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									Position Title: Coding Technician Job Description: Responsible for reviewing outpatient and ambulatory surgery records, then use ICD-9-CM and CPT coding systems to accurately determine codes for billing, data retrieval and research. A computerized system is used for on-line abstracting and APC assignment. Must be able to work in a stressful environment where variable workload must be completed within prescribed time frames using fixed resources. May be required to lift and carry records weighing approximately 20 pounds. Some bending, stooping or climbing may be involved. HS graduate with knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology with a minimum of two years coding experience. CCS, CPC, ART credentials preferred. Experience using a computerized abstract system required. Strict attention to accuracy required. Must be able to interpret clinical information for assignment of codes. Must be proficient in ICD-9-CM and CPT coding. Must satisfactorily pass a coding test administered by the Medical Records Department.

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