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									WATER RESOURCES SPECIAL PROJECTS COORDINATOR CLASS PURPOSE To oversee and facilitate the development and implementation of managed recharge projects as part of the conjunctive management of surface water and ground water supplies on behalf of the State Department of Water Resources. This position will also coordinate with other state and federal resource management agencies, citizens groups, water users groups, and other affected parties. As commitments to managed recharge efforts allow, this position may also be used to accomplish other special projects related to water resource management, including FERC licensing of hydroelectric power plants. NATURE AND SCOPE This position is responsible for evaluating existing and proposed managed recharge projects statewide using knowledge of irrigation systems operations, economic feasibility criteria, requirements of State law pertaining to conjunctive management and water rights, and applicable federal statutes, including the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act. The incumbent reviews state and federal laws, regulations, and court decisions affecting existing and proposed managed recharge projects regarding: (1) land and water use, and (2) appropriation and use of water; coordinates with a variety of entities and water interest groups such as water districts, irrigation districts, canal companies, the State Water Users Association, the State Water Alliance, State Power Company, and state and federal land and water management agencies. This position a
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