonnyrigg Heights visit Marconi Early Learning Centre on
                                                                 28 May to teach children about fire safety.

   Lucky member Steve Marrone scooped up
   the trip to South Africa thanks to Rock
   Energy Drinks.

   Club Board and staff farewells great friend and colleague
   Nicole Camilleri. Good luck Nicole!

                                                                                      55 club members were guests of’ The Victor Chang
                                                                                      Institute’ and also spent an enjoyable day tour.

                                                                                      4 lucky Club members take away over $65,000 in cash
                                                                                      at the final draw for the Crazy Cash giveaway.
                                                                                                                   33 | marconi wire

The first ever Clothes Swap n Sell Markets attracted a crowd of fashion
frenzied members & guests for a fantastic day of bargains and fun. Next event
will be held on 29 August. See club for more details.

                                                                                           Todoz for Chile soccer fundraiser held at
                                                                                           Marconi Stadium on 2 May attracted 1000
                                                                                           spectators helping to raise funds for the
                                                                                           Chilean earthquake appeal.

                                                                                Beppino Raffaelli celebrated his 88th birthday with
                                                                                committee members and friends of circolo anziani.
                                                                                Happy Birthday and many more years of good health.

                                                                                Italian Seniors recently enjoyed a 6 day holiday
Management, Staff & Club President enjoy a night of                             at Macksville. Photo shows the group who
celebrations at the Clubs NSW 2010 Awards for                                   celebrated ‘Hawaiian Night’ at the mid coast motor inn.
excellence                                                                      Congratulations!
             ROLL UP ROLL UP…
                                       the circus is coming to town!

                        Stardust Circus

                                  GREAT FAMILY FUN &
                             ENTERTAINMENT WITH STARDUST
                     Performing lions, horses, monkeys, flying trapeze, clowns, comedy, acrobats & much more
                    Circus show dates from 16 september – 10 october
                    SEPTEMBER                      Friday 24th      7pm           Sunday 3rd      11am & 3pm
                    Thursday 16th   7pm            Saturday 25th    3pm & 7pm     Monday 4th      3pm
                    Friday 17th     7pm            Sunday 26th      11am & 3pm    Wednesday 6th   11am & 3pm
                    Saturday 18th   3pm & 7pm      Monday 27th      3pm           Thursday 7th    11am & 3pm
                    Sunday 19th     11am & 3pm     Wednesday 29th   11am & 3pm    Friday 8th      3pm & 7pm
                    Thursday 23rd   7pm            Thursday 30th    11am & 3pm    Saturday 9th    3pm & 7pm
                                                                                  Sunday 10th     11am & 3pm
                                                   Friday 1st       3pm & 7pm
                                                   Saturday 2nd     3pm & 7pm

0418 247 287 or 0418 CIRCUS

0408 CIRCUS or 0418 CIRCUS
OR book online at

Tickets also on sale at the gates
one hour before show

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