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									PHARMACY SERVICES SPECIALIST CLASS PURPOSE To coordinate the organization and development of the Title XIX Prescription Drug Program; perform related work. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Policy development and implementation. Typical responsibilities: develops policy for amount and scope of services allowed for recipient benefits under the Medical Assistance Drug Program; recommends revisions to the Title XIX State Plan and department policy and procedures manuals relating to the drug program; designs and revises a cost-of-operation survey used to establish and maintain fee schedules for pharmacy services; reviews drug manufacturers' catalogs and wholesalers' price lists to ensure that the allowed costs for drugs is accurate and reasonable; develops and maintains a drug pricing file. 2. Technical assistance and consultation. Typical responsibilities: consults with program evaluation staff on recipient and provider profiles; reviews patient treatment records, drug purchase profiles and provider payment records or reports to identify inappropriate drug usage or dispensing practices requiring further investigation for possible fraud or abuse; provides information and assistance to other state or local government agencies involved in drug-cost control; advises department staff on specific claims, adjudication questions, dispensation, and costs relating to drug usage. 3. Provider relations. Typical responsibilities: conducts workshops for pharmacy providers regarding the Medical Assistance Drug Program, regulations pertaining to allowed services, billing procedures, and record keeping requirements; speaks at meetings of state and local pharmacy associations; reviews and resolves pharmacists' complaints. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Licensed in State or eligible for reciprocal licensure as a Pharmacist (State Code 54-1722). Some knowledge of current Title XIX pharmaceutical drug regulations. Experience performing or reviewing community pharmacy services within the last five years.

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