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									PROGRAM SUPPORT MANAGER CLASS PURPOSE To manage the statewide training, research and statistics, and management review programs for the Division of Welfare; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Management. Typical responsibilities: establishes program priorities, goals, policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures for statewide training, research and statistics, and management review programs; hires, trains, and evaluates subordinate supervisors; provides liaison and program coordination with other bureau activities; directs development and coordinates implementation of program plans and activities; develops strategies for data collection; directs a variety of complex research programs; ensures validity and compliance of federal reporting; directs quality assurance function for the Division; directs the development of program budget and authorizes and monitors expenditures; directs development of and negotiates contracts and ensures contractor performance; analyzes, interprets, and applies federal and state laws, regulations, guidelines, policies, and procedures that impact support program operations; analyzes new or proposed legislation to determine potential impact on program support operation; plans and directs a variety of special research projects, s
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