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									TRANSCRIPT EVALUATOR, SENIOR CLASS PURPOSE To evaluate transfer credits and/or academic and vocational graduation requirements; provide technical assistance to faculty, staff, and students; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Transfer credit evaluation. Typical responsibilities: reviews transfer transcripts to insure they are official; determines accreditation status of transfer institution; analyzes transcripts to insure courses are acceptable; determines credit value of transfer credits and converts to semester hours; analyzes course descriptions to convert transfer courses to university equivalents; prepares summary of accepted transfer credits; advises students and processes information on accepted credits; evaluates military service and non-traditional experiences for granting credit; prepares preliminary evaluations of graduation credits to inform students and advisors of progress. 2. Graduation evaluation. Typical responsibilities: analyzes graduation applications to determine degree type, major, and catalog year; computes credits attempted and earned, quality points, and cumulative grade point average (GPA) and verifies with university records; determines requirements completed and to be completed for graduation; analyzes transcripts to insure residency, total credit, and GPA requirements wi
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