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									PHYSICAL PLANT DIRECTOR CLASS PURPOSE To manage the physical plant of a large institution or building complex including all facility and grounds programs and operations and related support services; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION Incumbents manage the largest state facilities encompassing all aspects of maintenance, crafts, safety, custodial, mechanical systems, utilities, hazardous/infectious materials, laundry, and grounds related activities. Work is accomplished through other supervisory staff. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Management. Typical responsibilities: plans, organizes and directs physical plant and related operations; administers programs, resources and budgets; provides technical consultation in facilities management; determines staff needs; interviews and hires staff and evaluates performance; trains staff in regulations, procedures and operations; inspects buildings, grounds, and related systems for maintenance and repair needs; sets work priorities and plans daily and long-term projects for facility needs; directs service providers, contractors and vendors; prepares detailed cost estimates of proposed projects and equipment; formulates policies and procedures that integrate operations functions with facility management; serves on committees for overall planning of facility; prepares specialized reports, studies, and grant requests. 2. Operations. Typical responsibilities: manages programs for preventive and special maintenance of facilities, equipment and grounds, custodial services and associated major subsystems; determines if on-site or contractor repair is appropriate; develops contract and service agr
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