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									PHYSICAL HEALTH DIRECTOR CLASS PURPOSE To manage the physical health program in a public health district; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Management. Typical responsibilities: develops annual health plan for all physical health programs; plans, implements, and directs physical health services in specialized programs to include: public health nursing, nutrition, dental hygiene, communicable disease, maternal and child health, health risk reduction, and health education; develops program goals and evaluates programs for efficiency and effectiveness through program reviews, audits, cost allocation, and activity reports; directs overall physical health planning, and program and policy development; analyzes program activities and provides supportive information to substantiate and determine budget requests and proposed legislative action; prepares reports explaining program operations; negotiates agreements, contracts, and grants; writes grant requests and applications for program funding; seeks additional funding sources; recruits, interviews, and hires staff, assigns work, and evaluates performance; insures staff is trained for position responsibilities and that they understand impact and purpose of public health programs; prepares accountability data for site reviews and program audits; designates and monitors quality assurance data. 2. Program development and consultation. Typical responsibilities: conducts surveys, studies, and research in health areas to 
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