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					PROGRAM SPECIALIST CLASS PURPOSE To plan, develop, implement and coordinate an agency program; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Positions in this class may perform some or all of the following duties and responsibilities and may perform other related work. No attempt is made to describe every duty performed by all positions in this class. Provide complex consultative and technical services, to include program applicability and legal requirements to agency program staff, other governmental agencies, community organizations and the general public; participate in program planning, development, training, and implementation; work with program staff in determining trends and resolving technical problems; review, evaluate, develop and implement effective service delivery methods, activities, outputs to identify problems and recommend improvements; study and analyze operations and problems and prepare detailed and comprehensive reports of findings and recommendations; participate in or conduct surveys, inspections, or reviews to determine compliance with certification requirements, laws, regulations, policies, and procedures; review case histories to evaluate the effectiveness of standards and policies in serving clients; work with and speak to community and professional groups to coordinate, improve, and stimulate interest in the program and to secure financial support for programs; develop and provide program r
Description: PROGRAM SPECIALISTS plan, develop, implement and coordinate an agency program; perform related work. Download this job description and modify using any word processor.|n| All job descriptions are basic one
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