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SIZE                  PRICE                  PRODUCT DETAIL              WHAT IT WRAPS
                      (Add $1 for organic)
      Large                 $13.99                38” x 49”             Standard apparel boxes 17x11x2 (dresses, linens, sweatshirts) and
                                                  Reversible            19x12x3 (robes and jackets), gift box 14x14x5 (stuffed toys,
                                                  74 inches of ribbon   plates)
                                                   on each side          Any other boxes in this size range… small electronics such as
                                                                         blenders, toys in packaging such as dolls and trucks
        Medium              $11.99                28” x 41”             Standard apparel box 15x9x2 (sweaters or shirts) and gift box
                                                  Reversible            12x6x6 (glasses, candlesticks)
                                                  60 inches of ribbon   Any other objects in this size range… puzzles, board games, etc
                                                   on each side
       Certificate          $6.99                 11.5” x 23”           DVDs, CDs, gift certificates, gift cards, cards.
                                                  Reversible            Are you always pairing gift cards with a “token small gift”? Give
                                                  34 inches of ribbon   them something useful this time! Wrap gift certificates in a
                                                   on each side          fabricwrapper… gift-wrap that is a gift in itself!

         Large              $9.99                 20” x 24”             Large apparel, toys, blankets, small electronics, this bag is large
                                                  3.5” complimentary    and looks best stuffed!
                                                   fabric encasing
                                                  65 inches of ribbon
        Medium              $7.50                 14” x 17”             Shirts and other clothes, hardback books, balls, medium stuffed
                                                  3” complimentary      animals, puzzles
                                                   fabric encasing
                                                  45 inches of ribbon
         Wine               $5.99                 7” x 13”              Wine bottles to dog bones, this bag will fit anything tall and slim.
                                                  2” complimentary      Barbies, vases, wool socks, hot sauce, olive oil, wallets, etc
                                                   fabric encasing
                                                  35 inches of ribbon

 Ode to Furoshiki
    One Size                $7.99                 30” x 34              Almost anything. In or out of a box. See wrap instructions for
                                                                         examples. This is the most standard size furoshiki.

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