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									PSYCHIATRIC TECHNICIAN TRAINEE CLASS PURPOSE To receive training in how to provide psychosocial therapeutic services and manage disturbed behavior for mentally ill patients; chart and document treatment progress of clients; and provide for personal care of clients; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION These positions involve: the physical ability to lift and transfer clients; lifting and carrying items weighing approximately 50 pounds; responding to emergency situations such as in fire evacuation or the administration of first aid and/or CPR; and working evenings, weekends and varying shifts. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS This is an entry-level position used exclusively for the training of individuals to perform therapeutic services and manage disturbed behavior. Incumbents must have a willingness to work with adolescents and adults who are mentally ill or chemically dependent and require inpatient treatment. Upon satisfactory completion of a training program, as determined by the appointing authority, incumbents may be reclassified to Psychiatric Technician. NATURE AND SCOPE These are entry-level positions where incumbents work under close supervision and assist in providing group and/or individual services in psychosocial treatment, disturbed behavior management, record keeping, environmental management, and patient care. Incumbents monito
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