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									SUPPLY ADMINISTRATIVE OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR CLASS PURPOSE To supervise administrative operations involving the Transportation Department's central supply and automated processing systems and statewide capital property and security systems; to coordinate department telecommunications activities; to perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Administrative operations. Typical responsibilities: develops and recommends operating policies and procedures governing chattel property, stocking inventories, warehouse management, department security and voucher processing; establishes priorities and schedules; estimates operating and equipment costs; develops, recommends and monitors unit budgets; authorizes expenditures; reviews and approves vouchers for equipment, materials and supplies; conducts cost benefit and market analysis; hires, trains and supervises staff; assigns work and evaluates performance; conducts staff meetings; plans, directs and monitors unit operations involving central automated supply, voucher processing and warehouse systems; reviews inventory reports for variances; plans modifications and supervises operations involving the statewide capital property inventory control system; directs the receipt, tran
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