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									WILDLIFE MITIGATION SPECIALIST CLASS PURPOSE To develop wildlife mitigation plans and identify and quantify impact on wildlife and wildlife habitat resulting from various development projects; performs related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Incumbent develops and recommends wildlife mitigation plans which have potential for political controversy. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Development and negotiation. Typical responsibilities: consults with and leads federal and state agencies and Indian tribes to research, identify, and quantify wildlife habitat losses resulting from hydroelectric, water, and other development projects; provides input and recommends course of action regarding design and development of wildlife mitigation plans; writes position papers on wildlife mitigation issues such as ownership, operation, and maintenance of property; prepares documentation and develops work plan to secure funding for wildlife mitigation program; prepares interagency agreements for contractual services; determines benefit of mitigation proposals through habitat modeling and estimating habitat current and future value; estimates cost to develop mitigation and enhancement projects 
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