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									TRANSPORTATION SERVICES SUPERVISOR CLASS PURPOSE To plan, organize, and direct transportation services for University; supervise operation of commuter bus system; direct motor pool maintenance activities; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION An employee in this classification will be required to obtain a Commercial Driver's License/Third-Party Examiner Certification. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Supervision/training. Typical responsibilities: hires and trains staff and evaluates performance; sets priorities and makes work assignments; establishes performance standards; approves personnel actions; assesses staff training needs and conducts training; conducts periodic defensive driver's training courses; provides Commercial Driver's License training and testing for commuter bus drivers. 2. Administration. Typical responsibilities: develops department goals and plans; develops and implements operating policies and procedures; assesses need, conducts market research, and writes equipment and vehicle specifications; authorizes purchase orders and capital expenditures; oversees parts and equipment inventory; develops and maintains computerized records system; establishes and monitors department oper
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