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									JOB TITLE: Lead (Internal) Quality System Auditor DEPARTMENT: QUALITY OR ANY LOANING DEPARTMENT JOB DESCRIPTION: A: Purpose and Scope The Lead Auditor is responsible for auditing the company quality system to the required quality system. B. Responsibilities The Lead Auditor is responsible for developing audit plans, selecting and evaluating auditors, documenting nonconformance(s) and reporting non-conformance to management. C. Organization Relationships The Lead Internal Auditor, regardless of other duties, reports directly to the Quality Manager during an internal audit.. JOB REQUIREMENTS: A. Education and Training The Lead Auditor is required to have training in the following areas: * knowledge and understanding of the standards against which the quality system audits are performed and successful completion of an ISO9000 Lead Assessor/Lead Auditor Course; * assessment techniques of examining, questioning, evaluating and reporting; * additional skills required for managing an audit, such as planning, organizing, communicating and directing. B. Technical Requirements The Lead Auditor is required to read and understand technical and non-technical documents as relate to the contracts, purchasing, product design, manufacture and test. This includes the ability to interface with both technical and non-technical personnel. C. Experience The Lead Auditor shall have prior experience in managing and executing at least 3 complete quality system audits to the ISO 9001 quality system standard. APPROVAL: Dept. Manager/Supervisor: _______________________________________ Date: _________

Human Resources Department: _____________________________ Date: _________

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