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									PROGRAM SYSTEM SPECIALIST - AUTOMATED CLASS PURPOSE To analyze, plan, coordinate, and monitor the development, modification, and implementation of the automated system for a major statewide program; provide training and consultation; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. System development and implementation. Typical responsibilities: develops and recommends system operations policies and procedures; analyzes, interprets, and monitors federal and state regulations/policies for system impact and identifies and recommends implementation methods, procedures, and time frames; determines and monitors priorities for system enhancements; analyzes implementation alternatives and prepares issue papers; develops specifications for software modifications by IT staff; identifies and recommends enhancements and modifications to the automated system; participates in Joint Application Development (JAD) process with IT staff; provides guidance to IT staff on program requirements and impact of system changes on other program systems; coordinates problem resolution with representatives from interfacing systems; researches and prepares observation reports of system problems from follow-up by IT staff; reviews case processing errors to evaluate and/or develop corrective actions; analyzes, assesses impact and develops specifications for implantation of changes in system data; participates on disaster recovery, interface planning, and other committees. May establish, document, monitor, and coordinate system security procedures for program users and approve access; supervise other staff. 2. Testing and documentation. Typical responsibilities: develops detailed test criteria and conducts/oversees testing; identifies cases meeting specific test criteria and ens
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