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									PLANNER SENIOR, STRATEGIC/PUBLIC PARTICIPATION CLASS PURPOSE To plan, develop, coordinate, and implement statewide departmental strategic planning and/or public participation programs; provide technical assistance and management consultation, policy development, and staff support; perform related duties. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Strategic Plan/Program Development and Coordination. Typical responsibilities: plans, develops, coordinates and implements departmental strategic planning and/or public participation programs; may supervise staff; develops, recommends, disseminates, and coordinates policies, procedures, and guidelines; analyzes strategic and/or public participation planning guidelines and requirements as defined in State Code and develops and recommends department activities, plans and timeframes for meeting all requirements; plans and coordinates public participation components of strategic planning; directs public participation sessions and compilation of input; makes public presentations; ensures incorporation of recommendations from advisory groups concerning changes or addition of new programs or policies to address changing needs; coordinates or directs coordination of task forces and workgroups; may coordinate development and establishment of department strategic plan or public participation data tracking and measurement methods; recommends actions necessary to ensure strategic planning/public participation goals are met; may coordinate development of annual reports of progress toward strategic goals; implements the interface of the strategic or public participation plan with other department units or other agencies. 2. Technical Assistance. Typical responsibilities: consults with citizen advisory groups and othe
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