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									Debrief                                                                                   February 2011

                                                           The monthly newsletter of Far North Search and Rescue

Team Tramp reaches peak

    Topping Tutamoe. The FNSAR Team Trampers                           second-highest peak earlier this month

Eleven Far North Search and Rescue (FNSAR) members         the summit of Tutamoe which, at 770m, defers only to
                           -highest peak in February,                          Te Raupua at 781 m.
undaunted by rain and low cloud. The ascent of Mt             The first half of the walk was spent climbing up
Tutamoe was part of the 2011 Team Tramp weekend.           through the pine with occasional pit-stops. Then,
                                                           crossing a style, the track disappeared into the native
before piling into cars and heading down to                lushness of Kaihu Forest.
Tangowahine near Dargaville. After a spectacular drive        Kaihu is of high ecological importance. It covers a
through gorges recently scarred by Cyclone Wilma-          distinctive high altitude plateau rising to Mount
swollen rivers they emerged at       family farm, where    Tutamoe and is a dense swamp forest with emergent
beer and the other essentials of an overnight stay were    rimu, northern rata, pukatea and maire.
    A short drive then took the party to the head of the
DOC trail on Tangowahine Valley Road.

the trampers began the 90-minute ascent. The track
took the FNSAR group up through a pine plantation
before entering Kaihu Forest and climbing steeply to
their descent. On the lower slopes it contains
regenerating shrub land and the relics of early kauri
   The track took the FNSAR trampers up a ridge
through a dense growth of tawa, towai, maire, miro and
rimu native hardwoods. By now the rain was falling
steadily through the canopy and the tree-roots exposed
by the steeply-stepped path made for slippery and
treacherous going.

                                                            China bound. Jo Hay leaves FNSAR on a high - literally

                                   gonna turn
                                   into a big

    About 50 metres below the summit the track turned
into a scramble and the team hauled themselves up           Top team. And we caught Glenn (left) smiling just
over rocks and roots, finally emerging at the trig point
marking the summit.
    According to Ian and the DOC track guide, the views
should have been spectacular. The group should have
been able to see Dargaville and the Kai Iwi Lakes to the
south, Maunganui Bluff to the west and all the way over
to Whangarei Heads in the east. A veritable
smorgasbord of Northland scenic splendour.
    What they saw, though, was cloud. Dense, white,
rolling and moisture-laden.
    Needless to say, this di
of the moment or the sense of achievement. At that
moment Far North Search and Rescue was on top of the
    Or their own little part of it, anyway.

