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					PHARMACY ASSISTANT CLASS PURPOSE To package liquid and solid form medications for unit dose use; perform related work. GENERAL INFORMATION These positions involve lifting and carrying items weighing approximately 30 pounds, and standing for up to four hours at a time while packaging medications; work is performed under the direct supervision of an State licensed pharmacist and in accordance with State Pharmacy Regulations. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Unit dose preparation. Typical responsibilities: operates packaging machine to package and labels medication; operates sealing machine for liquid medication unit dose; sterilizes equipment and packaging material with an autoclave; delivers medication carts to units for exchange. 2. Recordkeeping. Typical responsibilities: documents medication packaging by lot number, dates, and other data; keeps records of expiration dates; helps with inventory control; prepares monthly medication profiles for residents; files orders in patient folders; picks up vendor orders; verifies drug stock for outdates; unpacks and stocks drug shipments. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Some knowledge of: metric system of weights and measures used in pharmaceuticals; medication strengths, dosages, and methods of drug administration. Experience: measuring and calculating medicinal dosages; reading, comprehending, and writing English; using keyboard to enter and retrieve data.

Description: PHARMACY ASSISTANT package liquid and solid form medications for unit dose use; perform related work. This job description can be downloaded and modified using any word processor.|n| All job descriptions a
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