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									TRAFFIC SURVEY FIELD SUPERVISOR CLASS PURPOSE To supervise staff in collecting traffic survey data and installing, operating, and maintaining traffic data collection equipment; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Positions involve: Working in all types of weather conditions and on congested roadways and bridges; lifting and carrying objects weighing up to fifty pounds; overnight travel is required 60% of the time. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Supervision. Typical responsibilities: supervises, trains, and evaluates staff involved in collecting traffic data and in installing and maintaining equipment to count, classify, weigh, and determine speeds of vehicles; develops standard operating procedures for data-collection activities; establishes goals, priorities, and standards; determines severity of equipment problems and contacts appropriate personnel to resolve; conducts safety meetings and training sessions; prepares equipment and supply budget; coordinates work with district engineers, local governments and utility companies; prepares accident and activities reports. 2. Equipment installation, operation and maintenance: Typical responsibilities: determines appropriate locations, layout, and installation for electronic data recording devices; works with contractors, vendors, district, and local government person
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