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									UNDERWRITING/CLAIMS SUPERVISOR CLASS PURPOSE To supervise insurance underwriting and claims activities for the (name) Fund program; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION On-site monitoring of claims may involve exposure to known carcinogens and neuro-toxins and to explosive materials. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Unit supervision. Typical responsibilities: hires and trains staff and evaluates performance; develops, implements and revises unit policies and procedures; identifies training needs and recommends training courses; monitors underwriting eligibility decisions for technical correctness and conformance with applicable state and federal laws; authorizes subsurface hydrogeological investigations and reviews and interprets site characterization reports; reviews and determines underwriting requirements for sites which involve technical, legal, or liability exposure complexity; determines that sites to be insured are in conformance with current federal and state laws and regulations, national engineering standards, and local requirements; identifies new procedures and technologies for ensuring tanks are adequately tested and safeguarded to limit exposure; develops and documents underwriting procedures and requirements; monitors activities of site assessment contractors and authorizes corrective action or discontinuation of services; develops and monitors contractor's cost control procedures; assigns pre-approved contractors to claims for
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