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									WATER RIGHTS ADJUDICATION SECTION MANAGER CLASS PURPOSE To manage the Technical Support Section of the Water Rights Adjudication Bureau; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Section management. Typical responsibilities: hires and evaluates staff in reviewing, accepting, and recommending action on claims; develops, reviews, and implements section work plans, priorities and programs; develops regional office procedures and standards for implementing section programs; evaluates program effectiveness and compliance with state and federal laws and regulations; develops and recommends statutes, regulations and policies changes; develops section budget and monitors expenditures; develops and conducts training for regional and headquarter's staff. 2. Water adjudication program. Typical responsibilities: develops water resource adjudication data base and coordinates implementation of data systems; oversees computerization of all water rights adjudication records; oversees preparation of management's water rights reports; drafts decisions and orders on adjudica
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