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									Description Psychologists study human behaviour, conduct research and apply research findings in order to minimise distress, behavioural and psychological problems, and to promote mental health and rational behaviour in individuals and groups. Psychologists work with a broad range of issues with clientele including children, adults, couples, families and organisations. Psychologists may perform the following tasks:

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administer therapeutic interviews and provide counselling administer psychological tests and assess the results to identify the source of problems and determine treatment research psychological aspects of topics such as study motivation, teaching skills, occupational behaviour, working conditions and organisational structures provide follow-up services to groups and individuals for support and evaluation purposes evaluate the results of programs aimed at improving personal and organisational effectiveness construct tests to assess and predict mental and emotional states, as well as performance conduct academic research.

Given the wide range of psychological issues in both the public and private sectors (including private practice), psychologists can specialise in a variety of areas: Clinical Neuropsychologist specialises in the assessment and diagnosis of brain impairment and how this affects thinking skills, emotions, behaviour and personality. They are also involved in the rehabilitation and management of the effects of brain impairment and often work with other health professionals. Clinical Psychologist is trained in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness and psychological problems. Located in hospitals, universities, general medical practices, community health centres and private practice, they often work collaboratively with genera
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