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									PROJECT MANAGER CLASS PURPOSE To plan, implement and manage projects having statewide impact; perform related work. NATURE AND SCOPE This is the mid-level in a group of three project management classes. These projects require the incumbent be skilled in project management, including the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of projects. They develop project goals, work plans, timelines, implementation strategies, and evaluation methods. They identify decision-making issues and key stakeholders, develop and implement strategies to encourage and obtain stakeholder and/or community awareness and support, and identify project partners. Incumbents identify and coordinate with program committees and advisory groups. Incumbents administer project budgets, authorize expenditures, and develop and monitor contracts. They coordinate publicity and development of informational materials. Incumbents supervise project staff and provide direction to a project team. Incumbents may train and advise staff, project advocates, and program participants. They plan, facilitate and conduct meetings. Incumbents measure, evaluate
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