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									PHYSICIAN, PUBLIC HEALTH CLASS PURPOSE To provide medical diagnosis and patient care in public health clinics and programs; provide medical direction and consultation to staff health professionals; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Health care. Typical responsibilities: performs medical diagnosis and treatment in a clinic; examines patients and interprets x-ray and laboratory reports; documents patients' progress; plans clinics and oversees their operation. 2. Consultation. Typical responsibilities: answers questions from the public and health professionals regarding disease problems; works with federal, state, and local health agencies regarding prevention, control, and investigation of disease; reviews case diagnosis and treatment and lab reports; participates in planning and writing program objectives; consults with health professionals on diagnosis and treatment of diseases; provides medical consultation to staff. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Licensure requirement: Applicants must be licensed or eligible for licensure to practice medicine and surgery by the State Board of Medicine. Licensure must be obtained prior to appointment.

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