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									VETERANS SERVICE OFFICER CLASS PURPOSE To provide technical assistance to veterans and their dependents in obtaining entitled veteran benefits; provide training, information, and liaison to veteran service staff and affiliated organizations; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION These positions require approximately forty percent travel within the state and are typically filled by an honorably discharged veteran who is eligible for membership in veteran service organizations. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Program administration. Typical responsibilities: reviews benefit applications to ensure State veterans are receiving entitled benefits; ensures compliance with federal and state laws governing veteran benefits; provides veteran benefit, legislative information, and/or training to county service officers, veteran organizations, and the public; provides input to develop program goals, priorities, and budgets; authorizes expenditures from the Veteran's Emergency Relief Program; reviews benefit claim forms for completeness and accuracy. 2. Technical assistance. Typical responsibilities: interviews clients, assesses needs and eligibility; provides guidance to veterans and dependents in obtaining entitled medical, death and educational benefits and disability compensation, pensions, insurance, and housing; assist veterans in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits; confers with medical experts and others to resolve questions of benefit entitlem
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