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									TRANSPORTATION TECHNICIAN CLASS PURPOSE To perform journey-level technical highway maintenance and engineering work: perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION These positions involve working irregular schedules, overtime, weekends and holidays, in all types of weather, under hazardous conditions, on congested highways, obstructed roads, high structures, around operating equipment, and/or a noisy environment. They also involve physically demanding tasks such as clearing brush and lifting and carrying heavy objects. Frequent travel to and from the work site with some overnight stay is required. Some positions require employees to work within 30 minutes from their workstation and to be on call. Some positions require employees to work with chemicals and toxic materials; these incumbents will be required to undergo periodic biologic testing and pass medical tests while employed in these positions. NATURE AND SCOPE These positions use highway plans, specifications, maps, and aerial photos. Incumbents perform algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric calculations. They code data for computer input, write legible reports and records, and maintain and update manuals, files and records. Incumbents communicate with co-workers and the public on a frequent basis. These positions operate highway and construction equipment and use a variety of tools to maintain roadways. The incumbents remove snow and ice, patch and seal surface, control roadside vegetation, repair and replace guardrail and fences, make minor repairs to bridges and related structures. They perform
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