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									PROGRAM PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST CLASS PURPOSE To provide leadership, conduct research and analysis into program needs and best practices; design and provide training on effective programs to serve the needs of client groups; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Conduct research and analysis into needed programs to serve the needs of clients; analyze existing programs to evaluate effectiveness and appropriateness in meeting needs; conduct literature searches and consult with other state and local programs to learn of best practices to be used as possible models in State; develop new or enhance existing programs and relevant guidelines and requirements to optimize service; identify needs, prepare and submit grant proposals; plan and conduct workshops on best practices; provide technical assistance and training on program assessment and implementation of best practices; provide leadership to enhance local level partnerships in service planning, development, and delivery; identify and provide for continuing education needs relevant to service planning, development, and delivery; serve as liaison between agency and client groups. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Experience: planning and coordinating a program; conducting independent research; designing and conducting training programs; providing liaison with customer/provider groups; interpreting federal or state regulations; writing grants.

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