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									REGIONAL ECONOMIST, LABOR CLASS PURPOSE To plan, conduct, and present economic, labor market, and demographic research projects for businesses, media, communities, state and local agencies, elected officials and department staff; analyze and forecast unemployment rates and occupational and industry trends; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Economic/Labor Market Research, Analysis, Forecasting and Reporting. Typical responsibilities: Identifies and studies need for economic and labor market research projects; selects, reviews and analyzes economic, labor market and statistical data and prepares reports of findings; organizes data into report format with graphic illustrations; develops forecasts, conclusions and recommendations based on analysis and interpretation and prepares publication of findings for distribution; develops and evaluates forecasts to ensure models reflect changing socioeconomic factors and compiles and distributes statistical data, reports, and manuals for use by federal, state, and local government, businesses, and elected officials; analyzes policy recommendations for impact and forms recommendations and alternatives to aid in policy decisions. 2. Technical Assistance and Coordination. Typical responsibilities: Provides information, analysis, and interpretation of economic, demographic, and st
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