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									Description Podiatrists look after the health of people's feet by diagnosing, treating and preventing foot abnormalities, and by educating the public about good foot health. Podiatrists may perform the following tasks:

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diagnose, treat or provide advice on foot disorders give advice on foot health and prevention of foot disorders treat deformities such as flat feet and foot imbalance by the use of corrective devices such as orthoses examine patients' feet to diagnose any disorders or infections and decide on an appropriate treatment work with patients suffering from diabetes perform surgical procedures on the foot treat abnormalities of bones, joints, skin and nails such as bunions, toe deformities, ingrown toenails, corns, warts and other infections recommend footwear for specific foot conditions prescribe orthotic devices for protection and correction of a wide range of foot and leg irregularities.

Podiatrists may develop a special interest in dealing with particular client groups such as children, the aged or sports people, or in areas such as occupational health, or in general medical conditions that result in problems of the feet and legs. Podiatrists work indoors in places such as public hospitals, community health centres, nursing homes or in a private practice. Personal Requirements:

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desire to work with people on a one-to-one basis independent and highly motivated interested in health care good communication skills good with hands

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