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									SECURITY MANAGER, COMPANY CLASS PURPOSE To manage the security/safety program for company owned buildings; provide technical assistance; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION This work involves being on-call evenings and weekends for the Command Center and the ability to communicate on a two-way radio. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS An incumbent in this classification is responsible for protecting employees and visitors from intentional actions and natural disasters. The incumbent has direct control of security/safety responsibilities for buildings in the (name) area and company office buildings in (city) and (city) and provides security information and support services to all company agencies. NATURE AND SCOPE The incumbent plans, organizes, directs, and evaluates the Company’s security/safety program. This includes developing program goals and objectives; directing the operation and utilization of security resources; supervising staff; developing, monitoring, and assessing security/safety policies and procedures; and monitoring, evaluating, and updating security systems. The incumbent is responsible for evaluating, developing, and/or supervising the development of security plans for things such as bomb threats, disaster recovery, physical layout and electronic security system development and use p
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