The Tutamoe track can be reached from Dargaville or          These images of
Whangarei from SH14 at Tangowahine, following signs          Tutamoe on a clear
to Pakotai (26 km) and Kaikohe (66 km). Stay on this         day show the peak
road until you see a yellow sign indicating Tangowahine
                                                             from the start of
Valley Road, then follow this road up the valley.
                                                             the    track     on
   You can also get there via Kaikohe from Mangakahia
Valley Road, Opouteke Road, Murrays Road then onto           Tangowahine Road
Tangowahine Valley Road.                                     (top) and the far-
   The track entrance is clearly marked next to a            reaching vistas the
concrete bridge near the end of the road. From the car       team should have
park the track follows up the fence line to the left and,    enjoyed from the
from there, orange marker posts and triangles.
Feedback                                                LP with dementia
please...                                               climbs fence
                                                        In early January far North Search and Rescue (FNSAR)
Far North Search and Rescue (FNSAR) training co-        was called down to Whangarei to assist with a
ordinator Geran Brewer is looking for member            Northland Search and Rescue (NSAR)-led operation to
feedback on two proposed LandSAR initiatives; a         find an elderly dementia sufferer, June Wickman, who
new member induction process and a competency           had been reported missing.
standard for probationary team members.                     Fortunately the 90-year old was found alive and well,
                                                        albeit by family and a day after the official search was
         New member induction process                   called off, very close to an area searched by NSAR
                                                        members on the first night of her disappearance.
According to LandSAR, many regional SAR groups
have indicated they would like a common                 behaviour    normally    associated    with    dementia
induction process for an estimated 300 new
members across the country each year.
   LandSAR has proposed a much more structured
process than that available to date. It believes this
will reduce significantly the level of work required
                                                        Mystery of the
of groups to get new members up to speed.
   It plans to run two different processes in           missing yachtie
parallel, depending on demand, with each option
catering for people with different work or family       Far North Search and Rescue (FNSAR) was called out in
                                                        January to join the search for a missing 77 year-old
                                                        yachtie Malcolm Waddilove who was thought to have
   The initiative is a refinement of the previously
                                                        fallen from his boat. The call-out was cancelled shortly
                            -style induction and        afterwards and the team stood down.
incorporates feedback and concerns raised about             His yacht, Boadicea, which still had a small sail up,
that approach.                                          was found on rocks near the North Cape. She had
                                                        departed Opua, fully supplied for a long trip.
    Probationary Team Member Competency
                                                        if Mr Waddilove had fallen overboard, when this might
LandSAR has undertaken a process to develop a           have happened.
Probationary Team Member Competency Standard
that includes assessment of basic outdoor skills,
operational scope, progression time requirements        Join the fray on
                                                        Kaikohe Day
and an assessment of attitude and aptitude.
    The competency standard is designed to ensure
that new volunteers can operate safely and are not
likely to compromise an operation.                      Kaikohe Volunteer Fire Brigade will be celebrating its
    When combined with the SAR-specific units of        75th Jubilee on Saturday 5 March and is inviting all the
competency, the Probationary Team Member                emergency services to share it with them.
Competency Standard would qualify a candidate to                                                             cue
become an operational team member.                      (FNSAR) would like to be involved in the day as we

 Details of both proposed initiatives can be
 obtained from Geran on 09-4041819 or                   children and adults ... to promote fire safety and                              general safety ... and celebrate the fantastic job that
 member feedback by the end of February.
                                                           Group president Ian Ruddell is proposing that the
                                                        FNSAR team takes the trailer over to participate in the
                                                        event and is looking for volunteers.
Chrissy at Taps
                    and Christmas seems a little
                                                        Training Dates
to talk about the Far North Search and Rescue
(FNSAR) Christmas Party, so here goes:                  Saturday 12 /Sunday 13 March: Mini-SAREX
                                                        Where: Trefoil Park (14kms south of Kaikohe on
                                                        Mangakahia Road.)
FNSAR members gathered at beautiful Tapuatahi
                                                        When: 0800 Sat - 1200 Sun.
                                             s social
                                                        Bring: Full gear as per overnight SAROP. Salad and
in December.                                            vegetables, or pudding, for pot-luck dinner on
   It was a baking hot Bay of Islands day - a typical   Saturday night (FNSAR will provide meat). Own food
Kiwi day of sun, surf and snags - and the team hung     for the rest of the weekend.

bach overlooking the gleaming white curve of the

   Everyone was in high spirits, with cold beer and
a hot barbie contributing significantly to the party
atmosphere.                                                    funded by a variety of organisations. Sponsorship
                                                        plays a vital role in keeping our members fully trained
                                                        and o
                                                        generosity of our sponsors by mentioning them here:

not just for those trying to clamber into it through    ______________________________________
the surf but also for those watching from the           Published by:
to produce even a single cray for the barbie,
despite some determined diving, so the proposed

  A great time was had by all and massive thanks
must go to Pete and Tissi at REAL Property in
Kerikeri for letting the team use their wonderful
bach.                                                   PO Box 720, Kerikeri
  Incidentally,       Pete    was      particularly
complementary about the work FNSAR does,                Editor: Peter Heath             09-4074695
                                                        President: Ian Ruddell          09-4077932
plea                                                    Secretary: Marilyn Buckley      09-4074299
                                                        Membership: Mark Barratt        09-4075146
   Thanks, Pete                                         Training: Geran Brewer          09-4041819
generosity is much appreciated.

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