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									RECORDING AND EQUIPMENT SPECIALIST CLASS PURPOSE To produce and edit audio recordings of music department events; manage facility, equipment, and production needs; perform routine maintenance and repair on audio-visual equipment and musical instruments; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION The incumbent in this position is required to work varied schedules to meet production schedules. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Audio recordings. Typical duties: records and edits music department events such as concerts, festivals, broadcasts, recitals, workshops, and practices; sets up, adjusts, and operates audio-visual equipment such as mixing console, audio board, switchers, tape decks, amplifiers, equalizers, delay units, timers, and modulation monitors; sets up microphones considering direction, range, and distance from source; interprets, monitors, and maintains output and adjusts technical sound quality; duplicates audio and visual recordings; coordinates radio and television broadcast of music department events; researches and evaluates audio equipment and makes recommendations on equipment purchases; hires, trains, schedules and evaluates performance of interns and student employees; may teach classes in audio-visual sound recording techniques. 2. Facility and equipment manag
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