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									TV PRODUCER/DIRECTOR CLASS PURPOSE To produce and direct original and assigned instructional or public television film, electronic field production (EFP), studio, or remote programs; coordinates program production; performs related work. OPTION 1 supervises and coordinates multimedia/nonbroadcast production services in addition to performing as producer/director of programs. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Producer. Typical responsibilities: researches original and assigned program proposals; researches and organizes available written materials and selects talent and guests and negotiates fees; submits requests for art work, engineering and facilities to appropriate departments; writes and edits narratives and scripts; prepares program proposals including budgets, narratives, and intended audience; prepares and maintains "control" records including copyrights, expense record, art and facilities requests, and required releases; coordinates all program production elements with other departments; maintains cost records to remain within budgetary limits of production; coordinates and schedules location filming/EFP and studio taping; prepares proposals for grant and program underwriting; resolves problems concerning scheduling conflicts and allocation of resources and personnel. 2. Director. Typical responsibilities: directs and coordinates camera operators in the blocking, composition and sequence of shots and technical director and operations engineer in the sequence and use of audio/video materials; directs, coordinates, and blocks talent; determines creative style or treatment of the aural and visual components of a production. 3. Editor. Typical responsibilities: determines content and format of video tape productions; duplicates and inserts program segments on master tape; ope
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