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									THERAPY TECHNICIAN CLASS PURPOSE To implement group and/or individual client therapeutic programming for remediation of developmental delays or disabilities; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Incumbents serve clients in a classroom, workshop, or therapeutic activities center; and they are required to receive training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid. This work involves lifting and transferring clients weighing approximately 50 pounds and assisting with transferring adult clients. Some positions require: incumbents receive training in water safety and lifeguarding for treatment to clients in a therapeutic pool setting and/or daily travel within a local service area. NATURE AND SCOPE Incumbents perform treatment services which involves conducting individual and/or group therapy sessions in the areas of self-help, expressive language, behavior management, and cognitive, fine and gross motor skills. They provide input to staff for use in determining long- and short-term treatment objectives; and participate in developing treatment plans and assessment procedures. They evaluate and document clients’ progress and responses to treatment; confer with staff concerning observations and recommendations for modification and/or continuatio
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