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									WATER RIGHTS PERMITS SECTION MANAGER CLASS PURPOSE To manage appropriation of the state's water rights; hear contested water right disputes; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Section management. Typical responsibilities: hires, trains, and evaluates staff in review and processing of water appropriation proposals by prospective water users; prepares, reviews, and implements section work plans, priorities, and programs; develops regional office procedures and standards for implementing section programs; evaluates program effectiveness and compliance with state and federal laws and regulations; develops and recommends statutes, regulations, policies, and program changes; develops section budget and monitors expenditures; develops and conducts training for regional and headquarters staff. 2. Water rights program. Typical responsibilities: reviews and recommends action on water right permit, water right transfer, and water right license proposals; reviews plans and specifications for diversion systems including hydropower plants, pumping systems, and fish hatcheries; drafts orders cancelling applications and permits for failure to comply with conditions of approval or statutory requirements; oversees minimum streamflow program by coordinating with other agencies; a
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